Tail Section of AirAsia QZ8501 Located? Images Don’t Appear to Match Those of the Plane

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: A reader has provided a link to an image of what appears to be a freshly painted PK-AXC with the new new logo design on the tail section of the plane. It was added to that webpage on Oct. 29th, 2014 and supposedly taken in June of the same year. There are two websites with matching images here and here.

Knowing what people can do to hack existing images on webpages, what I want to see is an image taken that day by a family member as the plane pulled out of the terminal. Once I see that, I’ll buy it. But right now, it could be that the plane was modified sometime in June of last year or it could be someone Photoshopped another plane to have those registration numbers on it (I can do that crap with Autocad folks) and then inserted it on those two (one?) websites.


This morning the big news is that authorities have supposedly found the tail section of missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501 and they have held a press conference during which they released a small number of underwater photos purportedly of said aircraft.

There is no word as of yet as to whether or not they recovered the black boxes that should be located in the tail section which they claim they found some 20 miles from the last known location of Flight QZ8501’s transponder.

In looking at the images, I discovered a couple problems: they don’t match the file photos of the plane that went missing.

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AirAsia Flight QZ8501 UPDATES – Jan. 6, 2015

by Scott Creighton

Ten days ago on Dec. 28th, 2014 an AirAsia airliner, Flight QZ8501, departed from Surabaya, Indonesia on route to Singapore. An hour into it’s 2 hour flight, it dropped off the transponder tracking system and disappeared into the Java Sea.

Here we are 10 days later and the wreckage of the plane as well as the crucial black boxes, have yet to be located in the relatively shallow waters. It is important to remember that the black boxes emit a sonar tracking sound, a beacon, designed to help searchers locate the wreckage (click on image for larger view).

As I pointed out on Dec. 29, the waters where this plane went down are extremely shallow because it sits somewhere on the Sunda Shelf. In waters that shallow, with both black boxes sounding, it should be relatively easy to home in on their location but as of yet, they have not.

While experts say the shallow sea should make the recovery fairly straightforward in good weather, strong winds and big waves have frustrated the multinational force of ships and divers that has converged at the site. First Post, Jan. 6 2015

The Wall Street Journal has provided an interactive map showing the location of where they claim the sonar might have picked up what they think is the tail section, but search authorities have yet to confirm it. Here is a screenshot. In  the right-hand of the image you can see where they claim the depth of the “possible wreckage” to be only about a 100 feet.

flight location

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Globalist Billionaire Tony Fernandes, the TPP and the Recent Rash of Malaysian Plane Crashes

by Scott Creighton

Who is Tan Sri Anthony Francis “Tony” Fernandes and what exactly does he have to do with all these strange plane crashes involving Malaysian airline companies? And is it just a coincidence that this is all happening at such a crucial time when the globalist TPP is being debated behind closed doors?

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AirAsia Flight QZ8501 UPDATES: Only 7 Bodies Recovered and Shadow “Appears” to be Plane

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Jan. 3 2015 – (H/T Brian) Turns out, it was an unauthorized flight according to Sputnik and the Wall Street Journal.

AirAsia flight QZ8501 did not have proper authorization to fly the Surabaya – Singapore route on Sunday, the day the plane crashed, while carrying 162 people on board.

UPDATE: Jan.2 2015 – They still haven’t located the plane itself but they are now saying they have recovered 30 bodies with a total of 2 still buckled into their seats. The U.S.S. Sampson recovered most of the bodies. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the Sampson one of the two destroyers participating in the war games in the South China Sea when Flight 370 went down? Finding passengers still attached to their seats, separate from the body of the aircraft could indicate the plane broke up mid-flight which would explain no distress call.

UPDATE: It took me two hours to write this and during that time, they have already rolled-back the story about finding the plane with sonar.

“Until now, we haven’t found the plane,” Bambang Soelistyo said, according to Indonesia’s national news agency Antara. “We’ve only found seven bodies to this day.” CNN


In an area 100-200 kilometers (60-120 miles) from AsiaAir Flight 8501’s last known location over the Java Sea, a total of 7 bodies have been recovered with one reportedly wearing a flight stewardess uniform. The AFP had reported yesterday up to 40 bodies had been retrieved from the waters off the Borneo Coast in the Karimata Strait.

The recovery effort yesterday began when an Indonesian military aircraft reportedly spotted what appeared to be a shadow of something long and cylindrical under the water in that area. Further searches of that area produced all the debris that has been found to date as well as the 7 bodies that have been recovered thus far.

Soelistyo, the head of Indonesia’s search and rescue agency, said the debris was discovered when a crew on a military aircraft spotted the shadow of an object that looked like a plane in the water off the coast of Indonesia’s Central Kalimantan province on Borneo.

Further searching found floating objects believed to be the bodies of passengers, and then what appeared to be an emergency exit of the plane. Officials sent other search teams racing to the area. CNN

New reports claim the plane itself may have been located using sonar. It is said to be lying in very shallow water.

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Flight 8501: Bodies and Minor Debris Found in the Karimata Strait off the coast of Borneo, Indonesian

UPDATE: Dec. 31, 2014 AirAsia Flight QZ8501 UPDATES: Only 7 Bodies Recovered and Shadow “Appears” to be Plane

by Scott Creighton

Just a quick update.

At least 40 bodies so far have been recovered in the Karimata Strait off the coast of Borneo, Indonesia this morning along with a couple (3?) pieces of debris they claim are part of AsiaAir Flight 8501. The Strait of Karimata is also off the east coast of Belitung Island where early reports stated the plane went down.

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Flight QZ8501: Forget the “bottom of the sea” – It could be no deeper than the length of a football field

by Scott Creighton

(by the way.. don’t the two engines on this plane have the same “pinging” mechanisms that Flight 370’s engines had? )

It is now being reported with regularity that missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501 is “likely at the bottom of the sea”

“Based on the coordinates given to us and evaluation that the estimated crash position is in the sea, the hypothesis is the plane is at the bottom of the sea,” Bambang Soelistyo told a press conference New Straits Times

The “bottom of the sea”. Who else hangs out at the bottom of the sea? That’s right, Sponge Bob.

What is “the bottom of the sea”? It seems like a dark and mysterious place where no man has gone before and you can hide anything down there like Sponge Bob’s little diner, Atlantis and possibly a huge alien spacecraft ala The Abyss

It’s impossible to get to, the “bottom of the sea”, and poor little Indonesia is already asking the Big Brother nations for some help:

Soelistyo said Indonesia did not have “the tools“, such as submersible vehicles, required to retrieve the plane from the seabed, but that it is reaching out to other countries for help if necessary.

“Due to the lack of technology that we have, I have coordinated with our foreign minister so we will borrow from other countries which have offered. They are the UK, France and US,” he said. New Straits Times

But is it really that impossible? In this sea?

You see, the “sea” of which this plane is now supposedly at the bottom, isn’t all that deep. In fact, a large part of where they claimed initially to have seen the plane go down, is pretty shallow. So shallow in fact, you can see the “bottom of the sea” from a plane flying in the air. That’s because the whole area is sitting on something called the Sunda Shelf and it’s max depth in this area is about as deep as a football field is long.

And that’s “the bottom of the sea”?

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Did AirAsia flight QZ8501 Land at Belitung Island?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Four minutes after the last communication from the pilot, a request to climb from 32,000 feet to 38,000 feet, Flight 8501 simply disappeared from tracking. Traffic control never gave them permission to make the climb over the storm because there was another flight at that altitude directly behind them.

UPDATE: Here is the passenger list.

UPDATE: Only 26 passengers listed on manifest? I thought there was supposed to be a hundred and fifty-five?

A reported passenger manifest shows a total of 26 passengers, including three infants, who were scheduled to be aboard but are listed as no-shows. Huffington Post

So that means 23 passengers of the 155 originally reported?

[ah, I read that wrong, my bad]


“AirAsia, which is headquartered in Malaysia, is one of the fastest growing low-cost carriers in Asia. It has never lost a plane before, according to the Associated Press.” Huffington Post

AirAsia flight QZ8501 has gone missing with 162 persons on board during a return trip from Surabaya to Singapore. It disappeared off ADS-B tracking somewhere in the Java Sea just south of a little island called Belitung.

As you can tell from this FlightRadar24 graphic, the plane dropped off the transponder fix suddenly from around 32,000 feet. That’s pretty remarkable.

According to another image from FlightRadar24, there were a total of three passenger planes on that same flight path: QZ8501, AWQ502 and UAE409. Both of the others landed on time. It is known that 502 was flying at a higher altitude, 38,000 feet and they may have been able to fly over the turbulence that 8501 supposedly encountered.

Curiously, it has been reported that the pilot of Flight 8501 had just asked to climb to a higher altitude to get over the weather. CNN reports the plane disappeared at an altitude of 38,000 feet, the same as Flight 502.

The aircraft, flying from the Indonesian city of Surabaya to Singapore, went missing as it flew at 38,000 feet over the Java Sea between the islands of Belitung and Borneo

Flight 8501 “was requesting deviation due to en route weather before communication with the aircraft was lost,” the airline said.

The flight’s captain asked permission to climb to a higher altitude, Murdjatmojo said, according to the national news agency. CNN

Did Flight 8501 climb from 32,000 to 38,000 feet and if so, why did this one plane disappear while the one right behind it flew on to it’s destination?

Here’s another curious aspect of it: no distress call.

A Twitter user posted a graphic showing the weather in the area at the time of the disappearance.

Sputnik News is reporting that a family member of one of the passengers received a text claiming the plane successfully landed at Belitung and that all passengers are alive and well. They claim the report comes from Detik News.

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