Boston Bombings: Tamerlan is an anti-Semitic “Truther” and the FBI’s CI has a Name – “Misha”

by Scott Creighton

A guy who is linked to Big Oil’s quest to conquer the Caspian Sea oil basin and a former CIA contractor says Temerlan was led astray by websites that say our efforts in the Middle East are all about oil and the CIA is responsible for 9/11. Go figure

According to Ruslan Tsarni, Tamerlan was apparently anti-Semitic and had a mysterious mentor who was a convert to Islam named “Misha”. he was partly “radicalized” by “conspiracy theory” websites like Prison Planet. That’s what Ruslan says anyway. You remember him. He came out like 20 minutes after they were announced as the suspects and basically said “Yeah, those losers did it”

“In the years before the Boston Marathon bombings, Tamerlan Tsarnaev fell under the influence of a new friend, a Muslim convert who steered the religiously apathetic young man toward a strict strain of Islam, family members said.

Under the tutelage of a friend known to the Tsarnaev family only as Misha, Tamerlan gave up boxing and stopped studying music, his family said. He began opposing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He turned to websites and literature claiming that the CIA was behind the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and Jews controlled the world.

Somehow, he just took his brain,” said Tamerlan’s uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, who recalled conversations with Tamerlan’s worried father about Misha’s influence. Efforts over several days by The Associated Press to identify and interview Misha have been unsuccessful.” AP

So there you have it. Websites that publish investigations into the truth about what happened on 9/11 and other ongoing crimes are ultimately responsible for the Boston bombing. And CISPA is on the horizon.

That’s according to Ruslan Tsarni. Who is he? He’s a Big Oil exec caught up in a money laundering scheme and a former contractor for USAID… a CIA front organization.

Honestly, you can’t make this up even if you tried.

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Boycott the Batman: Dark Knight portrays OWS crowd as mindless terrorist zombies

by Dr. E.M. Jones, Press TV

As some indication of the intellectual bankruptcy of what passes for conservative commentary these days, Rush Limbaugh accused Dark Knight Rises’ director Christopher Nolan of turning the third and final installment of his Batman trilogy into a covert attack on Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney by naming the film’s villain “Bane.”

Limbaugh claims that Bane the Villain will remind moviegoers that Romney once worked for Bain Capital; these same mindless zombies will then go to the polls in November and re-elect Obama for a second term. Quod Erat Demonstratum, as we used to say in sophomore geometry class.

If Limbaugh had dialed down his ingestion of Oxycontin a bit before heading off to the multiplex, he might have noticed something fairly obvious. Bane is the leader of the Occupy Wall Street revolutionaries in the film. Bane is also the leader of the group which shot up the New York stock exchange and took a bunch of yuppies wearing suspenders off on a mad motorcycle chase before they bounced down the highway. Nolan’s film, in other words, says the exact opposite of what Rush Limbaugh claims.

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Aurora Massacre: “Is that the dude in the white car nearby?”

by Scott Creighton

James Holmes was NOT arrested coming out of Theater 9

Listening to the audio of the police communications this morning I found something very interesting… they did not arrest Holmes coming out of the back of the theater. He was found in the car. We also now know he was drugged. These developments support my original conclusion.

It would appear from the transcripts of the police communications that they saw Holmes in the car, looked in and saw the weapons, and broke the window to gain access to him.

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Boycott the Batman: Excellent Review of “Rises” from the eXiled

by Scott Creighton

For Christopher Nolan, “the overlords (are) the heroes”

Eileen Jones over at The eXiled has done an outstanding review of Dark Knight Rises (The Dark Knight Rises VS the 99%)and I have to say, it’s even worse than I originally thought (The Dark Knight Trilogy Turns on Us). H/T to David Snell for sending me a link to this…

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Aurora Massacre: More Questions

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: 11. Why is James Holmes such a bad actor?  At the end of this article, see screenshots taken from live hearing of James Holmes trying to act crazy, remorseful, and or drugged… if I am right and he is acting (which I think he clearly is) that opens up a whole new can of worms…


As is often the case, there are more questions surfacing regarding the Aurora Massacre and the “done deal” lock they have on their lone gunman suspect. How did he know where to park his car if he only purchased the ticket that night? He was in the closest space he could possibly have gotten to his exit door and there were three theaters showing the film. How did he know he would be in that one and where the exit door led to prior to parking his car that night? Why is CNN starting to fudge the timeline data in such a way as to contradict the official police log? Where is the drum magazine? Why was his window busted out? Why did he risk getting materials sent to a school that he quit?

And still, above all else, standing in direct opposition to the official story, how did that gas mask get all the way down the end of the building if he was arrested as soon as he exited, still wearing the gas mask? Is it’s location related to the security camera located right above where the mask was dropped on the way to the closest street and escape?

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Aurora Massacre: What Does the Location of the Gas Mask Tell Us? What About Security Cameras? Are They Related?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE July 29: Aurora Massacre: What does the Spine Board Tell Us?

UPDATE: Aurora Massacre: Stick Figure Confession = FBI Drop Gun?

UPDATE 7: Aurora Massacre: James Holmes Mugshot Taken Same Day of his Court Appearance?

UPDATE 6: Holmes was not arrested coming out of the theater. He was found already in the car. Aurora Massacre: “Is that the dude in the white car nearby?


UPDATE: I just found out that the judge in this case has sealed the case because disclosure of the facts would be “contrary to public interests” and that the request to do that was made on Friday just hours after the event.

The motion, filed in Arapahoe County court, asks for the records in the case to be sealed, including search warrants, affidavits, orders and the “case file.”

The District Attorney’s affidavit says prosecutors are investigating first-degree murder charges against Holmes, but that disclosure of the court records would be “contrary to public interest” and “could jeopardize the ongoing investigation.” The Daily

UPDATE 2: The Washington Post has done a map of the scene and just like I pointed out, the gas mask is clearly past the corner as if the assailant was on his way to the road. See their photo mark-up at the end of the article.

UPDATE 3: Got a mention in a thread at Above Top Secret. I like that site. Read the comment at the end of the article.

UPDATE 4: Aurora Massacre: More Questions


As I was scanning through a number of heart breaking photos from the aftermath of the Dark Knight massacre in Aurora Co. this morning, I noticed something very interesting; actually a couple of interesting things stood out.Primarily I noticed that the gas mask was found a long way away from where James Holmes was arrested and the other equipment was found. I also think I found an image of a security camera mounted on the back of the theater pointing down toward where the car was parked and the theater exit was. And as luck would have it, that is the exact same location the gas mask was found as if the assailant traveled the length of the building and dropped the mask once he was out of the view of the camera.

I have done my best to compile photos and the layout of the scene at the back of the theater for your consideration.

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Boycott the Batman: Batman Shrugged

by Scott Creighton

In the end, what is the final message of Christopher Nolan’s batman? He runs off to be an international playboy with his new love (a professional thief) and his man-servant sitting nearby. He leaves his caped crusade behind him and all the people of Gotham to stew in their own juices, solve their own problems, and he just enjoys his wealth and the rest of his life. Sound a little like Atlas Shrugged?

Bruce Wayne=John Galt?

Without seeing the film, I did find a website which is discussing it, especially the ending, and I figured it was worth taking a few minutes to pat myself on the back since it would appear that I was correct in my reading of the whole Batman series retooled by Christopher Nolan with his new Dick Cheney approach to the classic comic book character. And that Cheneyesque approach even goes so far as to include the mushroom cloud smoking gun. Yep, the Occupy movement is just a bunch of misanthropic followers being led around by the nose by a terrorist and his foreign handlers looking to bring our beloved economic system crashing down around us.

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