China-led AIIB – Denmark Signs on the Dotted Line – A New Threat to the Old World Order?

by Scott Creighton

Russia, India and China are determined to build a more just, fair and stable international political and economic order.” 13th Meeting of Russia, India and China’s foreign ministers on China-led AIIB

Years ago, George W. Bush, when trying to pass his 785 billion dollar banker bailout bill TARP, pleaded with the American people saying we can’t let “the system” die. That we had to give a trillion bucks to the very people who decimated our economy on purpose (turned out to be a lot more) in order to save the Washington Consensus.

He was practically weeping when he said it. You could hear the emotion in his voice. Not the fake emotion he tried to muster when he literally stood on the remains of the victims of 9/11 and uttered those ridiculously embarrassing words “they’ll hear us all soon”. No, this was real emotion, the kind you hear when some actress playing Marie Antoinette proclaims “Then let them eat brioche.” and the French Revolution begins.

The system, the Washington Consensus (neoliberal economic ideology) goes by another name, a name his father, George H. W. Bush, used so lovingly a long time ago and others like Kissinger have used since: the New World Order.

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