Is Theresa May actually TRYING TO LOSE this election? Is something “weird” going on? (May 22, 2017)

by Alex McNamara, Evolve Politics

… millions of us are simply gobsmacked by the Tory manifesto. Even some Tories. It’s just so callous and so persecuting of the lesser fortunate, so shamelessly playing for the benefits of the upper classes and elites, it really does beggar beliefeven by typical Conservative standards. They’ve also become UKIP, making Cameron and Osborne seem like liberal freedom fighters of yesteryear.

The disabled, unemployed, doctors and nurses, teachers etc, they’ve all already been shafted, but in the past few days/weeks alone, May has deliberately targeted:

  • pensioners, their triple-lock pensions and fuel allowance,
  • anyone requiring nursing/social care who owns a home, forcing them to pay equity to the government (instead of passing on to next of kin),
  • increases to income tax and/or VAT,
  • increases to interest rates on student loans,
  • refusal to increase the minimum wage,
  • reductions to corporation tax,
  • cuts to the NHS (won’t rule out privatisation),
  • no guarantee of rights for EU citizens living in the UK,
  • fines for employers who do employ foreign nationals,
  • reneged promises regarding the Levenson Enquiry, dropping all proposed restrictions on the Murdoch/Rothermere/Barclay tabloid press,
  • an entirely volunteered repeat-vote on fox-hunting, openly supporting the hugely unpopular blood-sport,
  • effectively re-legalising the immoral ivory trade for wealthy British antique dealers,
  • refusing another referendum for either Scotland or the Brexit deal,
  • refusal to debate publicly with the leader of the opposition, to speak openly with the press (locking them in cupboards, and staging her own publicity),
  • restrictions to what British citizens can see on the internet, introducing North Korea-style censorship and state propaganda,
  • gloating she would “absolutely” initiate a first-strike nuclear attack,
  • sweeping all Tory campaign ‘mis-spending’ under the carpet, on account of recent legal vindication (ignoring there was nonetheless gross and unresolved over-spending).

Probably a whole load more I’ve forgotten too. ‘Policies’ more at home in a Dickensian novel or dictator handbook than 21st century Britain.

It’s just hideous. And it begs the question – who could possibly vote for this??

Meanwhile, we’ve got Boris on the loose, humiliating us all over the world like a complete and utter f**k-nugget. Some are saying, it’s actually like the Conservatives want to lose this election

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Has Theresa May Deliberately Thrown the Election?

by Max Mussan, Western Spring  (this was published on May 31, 2017)

On the 22nd April I wrote an article questioning the Prime Minister’s motives for holding a snap general election at this time…

At the time of my article various pundits were suggesting that Theresa May had called the snap general election in order to cynically exploit the public desire for Brexit and with the expectation that she would emerge with a massively increased majority, however in my article I stated:

“My suspicions are that the Conservatives’ apparent commitment to Brexit is insincere and largely tactical.

“They know they cannot be seen to blatantly override the will of the people by disregarding the outcome of the referendum and believe they must be seen by the public to be doing their best to deliver on their promise that “[t]he government will implement what [we] decide”.

Furthermore, the Conservatives know that Mrs May cannot be seen to willingly give in to Remainer demands that we hold another referendum, but she could delay implementing Article 50 for as long as possible, in the hope that some thing – some event – might provide the pretext for shelving Brexit.”

My suspicions are that establishment Remainers view this snap general election as the means by which the Conservative government can create a desperate, last minute pretext for shelving Brexit…

Now we can see why Theresa May might have been pressured to introduce disastrously unpopular policies into the Conservative manifesto for this snap general election. Why the Conservatives announced the scrapping of the £72,000 cap on charging for long-term care; why they announced that care in the home would also be charge against an individual’s estate; the scrapping of the ‘triple lock’ on retirement pensions; the means testing for the Winter Fuel Allowance for pensioners; why the Conservatives failed to provide reassurances about future investment in the NHS; why they announced the scrapping of free school lunches. All of these measures have predictably undermined support for the Conservatives from among their core supporters, the elderly and their middle aged relatives with families…

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Reluctant Remainer Theresa May Loses… Or Did She? Lord Buckethead Aside, the Biggest Loser May Be… Brexit

by Scott Creighton

“Theresa May publicly stated her support for the UK remaining in the EU during the 2016 referendum campaign” Telegraph April 2016

Lord Buckethead pictured in back row. See if you can figure out which one he is

Aside from Lord Buckethead’s poor performance, the big news out of the UK today is after a contentious, terrorism-filled 4 month campaign season, the results are in, and Theresa May’s Conservative party lost a total of 12 seats in yesterday’s snap election.

The Prime Minister called for an early election because she wanted to strengthen her hand for the Brexit negotiations scheduled to start in the next 10 days. So Labor voters and Corbyn fans are saying Theresa May lost big time in her efforts with this election.

But did she? I’m not so sure she did.

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One Trick Pony: Once Again… As May’s Conservatives Slip Further in Polls… MORE Terrorism

by Scott Creighton

She’s a one trick pony,
One trick is all that girl will do.
she does one trick only,
Its the principle source of her revenue

You gotta be kidding.

On May 23rd the first article I wrote about the Manchester bombing was titled “As Polls Shift in England and Conservatives Start to Lose Ground… Terrorism ”

“… The Conservatives enjoy a solid lead but it’s been slipping a bit over the past two weeks as the populist anti-austerity, anti-neoliberal message of Jeremy Corbyn resonates with voters tired of the path Britain is traveling down today.

This past weekend saw a major shift in polling numbers as the party manifestos were released to the public and talk of things like “dementia taxes” started.” Scott Creighton, May 23 2017

I included a graph with the article which showed how the lead of the Conservatives had recently taken a dive.

General election LIVE poll

May is marketed as being “tougher on terrorism” than is her Labor Party rival, Jeremy Corbyn, whom the conservative Sun newspaper basically accused of being in league with the terrorists just hours after the Manchester bombing.

Theresa May and the Conservative Party wanted to expand their majority in Parliament which is why she called for this snap election 5 months ago. At that time it looked like they would be successful. But a number of things have derailed their advantage and it seems the people of Britain want the country to abandon her neoliberal austerity direction and try Corbyn’s populist approach instead.

They started taking polls again on May 26th with the last one being published this past Thursday, just one week before the election. This is the kind of news that has been saturating the airwaves across the pond since then:

 “Labour is closing the gap with Tories and now stands just three points from Theresa May’s party, a new YouGov poll shows. The poll, commissioned by The Times, found the Conservative lead had slipped dramatically in recent weeks and is now within the margin of error. The figures show the Conservatives on 42 points with Labour close behind on 39.” The Nation, June 1 2017

Friday May 26

The first poll since the Manchester terror attack shows the Tory lead slashed to just five points as Jeremy Corbyn closes in on PM Theresa May...” The Sun, June 3 2017

Wednesday May 31

A shock new poll has predicted Theresa May could lose her majority on June 8, but it has been branded “utter tripe” by experts…

The analysis, published in The Times, puts the Tories on 310 seats, down from the 330 they went into the election with..

Friday June 2: 

Women and middle-aged voters appeared to be turning their backs on the Conservatives over the scrapping of free school meals and the dementia tax, an Ipsos MORI poll revealed.

The research carried out for the Evening Standard suggested voters were shifting to Labour who are up to 40per cent, while the Tories are down to 45pc.

Satisfaction in Mrs May has also fallen from 55pc to 43pc – her lowest ratings to date…” The Sun, June 3 2017

“The lead of British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party over the opposition Labour Party has narrowed further to six percentage points ahead of Thursday’s national election, according to an Opinium poll for the Observer newspaper” Reuters, June 3 2017

These polls clearly show a major collapse of the Conservative lead since May 15th 2017.

After leading by 20 points they are now essentially even with Labor and look to lose their majority. This is exactly the opposite of what Theresa May and the Conservative Party wanted when they announced the snap elections.

In the wake of these new polls as momentum builds for the Labor Party and election day nears, guess what happens? No seriously. Guess. You’ll never guess. Did you guess “more terrorism”?

You got it.

What’s that song? One Trick Pony?

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As Mordor Trembles, Theresa May Unleashes Operation Temperer to “Save” the Election

by Scott Creighton

UW Pocket Guide V 1.0, 5 April 2016

Terms Used in UW – Joint doctrine defines UW as activities conducted to enable a resistance movement or insurgency to coerce , disrupt , or overthrow a government or occupying power by operating through or with an underground, auxiliary and guerrilla force in a denied area. (JP 3 – 05)

Put aside for a minute all the work of the Deep State (a.k.a. Mordor) in places like Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan and the whole of the African continent.

And while reading the following keep in mind the fact that German soldiers (plural) were just arrested in Europe for planning false flag terror attacks in various Westernized nations.

Just keep that in mind.

Right now the Deep State is bringing it’s special brand of unaccountable, unchecked global warfare (a.k.a. “unconventional warfare”) to bear against a rising populist wave of discontent in it’s own Westernized home states.

  • When the Brexit referendum was pending, the complicit media, the Ministry of Truth arm of the Deep State, warned of horrors that would befall the whole of the United Kingdom were they to “vote the wrong way”
  • The populist Bernie Sanders was slandered endlessly during the primary campaign here in the States and when the nomination was stolen from his supporters, they appeased their owners by demanding his followers acquiesce to the power of the “lesser of two evils” and join ranks against Donald Trump.
  • Trump was perhaps the most maligned candidate in the history of this country. The attacks on his candidacy were leveled from both the fake left and the establishment right. The neocons and warmongers from both sides of the artificial divide attacked him regularly as the 5 Eyes spied on him and reported their findings on a weekly basis.
  • In France the corporate press made Marine La Pen look like someone just slightly to the right of Adolf Hitler. Terror struck just before the election.
  • In Britain as the establishment’s Prime Minister watched her poll numbers fall and her silent backers worried about her unprecedented manifesto U-turn and the damage that would cause her… as they watched helplessly as Corbyn rose in popularity as his message resonated with an angry population… terrorism struck forcing all to be placed on hold until the “order” of stability could be achieved.
  • In the States, the Witch King of Angmar spoke to congress in cryptic, circular glimpses of innuendo designed to be flushed out by their Ministry of Truth assets and quickly reinterpreted to mean more than they actually mean or were intended to mean in terms of future legal action. But for all the breathless press they are giving his testimony, he should never have been there in the first place. The Witch King was deposed when the world came to know he had a habit of lying… to congress… about spying…. on congress… when congress was investigating… the Witch King of Angmar. The complicit press forgets all of that as if it never really happened. But it did.

Arguments can be made about whether or not sanders or La Pen or Trump or even Corbyn actually intended to follow through with their populist promises. That is not the immediate issue at hand.

The issue at hand is whether or not the Deep State ever intended to allow them the opportunity to do so and whether or not they acted in their own interests to coerce one of these candidates into actions they demanded after his legal and legitimate election.

And whether or not they intend to allow another to be elected in the first place.

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