American Toxic

by Scott Creighton

Overseas, the United States (under the “CHANGE” regime of the Duke of Orange) is refusing to leave a country we invaded illegally with terrorist proxies while simultaneously shipping some of those same terrorist proxies out of that nation and on to another one in order to destabilize it the same way… in the name of our beloved “national interests”

We are destabilizing a nation via economic terrorism because they dared adopt an economic model that makes it difficult for these same “national interests” to strip-mine the nation’s wealth and resources and we are threatening all out war with another on a daily basis just so Big Business can sell some more THAAD systems to their neighbor, who doesn’t want the damn things in the first place… much less war. This just days after a report came out detailing just how corrupt officers in the Navy have become over the years.

Kinda makes you wonder just what sorts of things those bought off admirals would do now that they are essentially owned by the Military Industrial Complex, now doesn’t it?

And that is too say nothing about how we are treating one of our own territories because a couple technocrats someplace in the bowels of a neoliberal think-tank figured out a recent hurricane can and will provide the greedy bastards running this country the perfect opportunity to starve Puerto Ricans… U.S. Citizen Puerto Ricans… into submission.

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That is merely a peek at the toxic world abroad that we are currently in the process of fashioning. There are more stories. Some even worse, believe it or not. But that is simply one part, our Foreign Policy part, of the world we find ourselves suffering through these days.

Here, back home, on the shores of the Shining City on the Hill, the toxicity level is even higher.

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