About that Joe Rogan / Di$info Jone$ Dust-up…

Di$info Jone$ takes real issues of social concern and applies his “crazyman” act to them in order to delegitimize them and anyone who raises them. That’s his gig. And he has done it for years.

There are real issues surrounding some of the foundational development moments from George Soros’ life and he himself admits his time living in occupied Hungary was one of them, if not the most important of them.

The 60 Minutes interview from 1998 is very revealing in what it tells us about one of the most powerful and influential men of the 20th and 21st century and if you talk about “crazy” Alex Jones and this dust-up without talking about the truth of Soros’ history, you do a serious disservice to your viewers.

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Di$info Jone$ Cranks Up Tommy Robinson Strategy of Tension Campaign

Just like Adam Kokesh before him, Tommy Robinson is an agent provocateur and Alex Jones is promoting him… just like he did Adam.

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Alex Jones Now Pushing Official Story of Vegas Shooting Based on Absolutely Nothing

A Brief Flashback to When Alex Jones Was Honest… for a Moment

A video of Alex’s with him talking about “radical Zionism”? Him saying folks are just “jumping on the Islamaphobia bandwagon”? Really? Yepper… here it is. A glimpse into the AJ of yesteryear. It’s for you the viewer to decide exactly what it was that instigated his transition but MY guess is… it has something to do with “Di$info Jone$” (there is a clue in there if you look REAL hard)

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VERY Fake News: Di$info Jone$ Stages His Own Little Sidewalk Destabilization Scene With Local Wrestler

by Scott Creighton

God Jesus I hate Di$infool Jone$.

Richie Allen tweeted something this morning about it being “assault” when AJ’s little buttboy Paul Joseph Watson posted a video of this ridiculous shit. Hell, I thought Richie was smarter than that.

A man currently serving in Navy Intelligence, Jack Posobiec, posted the video on his twitter feed as well saying it was an “alt-left terrorist attack” on our poor little Ayn Randian hero, Di$info Jone$!

Behold the chaos.

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Anti-Sharia Law Protests – What’s it all about? (AE video)

by Scott Creighton

Yep. Another American Everyman video. This one focuses on this past weekend’s anti-Sharia Law “protests”.

I figured out a new way to do videos which doesn’t involve you guys staring at me for 20 minutes while I read or rant about this subject or that one. Eventually I will become skilled enough at the editing process to be able to insert brief shots of myself talking about the topic while sharing what I have researched with the screen capture program I’m now using. But for right now, this is how I am going to be processing my videos and I will be doing them probably more than you care to watch.

It’s been a while since I have done a video. I hope you like it.

Di$info Jones and Prison Planet Promotes Endless Stream of pro-GWoT Propaganda About “Islamists” and Muslims in Wake of St. Petersburg Bombing

by Scott Creighton

For anyone who still questions just how much Prison Planet carries water for the masters of the universe and their Global War OF Terror operations, I present the front page stories from Di$info Jone$’s website for your consideration. They haven’t put any videos up done by Rita Katz and her propaganda outlet SITE as of yet, but the day is still young.

Prison Planet once pretended to expose the inner workings of the deep state… now they serve their interests, first and foremost.