Pepsi Image is Definitely of 9/11

by Scott Creighton

A can found in a chow-line in Iraq is stirring up a lot of controversy here back home. The can of Pepsi (which I call the “9/11 can“) seems to have an image on it that depicts the World Trade Centers on the day of the attack of 9/11. There are a lot of people running from website to website trying to claim it’s not 9/11 and that instead it’s one of 7 special cans Pepsi Dubai created for the anniversary of their 40 years of being in the United Arab Emirates. In fact, over at Above Top Secret someone named Brian put together their first ever “news recap” video in which they seem to be reading directly from a Pepsi PR statement about the can and they make that very claim. That’s bunk. Below, I have posted Pepsi’s own promotional photo of those 7 cans and the “9/11 can” is nothing like them.

Also after the break, I have shown you with simple outlines of the buildings in the sky line, the image of the “9/11 can” next to iconic images of the World Trade Center and the 9/11 attacks.

There is no question that the image on the can is indeed meant to remind you of the WTC and 9/11.

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9/11 Imagery on Pepsi Can in Iraq?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATED: 40th anniversary can? Not even close. See the image I added of all 7 of those cans at the end of this article.

UPDATE 2: ATS Reading PEPSI PR statement about “9/11 Can” as “News” – Above Top Secret makes their first video recap of the news. Their third story is about how this can is simply one of “7 designs” depicting the historic 40th anniversary of Dubai. Of course, they don’t offer a picture to prove that, they simply say it. If you look at the designs below, ALL 7 CANS you will clearly see that this can is NOT one of those 7 designs. Not by a long shot! So, is ATS bought and paid for? Did PEPSI offer them a bit of cash to nip this in the bud?

UPDATE 3: read Image on Pepsi Can Definitely of 9/11


Why would Pepsi put an image depicting 9/11 on a can of Diet Pepsi in Iraq? You think I’m crazy? Overreacting? Read what a serviceman in Iraq thought of finding the can in his mess hall back in October.

do you see what I see?

Here, this might make things a little clearer…

This is the typical iconic image of the twin towers with the smaller building in front of them, Building 7 between them, and the Hudson River in the foreground. Also notice the corners of the buildings are a white line in the picture…

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