Watch Abu Nusaybah’s Bad Acting and Multiple Lies

by Scott Creighton

“I don’t know what it’s called, but I know the sound it makes when it LIES” says an effects specialist to a fake warrior

Abu Nusaybah went on the BBC the other night and lied through his teeth. Lied lied lied.  Yes, Michael Adebolajo spoke to MI5 agents, he was on their payroll more than likely. Abu claims that Michael was taken prisoner by Kenyan authorities 6 months ago and tortured when he went “to study” in Kenya.

Well, that’s funny because it’s been reported that Adebolajo was arrested by Kenyan authorities 2 years ago when he and several other Brits were trying to sneak into Somalia to help them destabilize the country on behalf of British oil tycoons. He claims they tortured him back then as well. Of course the picture of him and the other kids in the Kenyan court don’t show any signs of torture or beatings at all.

This interview is a performance, staged on prime time in order to put certain “conspiracy theories” to rest. The kid playing the role of “scary Muslim” is a horrible actor. Sorry, he just is. And the way it’s scripted makes it obvious what it is.

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Michael Adebolajo: Britain’s Abu Mansour al-Amriki? Multiple Ties to Fake Muslim “Terrorists”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Daily Mail is now reporting that MI5 was in steady contact with Michael Adebolajo. He had told a friend they wouldn’t leave him alone. He claims Michael told him they had offered him a job 5 months ago. According to the friend who told this to the Daily Mail, he refused to work with MI5. This same friend has been photographed at an EDL rally with Adebolajo inciting the haters. Make from that what you will.


eeek. a scary Muslim

Apparently this new revelation comes from an interview broadcast on the BBC last night featuring yet another fake looking “scary Muslim” talking about what MI5 did. I have a hard time believing that the BBC would broadcast hearsay evidence (he said they said) from a “scary Muslim” who had been at rallies with Michael of such an inflammatory nature even if they thought they were true. More likely it’s damage control: they know the connections between this guy and British domestic intelligence are coming out, so they put this guy on TV to tell everyone “Yeah, they approached him… but he WASN’T WORKING FOR THEM” (H/T HR)

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