Gray State: The Rise is Pure Ayn Randian Neoliberal Globalist Propaganda (period)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: When I first wrote about the circumstances surrounding the alleged murder of the director and his family, I mentioned how the film’s “Second American Revolution” slogan reminded me of Adam Kokesh and his previous psyop attempt. Turns out, this infomercial repeated features Kokesh.

UPDATE: The first version I posted of this “film” has been taken down due to copyright violation. The claim was put in by Thomas Edward Rice and I believe I saw his name credited with one of the songs played during the film. He claims here that he did some of the soundtrack for the film. I found another copy and replaced it.


When people give money to Bill Gates or Sam Walton, he’s not taking it from you. You’re getting something in return. You’re getting a service, you’re getting a product. There is an organization that does take money from you and that’s the government” Gray State: Rise of Billionaire Hero Worship

Osama bin Laden killed 4,000 people on 9/11. He has paid for that. he’s dead” Gray State: Rise of Sunstein Disinfo

Yes, the fake disinformation sites like Prison Planet and others are finally tipping their hands and showing us all what so many have known and said for years: they are nothing more than Cass Sunstein cognitive infiltration operations designed to make you love what it is that is enslaving you.

Someone just left a comment letting me know that the film Gray State: The Rise has been released in a rough cut version. You might recall the director of this “film” (read as “2 hour commercial for neoliberal globalist ideology”) turned up dead supposedly along with his wife and child in rather suspicious circumstances. That was just a few days ago. Perfect timing for the release of this infomercial for Ayn Randian “let them eat cake” idolatry.

I’ve only watched 5 minutes of the thing and it is absolutely sickening.

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Astroturf Adam’s Political Theatre Rolls On

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Di$info says – “Adam called me and told me they planted the drugs in his home. A lot of people think he’s a psyop… but I don’t think so”

UPDATE: Leave it to Prison Planet to call Astroturf a “political prisoner”


Leading a One Man Revolution to Nowhere

Astroturf Adam Kokesh is still cooling his heels in jail someplace. I don’t care enough to figure out where.

Unfortunately for Astroturf, at the moment he needs his “tough guy” act the most, his lawyer just walked into court and told the judge his “revolutionary Adam” act was all just a bit of “political theater”

I doubt that will go over too well with the father rapists and mother killers in the joint. The real bad-asses might take exception to a pretender in their midst.

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Astroturf Adam Kokesh’s Little PR Stunt Backfires, Arrested with Loaded Firearm and a Schedule I Narcotic

by Scott Creighton

Astroturf Adam: Leading a One Man “Revolution” to Nowhere

filed under: Instant karma’s gonna get you

Leading a One Man Revolution to Nowhere

Whenever Astroturf Adam does anything these days, people just roll their eyes. The guy is a train wreck waiting to happen. But it’s a boring train wreck. He could at least mix in some hookers like Charlie Sheen does.

Apparently Astroturf was desperate for some attention again after his miserable failure with his “Armed March on Washington” psyop fell through in such a dramatically pathetic way (everyone from Santa Claus to his mother were online warning people off that honeypot trap) so he ran out with a cameraman (one of his “employees” no doubt) to D.C. and made a big production out of loading a shotgun a couple of blocks from the White House while claiming this was the start of the “final American revolution”

He was wearing his “scary angry White man face” at the time.

The ONLY outlet dumb enough (or Di$info enough) to give this jackass any attention for such a stupid little PR trick was Di$info’s of course.

Well, Di$info and a local NBC affiliate… (as in “Obama’s Channel”.. go figure why they would do that)

Aaaaaand…  it backfired.

Imagine that. Yet another psyop Astroturf tries to run fails miserably… because of drugs.

Kokesh is like the modern day version of Eddie Mush from A Bronx Tale. Everything he touches turns to mush. If you ever bought into anything this guy said, you’re been mushed.

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Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden: Take to the Streets on July 4th in Washington D.C.?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden: What are YOU Willing to Risk for Your New FACEBOOK Hero?

UPDATE:  Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden: Caught in a Lie or Cover Story to Protect his Girlfriend’s Privacy? June 10

UPDATE: Someone published my previous article on this subject over at From the Trenches World Report and a reader left this comment:

US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

My Fellow Americans:

I have no way of supporting my following statement, but my intuition tells me this guy is a 100% trojan,.. a fake, a fraud,…. a plant.

The real question is: What is his true mission?

JD – US Marines – Every fiber of my being tells me this guy is dirty from head to toe, and is nothing more than a trojan horse to distract us,… the question is,… distract us from what?

I couldn’t agree with him more.


Edward Snowden backs the Reddit-organized Fourth Of July march on Washington, D.C., for government transparency. Just a matter of time til his Reddit account comes out, the site’s co-founder speculates. BuzzFeed

Where have I heard that before? Wasn’t there another libertarian who was trying to get a bunch of people to rally in D.C. on July 4th? Snowden calls himself a 3rd party supporter and apparently voted for Ron Paul and donated money to his campaign as well … hmmm… doesn’t that sound like another guy I know of?

“I have been surprised and pleased to see the public has reacted so strongly in defense of these rights that are being suppressed in the name of security. It is not like Occupy Wall Street but there is a grassroots movement to take to the streets on July 4 in defense of the Fourth Amendment called Restore The Fourth Amendment and it grew out of Reddit. The response over the internet has been huge and supportive.” Manufactured Hero

Adam Kokesh did his level best to promote an armed march to Washington but because so many real activists spoke out against such a stupid plan, he had to back off it. He even staged a little arrest and “disappearance” in order to buy some street cred, but people saw through that as well.

It should be noted that Redditors acted like it was kinda foolish, but still supported his “courage” to do something. Reddit was hijacked years ago as most people have figured out by now. Activists understand that when Reddit was bought up by a massive conglomerate, funny things started happening; links to certain “types” of articles or news just disappeared right off the page as soon as they were posted. Many speculated that the NSA was operating the site as a controlled opposition gateway.

Just a matter of time til his Reddit account comes out, the site’s co-founder speculates.”  BuzzFeed

Now there is apparently another mass event being staged and Edward Snowden is giving it all the free press it needs. He’s backing a plan, supposedly hatched on Reddit in the wake of the failure of the Adam Kokesh plan, to put a bunch of people in Washington D.C. on the same day Adam was planning on.

At first glance, it would look like someone is “retooling” their script a bit, just sans Astroturf Adam.

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Astroturf Adam has Interns? I would love to see those IRS records

by Scott Creighton

Astroturf Adam Kokesh is flailing about trying to bolster his ridiculous psyop as best he can in the wake of all kinds of new information regarding the creation of the “freeadamkokesh” site being bought 6 days before he went to jail and the ongoing criminal proceedings against his multimillionaire vulture capitalist daddy. We didn’t need all of that to know Adam was running a honeypot trap for gun-rights advocates with his ludicrous “armed march on Washington” trick. But it’s out there none-the-less.

Read this article or not. He’s an idiot. And now he’s running away from his “Final Revolution – The Armed March on Washington” but he still wants you to go – “all you people who have been calling for a revolution. Here it is. This is all you get. I’ll be in the rear with the gear”

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Oath Keepers Reject Astroturf Adam’s Armed March as Potentially being “Willful Endangerment”

(They can’t come right out and say he’s the same kind of agent provocateur that killed off the Black Panthers back in the day, but they come damn close don’t they?)

James Hanna ~ Oath Keepers does NOT endorse Adam’s march. The leadership at Oath Keepers has a wealth of tactical experience, and marching into the enemy’s camp, to be captured makes no sense. What is to be accomplished by this action? What could possibly go wrong? These are the questions a responsible leader asks before sending his troops into harm’s way. This is either tactical ignorance, or willful endangerment; the latter being the worst of the two choices.

I would say that Adam’s choice of the words “Oath Keepers” is no accident. He is VERY familiar with Oath Keepers and our mission. Not only are his tactics questionable, so are his ethics. Not only has he embarrassed himself by announcing a pointless and irresponsible armed march, he has damaged his integrity by using the good name of Oath Keepers to bolster his own agenda.

James Hanna
Oath Keepers
Board of Directors

Kokesh Psyop – WRH Points Out “” Created 6 Days Before His Arrest

by Scott Creighton


Gotta laugh at this.

I wrote that Astroturf Adam Kokesh’s arrest was staged in order to give him some “street cred” or to justify his not bringing one of his guns to his “revolution” on July the 4th. Well, turns out, Mike Rivero has figured out the website created in support of his plight was created 6 days before he even had a plight.

There’s a good reason for him to need some added attention… his obvious honeypot trap being set for gun owners on July 4th has been exposed by tons and tons of people as either a really stupid idea or a honeypot.

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