The Disturbing Red-baiting and Deep State White-washing of Rachel Maddow

Rachel “Scoop Jackson” Maddow jumped BACK into the “RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA!” red-baiting mode last night. Here’s how it really isn’t so much of an attack on Trump as it is support for his new neocon agenda.

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The “Crazies” Run Trump as his Apologists Applaud: North Korean Summit Canceled

The establishment forces Trump voters rejected in 2016 now own The Donald and are busy setting his policy when it comes to Big Banking, regime changing Iran and endless war and fear-mongering on the Korean peninsula.

So what do the “brand centered” outlets of Trump apologists do when it becomes obvious neocons are setting the tone for Trump’s “anti-establishment” term in office? They find NEW ways to make excuses and try to bring the dissident Trump voters on board with the neocon line of thought.

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Forging a Counterfeit Reality: News from Skripal, Facebook and Forced NFL Patriotism

While making this video I discovered the Guardian editing Yulia Skripal’s new statement video to cut out the part where she thanks the Russian embassy for their offer of assistance. The task of forging a counterfeit reality just never stops with these people.

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Eric Swalwell wants to confiscate your guns but he can’t bring himself to use that word

So it’s not about gun-grabbing huh? lol. I guess you can run a gun confiscation program just so long as you don’t actually use that word.

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Media Trying to Fix the Rome Shubert Story

by Scott Creighton

I have been leaving this Santa Fe shooting story alone for the past day or so just to see how it all shakes out and I will tell you, a couple recent stories from the complicit media make me wonder more about it than I did at the start.

First of all, the New York Times now says Rome was grazed by a bullet in the back of the head, not “shot in the back of the head” like the story was first reported.

“Rome Shubert, 16, one of Santa Fe’s pitchers, sat on a metal folding chair near the dugout for the opening pitch. He had been grazed in the back of the head by a bullet on Friday.” New York Times May 20th

Now maybe that’s because so few folks are buying the story that Rome himself was selling when it first happened.

“As soon as I got into–as soon as I got into the emergency room, and they had got me in to a room they [the doctors] were like–I got–had gotten looked over–they–a couple doctors came in there and said, to, its a–just went through and through. And that, uhm, how responsive I am is really, really good” Rome Shubert, KHOU interview day after shooting

Ok. A “through and through” gunshot wound to the back of the head is not “grazed… by a bullet”. Those are two separate things.

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Pompeo Announces New “Operation Ajax” at Neoliberal Globalist Think-Tank (AE video)

I wonder how Bibi got that info from the IAEA back in 2015? You ever wonder that? I do.

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The Mask is Slipping, the Southern Cross is Bending and Joy Cometh with the Dawn

Take heart. Dawn is on the way. Not yet on the horizon, but the cross is bending and the sun will rise on a new day for us all.

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