NIST Finally Reports What We Knew All Along, Building 7 Fell At Free-Fall Acceleration

(NIST quietly does an about face in their computation of the speed of collapse of Building 7. Watch the engineer for NIST as he tries to spin the science in order to make their story seem to hold water. The remarkable thing here, is this is a scientist, not a politician; so watch how uncomfortable he is lying in public. He knows, that this could mean the end of his career if NIST is ever investigated. And it shows)

If you know someone who is “on the fence” about our call for a new investigation, show ’em this. Then ask them why they think the engineer for NIST is clearly lying about this explanation and if that bothers them in any way.

A scientist should NEVER squirm when trying to lay out his conclusions. If he does, then you can bet, he doesn’t believe it and you had better get a second opinion. I suggest AE911Truth . These engineers don’t squirm when they present their conclusions.

“NIST has now officially accepted that WTC7 came down with the acceleration of gravity, but they still couch it as a phase in a 5.4 second interval they claim matches the 5.4 seconds required for their model to collapse 18 floors. The starting point of their 5.4 second interval is totally arbitrary. This new video highlights the August 26 technical briefing and allows Sunder and Gross to shoot holes in their own feet. Part II, which is planned to come out in a week or two, will go into detail about the implications of freefall. A list of bullet points has been compiled on that topic already, but if anyone has a special take on it that they would like to feed into the mix, please contact me at
David Chandler,