Greater Kurdistan: Chris Ernesto and St. Pete for Peace Shillin for Regime Change in Turkey, Supporting New Freedom Fighters, the Kurds

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: On the SPFP Twitter feed which Ernesto runs, there is a promoted Tweet announcing VICELAND… a new TV channel from Soros’ VICE news propaganda outlet. What a shock.


I received an email this morning and have been responding to it pretty much all day. It was that offensive to me.

It was offensive because it came from St. Pete for Peace and included these words:

Turkey & Saudi Arabia: Two causes of the war in Syria
Wednesday, March 2, 7pm, Community Cafe, 2444 Central Ave.
Using ISIS, al-Qaeda & mercenaries, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are two of the countries trying to overthrow the Assad government in Syria. Even Joe Biden admitted as much (this part is incredible).

Apparently Chris Ernesto, a guy who looks like he’s trying to be Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man with a woven purse (don’t ask what that’s all about) has made a 59 minute documentary for Youtube and is holding a special screening of his masterpiece at the Community Cafe tomorrow night. He’s going to impress his fellow “antiwar” activists in St. Pete with his master level editing and research skills to help everyone over there come to understand who’s really at fault for the 5 year regime change operation in Syria… Recep Erdogan.

Notice the “incredible” part of his click-bait tagline: “even Joe Biden admitted as much”

At first when I received the email, I thought the guy was talking about a recent regime change supporting video from Robert Greenwald. He’s been making them since Obama took over and I don’t he’s seen a regime change op since he didn’t support. So I replied to Mr. Stark wannabe angrily telling him to stop supporting obvious regime change propaganda because all they are trying to do is drum up support for removing Erdogan so they can bust off a piece of Turkey to go with Iraqi Kurdistan and Syrian Kurdistan to make Greater Kurdistan.

I wasn’t very pleasant when I wrote it and profanities laced my reply but that happens when a supposedly antiwar peace group sends me shit in support of yet another fucking regime change operation. I tend to get a little pissed off about that, especially since they know my website and should know better than send that shit to me.

Anyway, turns out, Iron Man Ernesto up there wasn’t sending me an invite to a Robert Greenwald “Brave New Propaganda” film… he was sending me an invite to his own work. Which is actually much worse.

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Obama Picks Warmongering Chicken-hawk Ashton Carter to Replace Hagel

by Scott Creighton

“protecting America means protecting Israel, and that’s why we’re here in the first place.” Ashton Carter

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon meets with United States Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, at the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv, July 21, 2013. (Photo credit: Ariel Hermoni/ Ministry of Defense/ FLASH90)

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon meets with United States Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, at the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv, July 21, 2013


President Obama has nominated Aston Carter to replace Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. The choice of the “hawkish” Carter is being reported as a way to placate the far-right and silence their criticism of his “less than monstrous” foreign policy of the past. That’s a laughable evaluation of Mr. President’s history as the drone casualty numbers increase daily and the people of Libya pick through the garbage to find something to eat. We’ve re-surged in Iraq in order to crush the uprising against our puppet regime, doubled down again in Afghanistan, destabilized Ukraine on behalf of the EU and the IMF, begun the latest colonization of the whole of Africa  and of course, thanks to the NDAA 2012, President Peace Prize and all who follow him are now free to detain trouble-making reporters and bloggers indefinitely without trial right here in the HOMELAND.

That’s not hawkish enough for the chicken-hawk warmongers. They wanted to see Iran blown up by now and North Korea bombed back into the stone ages. And Obama, try as he and Killary might, weren’t able to pull off those feats.

So Chuck Hagel, a man who opposed the “surge” in Iraq and Afghanistan and who warned Obama back in 2009 about the insidious nature of the new world order, is kicked to the curb just as the new republicans march into DC with their scorched earth agenda front and center for everyone to see.

Who does President Peace Prize pick to take his place? A man who advocated the surge and personifies the worst aspects of any politician who serves that very same new world order Barack was warned about so many years ago. A man who wants to bomb Iran and North Korea on behalf of his Israeli friends. A man who never served a day in the military and yet is ready to put boots on the ground in more countries than even “W” dared to do. Boots filled with your kids, by the way, not his.

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