The Dallas Morning News Endorses the Republican Candidate for President: Hillary Clinton

by Scott Creighton

The Dallas Morning News hasn’t endorsed a Democrat for president since before WWII but they have decided to endorse Hillary Clinton this year and did so with a front page editorial explaining why:

“As President Barack Obama’s first secretary of state, she helped make tough calls on the Middle East and the complex struggle against radical Islamic terrorism. It’s no accident that hundreds of Republican foreign policy hands back Clinton. She also has the support of dozens of top advisers from previous Republican administrations, including Henry Paulson, John Negroponte, Richard Armitage and Brent Scowcroft. Also on this list is Jim Glassman, the founding executive director of the George W. Bush Institute in Dallas.” Dallas Morning News

Their argument is that Donald Trump “is no republican” and I guess by extrapolation that means they figure Hillary Clinton is.

Her foray into the New McCarthyism, her support from various Bush-era war-mongering neocons and of course her love of all things neoliberal makes Hillary Clinton the best republican in the race according to the died in the wool republicans over at the Dallas Morning News. And they should know. They’ve picked republican for over half a century.

I hope before it’s all over, Bernie Sanders has to get on stage to hold up one of Hillary’s arms while Dick Cheney holds up the other one. Maybe then the Berners will know how to vote.

The unDemocratic National Committee Convention Starts Tomorrow: LET’S GET READY TO RUMMMMMBLE!!!

by Scott Creighton

For those of you who read my RNC convention coverage, you might recall I was a little critical of it. I was critical of the ham-handed sappy WWE emotionalism they tried to provoke. I was critical of the deliberate missteps they took in order to shoot themselves in the foot at every turn. I was critical of their “CHANGE” candidate basically voicing his support for the Washington Consensus policies that created his base in the first place. I was critical of it with good reason.

But don’t be confused. I’m not one of these HillaryBots running around saying The Donald is Satan 2.0

Today over at the fake-left Huffington Post, they have a piece linked from Murdoch’s Washington Post written by chess grand master Garry Kasparov talking about how much Donald Trump reminds him of the other great boogie-man in the world today, Vladamir Putin.

One should remember Garry Kasparov backed the Ukraine color revolution… including all those damn neo-Nazis killing protesters and Ukrainian police officers on behalf of Barack Obama’s (and Hillary Clinton’s) regime change operation.

So no, I’m not in that camp. My criticism of the RNC event was based in reality, not breathless fear-mongering hyperbole like that put out there by Killary shills.

That said, I also wrote that the upcoming unDemocratic Party convention was going to make the RNC coming out party look like an episode of Kaptain Kangaroo by comparison.

And I do not disappoint, now do I?

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Hillary Clinton Says “Shred those votes FOR DEMOCRACY and such!”

by Scott Creighton

Back when I was covering the theft of the California primary by Hillary Clinton and her regiment of neoliberal DNC (New Dems) globalist sycophants, I said we should keep an eye out for those office document shredding trucks pulling up to the polling sites before all the provincial ballots have been counted. I can’t remember which article that was in, but I remember writing it. I’m getting old I guess and I don’t have much time this morning unfortunately.

Well, I thought I was joking. I thought there was no way anyone would steal an election in such an obvious manner (here, here, here, here, here) and then try to get away with it in an even MORE OBVIOUS way… however…

I forgot I was dealing with the kind of system that turns a blind eye to the husband of a suspected criminal under investigation hanging out with the US Attorney General on her private plane for a half hour the day before the Benghazi report came out.

I forgot I was dealing with a family with such strong ties to neoliberal globalization that the State Department would go to the trouble of filing for a court order to keep certain potentially damning emails from public view for the next 27 months… allowing for Hillary to make it into the White House (emails relate to her time as Sec. of State and the Clinton Global(ist) Initiative)

You know, sometimes a funny thing happens on the way to being funny.

Turns out, it ain’t that funny after all.

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Mr. Revolution Bernie Sanders Enthusiastically Says He’ll Vote for Hillary: I Got One Message for him

by Scott Creighton

The other night while doing an interview on Tom Kiely’s show along with Wayne Madsen I told Tom that I felt there was no real difference between Trump and Clinton in terms of their support for neoliberal global economic ideology but the big difference between the two of them was that all the fear-mongering about what Trump “might” do in terms of aggression on the world stage as a president, Hillary Clinton has already done as Secretary of State. She’s a known commodity of war-mongering and state-sponsored murder-for-profit while the take on him is purely speculative. And to that end I said if I had to, if I thought it would keep Killary out of office, then I would vote for Donald Trump. If I had to.

This morning Bernie Sanders was asked a direct question with no qualifiers attached: will you vote for Hillary Clinton in November?

His answer was an unequivocal and enthusiastic sounding “YES”

I got a message for Mr. Revolution. It’s in code so you have to pay attention.

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Bernie Sanders Just Made It Official: He Isn’t Dropping Out.

(Is the Bern still sheepdogging? Is the metric revolving around the DNC being afraid that if “the revolution” ends too soon, the revolutionaries might tend to lean in The Donald’s direction? Do they need The Donald to do a little more to make himself look like a crazed loon? Hard too say. Inquiring minds want too know. All I can say is, he’s not on stage raising Killary’s hand high yet. Are they just saving that dramatic scene for the convention? We will see)

from Mother Jones

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on Thursday night shifted the focus of his presidential campaign, re-framing it as a long-term movement and pledging to fight for change at the Democratic National Convention and beyond.

“Defeating Donald Trump cannot be our only goal,” Sanders said in an online address watched by some 100,000 people. “We must continue our grassroots effort to create the America that we know we can become. And we must take that energy into the Democratic National Convention.”

Noting that he had recently met with his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, Sanders made clear that he would not drop out of the presidential race anytime soon. “I look forward in coming weeks to continued discussion between the two campaigns,” he said, adding that he wanted to make certain that the Democratic Party passes the most progressive platform in its history and becomes “a party of working people and young people and not just wealthy campaign contributors.”

Sanders did not indicate which of his campaign’s core issues might be priorities in his negotiations with Clinton; instead, he rattled off more than a dozen talking points, from raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and winning pay equity for women to implementing a carbon tax and ending “perpetual wars.”

The speech seemed aimed at shifting the focus of Berners from the presidential election to longer-term progressive goals, while still maintaining their interest and enthusiasm. The campaign’s latest slogan—”the political revolution continues”—repeatedly surfaced as a theme.

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Young Girl Shows Us What She Thinks of Elizabeth Warren’s Betrayal

The Boss Level of Stupid in the Hillary Clinton Propaganda Campaign: “You down with TPP?”

by Scott Creighton

and so did Warren!

You down with TPP?!” Fallon

Yeah, you know me!” Obama

On the same day that neoliberal corporate shill President Obama “made history” by endorsing his political mentor and benefactor, neoliberal corporate shill Hillary Clinton, he also did a little stunt on the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show, something called “Slo Jam News” where Obama, Fallon and some other guy, “slo jam” various outrageous propaganda points about the ‘success” of the Obama administration.

It’s supposed to be hip and funny and irreverent and get the real message out to all those young Jimmy Fallon viewers who might be crossovers from the Sanders campaign which Hillary and her team suppressed, disenfranchised and otherwise just flat out robbed of their primary election votes.

Keep in mind, this little propaganda stunt took place a mere two hours after “progressive” “liberal” anti-corporate, anti-globalization senator Elizabeth Warren sold out on the Rachel Maddow show and gave a breathless, life or death fear-mongering endorsement of neoliberal corporate shill Hillary Clinton. Elizabeth Warren and the Sanders supporters her endorsement was designed to target are extremely dead set against fascist corporate trade deals like the TTIP, TiSA and of course, the TPP.

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