The Great Bill Cosby Distraction: A 10-Year-Old Deposition about a 40-Year-Old Non-Event

by Scott Creighton

It has all the requisite ingredients a flashy distraction story needs: sex, drugs and celebrities brought low via their baser moral character which promises to allow the plebes to feel superior to at least one of the elites. If you mix race in there in this current political environment and you have a sure winner in the “take their attention away from important shit” derby.

The BIG STORY today is not the TPP or Greece or anything else that matters.

Today’s BIG STORY, flashed across the MSM from print to cable networks, is all about Bill Cosby admitting he gave some drugs to a 19 year old model in hopes of having sex with her.

Instant mental flash image of aging, 300-year-old pudding-pop spokesman creeping around slipping roofies into children’s pudding with his pants down around his ankles and an empty bottle of Viagra in his pocket.

The Cosby Show is being pulled off the air. Disney is removing some form of Cosby statue they had in Disney World someplace. The View can’t seem to talk about anything else and it all stems from this statement:

“I meet Ms [Redacted] in Las Vegas,” Cosby said during the deposition. “She meets me back stage. I give her Quaaludes. We then have sex.” He continued, “[She] was sweet in her personality. As far as I was concerned was well-mannered, didn’t demand or give a feeling that she was above anyone. If anything, I think she may very well have been very happy to be around the show business surroundings.” Bill Cosby

Sounds juicy right? Old man giving illegal drugs to some kid?

Here’s the problem:

This was in the 70s. Quaaludes weren’t classified as a schedule 1 drug until 1984. Bill Cosby was born in 1937 so during the 70s he was roughly 32-42 years old.

And she was of age asked for them and the resulting sex was consensual, according to his deposition.

Is it tasteless? Yes. Even perhaps abhorrent in my opinion. But is it illegal? No.

When I was that age (not that long ago actually) I had no desire to sleep with an assortment of 18 to 19-year-old women. Just didn’t appeal to me. Of course, I wasn’t rich or a celebrity so maybe I didn’t have to deal with that temptation because it wasn’t (isn’t) really available. Let he who is without sin…

So why the story? Why the big push to make it the BIG STORY?

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