3 Major Problems in Criminal Complaint Against Sayfullo Saipov and Lionel Nation’s Orwellian Idea

The invisible black bag, the note that doesn’t say what we are told it says and the mightily convenient 2nd cell phone with all that crucial “ISIS” evidence. Couple that with calls from “alternative” commenters like Lionel Nation for televised video “confessions” ala 1984 and you got yourself a real winner with this case.

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Day After Mattis and Tillerson Ask Congress for More Endless War EVERYWHERE… “ISIS” Strikes New York

Tillerson and Mattis want a blank check to wage war anywhere and everywhere they want FOREVER. So they ask congress and it doesn’t look like they are going to get it. Next day “ISIS” strikes for the first time since Jan. 6th 2017.

Any questions?

(sorry about the quality of the mic folks. Will try to fix the one that gave out today. The spiking is obnoxious and I will try to keep a distance between mouth and mic from now on but it’s such a crappy mic when I do that, it’s hard to hear me. I will try to fix the other one. sorry)

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