Ahmed Mohamed’s Hoax Bomb Updates (No. He didn’t “invent” it)

by Scott Creighton

Yes. It was a hoax bomb and no, he did not “invent” it. He simply busted a digital clock and screwed the components into a pencil box.

There have been a few new developments in the Ahmed Mohamed hoax bomb story. Thanks to the readers here who have left comments on my earlier article linking us to some of these updates.

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What’s the Story with Ahmed Mohamed and his Ridiculous Briefcase “Clock”? (video)

UPDATE: Sorry about the audio guys. I will fix that before the next video.

What’s the Story with Ahmed Mohamed and his Ridiculous Briefcase “Clock”? The Answer Lies with his Father

by Scott Creighton (H/T Jack)

UPDATE: What’s the Story with Ahmed Mohamed and his Ridiculous Briefcase “Clock”? (my YouTube video)

UPDATE: Ahmed Mohamed’s Hoax Bomb Updates (No. He didn’t “invent” it)

UPDATE (H/T Jason Smith): See update at end of article


What’s the lesson we are supposed to learn? Not all Muslim looking people are terrorists. A great lesson as we enter into the refugee “crisis”, right?

[This is a “teachable moment” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest]

What a coincidence. ಠ_ಠ

To start off with, the story goes something like this:

A cute 14-year-old Muslim kid, Ahmed Mohamed, goes to school with no other intention than to impress his teacher with his homemade “clock” and for that he is persecuted by all the Islamaphobic teachers and racial profiling cops. He is then hailed as a hero when the story (for some reason) goes national and now everyone from Barack Obama to CIA asset Mark Zuckerberg are praising this kid as if he were the next Steve Jobs.

Great story, right? Muslim kid gets abused after innocently trying to show off his homemade devise.

Unfortunately, that story is neither complete, nor an accurate representation of what happened. More on that later.

Now Facebook wants him (CIA) and MIT wants him (also CIA) and of course he’s been invited to the White House (front office of Capitalism’s Invisible Army) and told to bring his “clock”

Twitter has a huge support campaign going for this kid of course (#BringBackOurGirls ring any bells?) and I’m sure Stephen Colbert will fit Ahmed into his show later this week somewhere between a Ayn Randian billionaire captain of industry and a neocon war-monger trying to rebrand himself before he is arrested for war crimes.

Finally a Muslim gets some love here in ‘Merica! Don’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Well, sorry to rain on your parade, but there is something fishy about Ahmed’s briefcase “clock” story and it starts with the “clock” itself, moves to purely coincidental timing of the refugee “crisis” and ends with his desperate for attention daddy.

Oh wait, before we go any further, here’s the ‘clock”

This photo provided by the Irving Police Department shows the homemade clock that Ahmed Mohamed brought to school, Wednesday, Sept.16, 2015, in Irving. Police detained the 14-year-old Muslim boy after a teacher at MacArthur High School decided that the homemade clock he brought to class looked like a bomb, according to school and police officials. The family of Ahmed Mohamed said the boy was suspended for three days from the school in the Dallas suburb.

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