“Blue Bra Girl” Video: A Remarkable Story of Horror and Heroism

by Scott Creighton

A reader left a comment on a video posting of mine. His comment was pertaining to a different video, a viral video that shows the Egyptian military police attacking a group of protesters who were running away from the scene. The reader’s comment links back to his own website where he has posted an article suggested that the “Blue Bra Girl” video may have been staged because the man kicking the woman as she was down was wearing sneakers instead of the type of boots the other military police were wearing.

I decided to find the video again (the reader’s web article does not provide the video, just a still screen shot of the guy wearing sneakers) and see what there is to see in it.

I have to admit, I am very skeptical of any so-called “revolutions” these days especially in Egypt since their original revolution was hijacked by the military junta that’s now in place.

After watching the video it’s clear to me that what is shown in the video is very real and there is a rather remarkable untold story that unfolds in it involving a couple that was simply walking down the street when all of this occurred who may have in fact paid with their lives for attempting to come to the aid of the poor protester now known as “blue bra girl”

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