Antonio Martin Shooting Updates – Police Edit Videos and We See Something Glowing in his Hands

by Scott Creighton

There have now been three videos released showing the fatal shooting of Antonio Martin, an African-American teenager killed by a white police officer in St. Louis County. I discussed the first one yesterday and concluded that from it, no one could determine if that was a gun in Antonio’s hand, unless of course… that is what they WANTED to see.

The three videos are but a small percentage of the 31 cameras covering that area in the vicinity. The police say these are the ONLY ones that caught any of the action. Perhaps they should release all of them and let the public decide which ones caught the action and which did not. But that will never happen.

The officer involved was given a body camera to wear that night as he started his shift… but he “forgot” to wear it.

They also claim, the dashcam which was in the best position to record the entire event as it unfolded in front of the officer’s cruiser… was turned off.

That means, of the 33 videos that should exist of this incident, only 3 have been released.

Those three seem to imply that something was in Antonio’s hand but are certainly not conclusive. However, at least two have been intentionally edited to exclude something critical and one of them seems to show whatever was in Antonio’s hand was glowing… like the screen of a cell phone.

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Video of Berkeley Shooting Does Not Definitively Show a Gun: Does Prove a Dash Cam Video Should Exist

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: So there was a dashcam in the officer’s car and he had even been given a bodycam that night and told to use it. But, lo and behold, there are no videos from either of those two sources.

I have said before that Obama’s big plan to equip police with bodycams will do nothing to curb excessive force issues across the country because, quite simply, the police departments will lie about the videos if they appear to be damaging to the department and or the officer involved. Here’s the official story as to why BOTH of those two systems produced no record of this troubling shooting:

The Berkeley, Missouri, police officer who fatally shot a black teenager on Tuesday was issued a body camera earlier that night, but wasn’t wearing it at the time of the shooting. The dashboard camera in his police cruiser also was not activated. Huffington Post

So all we have is a grainy security video, cut off right before the shooting (if it were a gun in his hand, when he was shot, it would be clear as it fell out of his hand) which could show a man pulling a gun or it could show him turning to the cop and pointing a finger at him telling him to leave him the f@ck alone. We don’t know. We could know.. but… oops. He didn’t wear it and oops.. it wasn’t turned on.

UPDATE: Did Antonio Martin turn away so he could turn on his video recorder on his phone and then turn back with that pointed at the cop? Did the cop mistake the phone for a gun?


This video of the Berkely shooting incident has surfaced and is being reported as being proof positive that Antonio Martin pointed a gun at the officer before being shot. The video is posted in the lowest resolution possible on Youtube and cut off just before the shooting takes place. So it’s not conclusive what Antonio was doing with his hand. He may have just been pointing at the officer.

But one thing it does prove is the altercation and subsequent shooting took place right in front of the officer’s police car. That dashcam had to have captured the whole thing in living color.

Here’s the video. It’ll be in the upper left hand corner starting around the 1:17 mark. Antonio appears to turn away from the officer and take a few steps as if he were leaving and then turn back to the cop.



Is it possible Antonio pulled a gun on the officer? Yeah. But contrary to what people are being told, this video doesn’t prove it. If anyone has seen a higher resolution version, please let me know.