CNN’s Star Field Propagandist Arwa Damon Spends 28 Hours With an Iraqi Death Squad in Mosul

by Scott Creighton

God Jesus I hate Arwa Damon. She’s been making “on the scene” propaganda from various Global War OF Terror hot spots for years, trying to punch her ticket to the Big Club and an anchor seat with the Big Boys on the Clinton News Network (CNN)

I covered her war-mongering hearts and minds bullshit propaganda before.

Today Arwa has release of video of her and her cameraman riding along as “embedded journalists” with an Iraqi death squad in Mosul where she calmly explains how they “accidentally” shot and killed an elderly cab driver and conducted and interview with a family who’s young daughter was absolutely terrified of the Iraqi death squad members standing just off camera and actually walked over and put her arms her father, crying, saying she loved him and “needed” him. She did that because she knew exactly what those men were capable of and were there to do. The fate of the father was not mentioned in Arwa’s despicable video.

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