Trump Continues to Promote 9/11 Cover-up Asset and Torturer Haspel to Head C.I.A.

Trust the process? Here’s the process. Trump is still pushing 9/11 cover-up asset and gleeful torturer Gina Haspel to head Capitalism’s Invisible Army.

He’s not fighting the Deep State, he’s promoting them.

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Tucker Talked Vaccines With R. Kennedy Jr. on Prime Time: Said “no subject should be off limits” – What About 9/11?

by Scott Creighton

Tucker Carlson had Robert Kennedy Jr. on the other night to talk about vaccines and the harm they can do to children. For this  I applaud him.

Kennedy was allowed to bring up controversial topics like the pharmaceutical industry’s blanket protection from prosecution and lawsuits that, by all rights should result from that harm their vaccines do to our youngest and most vulnerable citizens.

He also talked about how Big Pharma controls the discussions about vaccines through their advertising dollars paid to the major networks. Given the fact that Fox, the network which hosts the Tucker Carlson Show, receives revenues from large pharmaceutical companies, I give Mr. Carlson a great deal of credit for allowing that discussion as well. As Robert pointed out, not many networks will allow him access for that very reason.

They didn’t talk about parents being forced to vaccinate their children or keep them out of public schools which is a serious discussion we should be having since education is a right in this country as so is a parent’s right about making decisions about the health and well being of your own offspring.

And it was only a 4 minute interview, which seems pretty short for a Tucker Carlson interview.

But all that aside, at least he put Kennedy on during prime time and allowed him to make his case when so many others wouldn’t dare do that for fear of losing their Big Pharma money. Cudos for that, Tucker.

In the follow-up interview, because Tucker’s choice to bring Kennedy on and actually talk about this topic is such an rarity in the MSM today, another Fox host asked him how (and I guess the implicit question was “why?”) he did that.  Tucker said he was responding to emails and text messages and he thought that no topic should be off limits no matter how demonized they are.

“But I also think IT’S LEGITIMATE TO ASK QUESTIONS THAT NOBODY IS. People try to bully you into not asking those questions and I don’t like that. I don’t like people… IT’S A RED FLAG FOR ME when people say “you aren’t allowed to ask that question” NO MATTER WHAT IT IS ABOUT. I think you ought to be allowed to ask legitimate respectful questions and you ought to press for an answer. That’s not threatening to me AND PEOPLE WHO ARE THREATENED BY THAT ARE USUALLY TRYING TO HIDE SOMETHING” Tucker Carlson (video below)

Now, most of you know I am not a huge Fox “News” fan. Never have been. And I certainly don’t follow Mr. Carlson on Twitter or watch his show with any regularity and in fact, I didn’t see this exchange in real time, I found the video on Black Listed News.

And I am certainly not a fan of Mr. Carlson’s economic ideology or at least, not a fan of all of it. He and I do agree on the economic impact of unregulated immigration on the standards of living of the average indigenous workers be they here in the states or in Germany or Dubai. And we agree on things like the need to hold public officials accountable for their crimes, like Hillary Clinton for example.

Furthermore, I certainly agree with him, as most reasonable, rational humans should, that open honest debate on any subject is not only healthy for a society, but it should be almost mandatory. When any subject become so taboo that we start off the discussion of it with the words “the debate is over… the science is in…” then we are not doing ourselves or our culture any sort of service whatsoever and in fact, as Tucker said, in all likelihood, someone is trying to hide something. Which in the end, leads us back to that whole “accountability” thing.

With that in mind…

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US on Creating al-Qaeda, Arming al-Qaeda, Defending al-Qaeda, Cheering al-Qaeda and Now PRODUCING AL-QAEDA VIDEOS: Have you had enough yet?

by Scott Creighton

Still think it’s all just a big conspiracy theory? You better wake up.

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A Brief Statement on My 9/11 Coverage Today

by Scott Creighton

As you all know after being inundated with sappy piano riffs and dusty American flags plastered across the entire spectrum of the complicit corporate media this morning, today is the 15th anniversary of 9/11. It has been elevated, as many of us suspected it would be, to a holy day, the holiest of holy days, in this, the beginning of the New American Century. Rudy G is running around from one network interview to another touting his heroics and “leadership” on that day as he was famously filmed running away from the emergency control center in Building 7, some 8 hours before it crumbled to the ground for no apparent reason. How many first responders and volunteers from that day suffer to this day or have already died because he came out and lied and told them the air was safe to breathe downtown? A real hero he was indeed.

Many of you already know how much research and work I did over the years on the subject of the truth of 9/11. For those of you who don’t, there is a list I did last year of my best 96 articles on the subject which you can find…

9/11 14th Anniversary: 96 of Scott Creighton’s Best Articles on the Subject of 9/11

Today, I will be posting some videos and articles from other folks regarding 9/11. It’s just a hodge-podge of some of the best or most recent work that I have run across which I think help folks understand there is a lot more to the story than meets the eye. It is by no means the totality of research on the subject and there may be better versions or articles out there and if you have a favorite, please feel free to post links or videos as you see fit.

Though I am already clearly on the record that I do not support ridiculous deliberate disinfo like “ray beams from space”, “holograms”, “mini nukes”, “buried nukes”, “empty buildings”, “fly over theory”, “nanothermite”, “lizard people” or other such BS I encourage folks to engage in an open discussion if they wish about whatever evidence they wish to bring to the table today. This is an open forum… today…

I Am So Sick of Hearing About Those 28 Pages of the JIS Report (news and rant)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: And oh lookie! “New evidence linking Saudi Arabia to 9/11“. It’s some poor slob who’s been in Gitmo since 2002. Some “activist” from the “Blame Saudi Arabia” disinfo crowd “discovered” Doc. 17 which is supposed to show how “investigators” from the CIA-led joint congressional inquiry were asking how politics influenced the “investigation”

What this document really shows is how two of the hijackers were living with an FBI informant for a while just before 9/11. Somehow that means you blame Saudi Arabia?

The FBI Informant with Whom 9/11 Hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar Resided

The “activist” who “discovered” this new document, Brian P. McGlinchey, is a former military officer who worked in the financial industry and a favorite of LIHOP disinfo specialist, Jon Gold.

If you want a good litmus test regarding independent journalists, ask them what they think about 9/11.

If you want a good litmus test regarding Truth advocates, ask them what they think about the missing 28 pages from the joint congressional inquiry on 9/11 from 2002.

It used to be you had to be a “conspiracy theorist” to even mention those 28 redacted pages of the report. Now, every MSM outlet this side of the equator is ranting about them much to the glee of many disinformation websites.

Not only that, but folks like Paul Ryan and Barack Obama are openly talking about them… in public… at length. Ryan says we should release them. Obama says his people are studying them.

Interestingly, our “hero” Bernie Sanders, the man who “tells it like it is” says he could read those 28 redacted pages if he wanted to, but he wont because people will ask him what’s in them. So, he decided to be blissfully ignorant by choice.


The new black in the world of geopolitics today is Saudi bashing via the mysterious 28 redacted pages of the Joint Inquiry Into Intelligence Activities Before and After the Terrorists Attacks of September 2001.

You ever wonder why that is? Well it’s simple… because Saudi Arabia is deliberately tanking the price of oil in spite of what Obama and the masters of the universe want. Yes, Big Banking, Wall Street and the vulture capitalists LOVE high fuel prices. So does Big Oil… obviously.

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9/11 14th Anniversary: 96 of Scott Creighton’s Best Articles on the Subject of 9/11

(I posted this originally in May of 2015. Thought I would republish it today, the 14th anniversary of 9/11)

by Scott Creighton

Someone has been asking me about my views on what happened at the Pentagon on Sept. 11th, 2001 and so I figured I would post a quick list of 96 of my best 9/11 related writing in chronological order. I know 9/11 and other false flags are the trains that already hit us and I usually try to focus on the ones steaming down the tracks right at us like these “trade” agreements, the Freedom Act and other nightmares currently in the making. But looking back over how we got here in the first place does help and remembering the Truth Movement as it once was may be a little inspiring to some, depressing to others.

This list, though it is long, is not quite complete. There were some articles I wrote on 9/11 that I am sure I lazily tagged as “uncategorized” and others I wrote prior to creating the “Scott’s 9/11 Writing” category. A few others I left out because they were simply examples of in-fighting in the movement. What’s included here I think are valuable contributions to the Truth movement that I have been able to make over the years.

Below the list of articles are some original drawings I created to explain various aspects of what I believe the demolition process looked like. This is as good a way as any for me to reflect back on my own personal journey so I’m going to post these in chronological order complete with links and a few graphics I created along the way to figuring out what really happened on Sept. 11, 2001.

To answer the question the reader put to me about what happened at the Pentagon, you should read the several articles I wrote about Dwain Deets. He ended up being in the Truth Movement for a while promoting everything from the Fly Over theory to Ray Beams from Space. In the end he swears that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon.  He also just happened to be the leading engineer at NASA developing things like… drones and remote piloting systems. Yep. He headed up the program that made the Global Hawk. Some interesting chats he and I had.

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Bombing Planned by Jewish “Australi Witness” Terrorist Would Have Coincided with Israel-backed #NoIranDealBecause Twitter Campaign

by Scott Creighton

goldberg 1

Jewish extremist Joshua Ryne Goldberg thought he was communicating with a disturbed Muslim person when he gave him specific instructions on how to build a working pressure cooker bomb and then gave him even more detailed directions to where he wanted him to set it off and when.

Perhaps it isn’t a coincidence that the Israel-backed sponsored social media campaign on Twitter, , started today, the same day Joshua hoped a bomb would go off at a 9/11 memorial ceremony. That action, if it had taken place, would have fomented extreme hatred toward Muslims across the world and therefore would have aided the Likudnik AIPAC-types in their efforts to kill the very popular nuclear deal with Iran.

As it just so happens, the social media campaign is littered with claims that Iran somehow aided with the terrorist attack of 9/11 and repeatedly the influence peddlers using the service, refer to Iranians as “terrorists”

they are terrorists

Joshua Ryne Goldberg instructed a man who he thought was a Muslim extremist on how to pack the bomb with shrapnel after first dipping each piece of it in rat poison.

Arrested on Sept 9th, Goldberg finally admitted to being “Australi Witness” and giving someone specific instructions on how to make a lethal weapon and then telling him in detail, where to set it off and when.

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