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American Everyman

American Everyman was started in June of 2007 by me, Scott Creighton, as an on-line diary more than anything else, but as time went on it became an expression of change. My change.

It’s a collection of theories, writing, news, rants, doodles, and just jumbled up words stuck on a page floating in an eternity of “1”s and “0”s.

I focus on exploring the truth about what happened on Sept. 11th 2001, the plight of the Palestinian people, and the ever quickening tide of globalization (New World Order) in America.  Sometimes these topics mean we look at current events, sometimes they require us to shake off what we have been taught about our history; what we have done to other people in other nations.

I do this now because I know these stories, these truths, may not survive the turning. Our nation looks to be on the verge of a totally new system of government – not socialism, not democracy, not even the constitutional republic which it was formed… but something else entirely.  So I write these articles and post these posts in hopes that others will learn or start to.

American Everyman is just one of a diminishing number of websites dedicated to exposing what really lies behind the side show of politics and the artificial glory of our history.

What started out as simply a little personal journal of sorts has been viewed and accepted by many others and is widely read. I am very pleased with that.

I hope you enjoy the site. If you wish to give me a suggestion or just tell me off (you won’t be the first so at least make it unique), my email is below. Thanks for stopping by.

Scott Creighton – American Everyman


more about why I chose “willyloman”…

“Death of a Salesman” was first produced in New York in 1949. It was written by Arthur Miller and was described as a scathing review of the American Dream of achieving wealth and success without regard of character or integrity or principles.

The excesses of the post war 1940’s produced allot of national self reflection.  Sayed Kotb and Leo Strauss both looked at this developing American Dream and came to many of the same conclusions about how potentially disastrous it could become. Kotb would go home to Egypt with visions of Vanguards of an Islamic State that would protect the people from this corrupt Western Culture.  Strauss taught at the University of Chicago. He too was deeply concerned about this culture of Liberal Freedoms because it would encourage people to question everything; all values and moral truths. Without a shared system of values, liberalism would shatter communal ties and lead to anarchy.  His solution was to wrap people in a comfortable web of Noble Lies of religion and National Destiny.

Straussian Philosophy in the hands of young idealists like Irvin Kristol and Paul Wolfowitz would transform itself into the Neoconservative Movement.

Kotb would return to Egypt and join the Muslim Brotherhood to struggle against British rule with Gen. Nasir. When they won, Gen. Nasir began to set up a secular government and the Brotherhood and Kotb vowed to overthrow Nasir. Kotb would be captured and imprisoned for many years and he continued to write. Deeply influenced by Kotb, a student named Amen Zuwaheri took up his cause for the formation of an Islamic State, free of Western greed and individualism. Zuwaheri would become the mentor of one Osama bin Laden.

The Pulitzer Prize for Drama was given to Arthur Miller in 1949.  His play is arguably the only true example of a classic Tragedy, in the Greek style,  ever written by an American Playwright and it is just as relevant today as it was on opening night in 1949.  Perhaps, in this given context, even more.

Willy Loman became a part of our shared history and his roots are forever intertwined with history. His conflict is very similar to ours.

This Blog and these posts are dedicated to the vision of both Arthur Miller and Willy, his everyman. In hopes that we find a resolution to the conflict that lies within us all.

This site does not pretend to speak for Mr. Miller nor know his views on any matter. Rather, it is created in the spirit of one of the greatest American characters of all time. And the influence “Death of a Salesman” has had on this blogger.

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  1. Hi Scott,

    Thanks so much for this site it is superb. The BBC Special “The Power of Nightmares” had quite an influence on me. Richard Perle wrote a book called “The End of Evil”. I see the neo-cons as that very evil Perle writes about. The Death of a Salesman is one I’ll have to watch again.

    Welcome to our 9-11 Meet Up group and thanks for joining with us. We look forward to meeting with you.


    L Jack Hersh

  2. Hi Scott,

    I was looking for something this morning and happened onto this:
    Have you read it?


  3. Hey muse;
    that is interesting, and yes I heard a bunch of it before… something I just recently found out though, was that, in refering to point #5 on that site link, the missing 2.3 trillion Rumy mentioned on Sept. 10th 2001, do you know that the office on the other side of the wall that the “plane” went out of it’s way to hit….was the office of the Army budgeting and Accountability?

    36 men and women died in that office, less than 24 hours after Rumsfeld announced the missing 2.3 trillion dollars, on Sept. 11th 2001.

  4. Scott,
    I have been looking at the back and forth on the meet-up site, and thought I would put in my two cents to you personally. First, Ron Paul knows the 911 story is BS, and will immediately launch a new investigation. Second, for any chance to win in this media controlled event, he can’t risk being identified with us “wierdos”. It would cost him any chance he might have. Third, he voted to table the impeachment because he knew the support was not there to impeach, and just maybe by going back to committee, it could develop better. As far as his economic agenda, if he instituted his ideas, things would change for everyone, especially the downtrodden. I have been around long enough to know exactly what he is talking about, and he is by far the only honest candidate that has a chance, albeit slim, of getting in. I respect and like Dennis, but he could not handle the job. I lived near Cleveland when he was mayor, and he in not a good delegator or administrator. I personally think that Ron Paul might pick Mayor Rocky Anderson as his running mate, at least he should. Anyway, good to chat with you, and I look forward to seeing you at the meet-up soon.

  5. Hi Dave;
    I have heard as much about the reasons Paul shy’s away from admiting his true feelings about 9/11Truth. And I admit, it may affect his polling numbers.
    But you all need to face facts; I’m sorry, but, it is true. No one, except for Thompson, Guiliani, Obama, and Hillary are even in the running anymore.
    The elections have been rigged by electronic voting machines since 2000.
    They won’t let ron Paul win anymore than they will let Kucinich win. Just a fact. Look at what the MSM is doing to him already (Glenn Beck) and Kucinich and Gravel.
    The reality is, that the real game is the run-up to the elections. If we can’t expose what happened on 9/11 before the elections, the CFR plant Hillary or Rudy ain’t going to help us.
    I don’t really mind Ron Paul as a candidate, I just would hope that if this is what he believes, then he would use the forum he has now to help us bring it to light, rather than waiting to see if Diebold screws up somehow.
    I thank you for posting here, and hope that more from the 9/11Tampa Group do the same. And I look forward to meeting you all in person.

  6. Willyloman –
    I know you’ll get this email…
    Please check this out, sign it (hopefully) and then blog it:

    Petition to Oppose H.R. 1955

    If you can get anyone else to do the same great.


  7. Thank you Cabal911. i signed it and sent the info on to others as well and I will put up a link to it tomorrow (today? I need sleep). If I don’t se it up on the reddit site, I will put it up there. You may want to if you get to it before I do. It will be seen by alot of people.

  8. I love this reference to one of my favorite plays.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Thank you Bob. It has always been one of my favorites as well.

  10. Are Sarah Palin’s expensive
    Kawasaki 704 glasses and earrings
    part of a hidden phone earpiece?

    must see this video:

  11. HI Willy, just wanted to first say i find your posts at 9/11 blogger to be very good, its tough to fight the “conventional wisdom” over there sometimes. the fact that you are arguing with Arabesque shows you are not falling for his long running bullshit. hes a “know it all”, much like Victronix and other preferred members of 9/11 blogger. i would suggest you go to WTCDemolition.com/blog to see how the mods(particularly Reprehensor) really operate. there are a bunch of stories on the 9/11 blogger saga including the “big purge” that took plae about a year or so ago, when they scrubbed the site of all users who took on any of the preferred members. they still ban people who question the preferred members like Arabesque or Jon Gold. it is a dishonest site run by dishonorable people(at best). i was banned for daring to question Arabesque on his propensity to bash others in the movement and play “disinfo police”, and i was far from the only one. mention Israel on that site and you risk getting banned. if you keep calling out Arabesque on his disinfo you will likely be banned soon. anyway, i hope you keep it up, somebody needs to tell Arabesque that his information is flawed and his tactics are divisive. im not sure if what he thinks hes doing is helping, i dont play the “hes an agent” game, but i will say ive always been suspicious of him. good luck over at that cesspool of LIHOP and anti-arab muck.

  12. Thanks Chris;

    I know about WTCDemolition, it’s a good site. I even tried to sign up there once, and they sent me an email saying I should know that if I did sign up, Blogger would ban me, so maybe I should sign up under a different name. That’s was a fair warning. It’s been a while since I have been there. That’s where I read about the Great Purge at Blogger. As you can see on the right there, I have a link to their site.

    I think Reprehensor is giving people like us a little more leeway over there to question the Arabesques and the Golds. I have caused threads to be shut down, and I have had detailed arguments with them about the Pentagon evidence and so forth. The most recent being when the news of this new April Gallop lawsuit came out. The Arabesque clones were actually at 9/11 Blogger doing their level best to discredit April simply because she included her eye-witness testimony in the case.

    That one went for about 117 comments, and aside from the 3 of them, the vast majority of commenters agreed that there is a problem with the 757 story…

    …and Reprehensor didn’t shut it down.

    all I know is, yes, certain topics and memes are counter-productive… but all we can do is call them out, and then move on with our own investigations and efforts to inform people. Anyone who spends the majority of their time just lashing out at fellow truthers, is a liability, in my book. And then of course, you have to ask yourself, why?

    Thanks for your comment. It is good to hear from people in the movement that aren’t calling me an “agent” or worse.

  13. Chris;

    You might be interested in taking a look at that Blogger thread again. Jones has added a comment and so has another Truther, and both seem to agree…

  14. i just took a look, and surprise surprise, Victronix Ashley(Jim Hoffmans girlfriend and hatchet woman) and Col. Jenny have showed up to defend Arabesques honor and call everything they deem “bad info” disinformation. because of course they and they alone know whats best for us and the 9/11 movement. Arabesque is pathetic enough, but his groupies are even worse. it brings back bad memories seeing those shills do their usual team ups against anyone saying Israel was involved and/or Flight 77 didnt hit the Pentagon. and i see Reprehensor has warned everyone there. wanna bet he doesnt end up banning Victronix,Gold,Arabesque or Col Jenny? seriously, 9/11 blogger used too be a great site with tons ofpeople, not a thread would go by without heavy comments. now, since the great purges, its bascially a LIHOP-Israel wasnt involved-the Pentagon attack iis what the government says it is circle jerk. the place is basically dead. fuck Reprehensor. anyway, rant over. have a good day willyloman.

    • I’m afraid 911blogger has devolved into a private club, not an open-source community portal. They are making editorial decisions on content and yet never informing the readers what those policies are. Case in point they wont publish anything about Gravels 911 Ballot Initiative campaign because of some gripe they have with Gravel. But you would never know it.

  15. and Reprehensor is only giving you leeway because you are basically alone against those shills. its used to be about split, with many many people there calling out the “disinfo police” like Arabesque and others on their bullshit. now they can just vote you down without banning you and hearing(legitimate) cries of censorship. if the tide ever turns again, he will no doubt ban you and anybody else he needs to to control the discussion. Rep is a terrible moderator, and thats the best i can say about him. not sure what his real agenda is but it isnt good.

  16. Hey Chris. Check out my main page. If you have any suggestions, I will be able to check back later. Turns out, someone may have attacked my system, and I am having to use a friends computer right now.

    Reprehensor also took that thread off the main page.

    and it seems you are right; the tide was turning, and Col. sparks had to get her minions to vote down every other comment, simply because they disagreed with her… guess Rep didn’t like how that looked.

  17. I am relieved to have stumbled upon this site. Great work and thank you. Re: 911blogger, I’ve watched it go downhill for the past two years. It now looks like some sort of pathetic 9/11 coffee klatsch. I call it 911 blah-ger. Most of my friends and I don’t even waste our time there anymore.

    • Welcome to the site, Crystal, and thank you.

      To Reprehensor’s credit, he has started covering the situation in Gaza and in fact, I put up a couple of the videos here. But not many of “blah-gers” regulars are commenting on the situation. I am working on a few things, for 9/11, but I have been very active in reporting on the attacks in Gaza. One thing I didn’t know, was that the UN Inspector who was recently kept from entering Gaza, Richard Falk, actually wrote a forward for one of D.R. Griffins 9/11 books. It’s good to see you here. Welcome again.

  18. Dear Willy,
    As a regular contributor to OpEd News, I am posting as Anonymous to prevent, hopefully, any retribution. Reading a recent article there, I was surprised to find that the “Senior Board” has instituted an editorial policy that OEN will no longer be publishing 911 articles because they are no longer considered “news.” Of course, that may be true for readers that have surfed progressive sites for years, but the policy is short-sighted as to newcomers to progressive sites, of which there will be many as the hard times begin to roll. This makes your site even more important since so many left leaning websites remain determined to treat 911 as the official version of events demands. The fact is that no site will become the next Huffington Post if it truthfully deals with 911, and one has to wonder if that is the direction OEN wants to take. Since yours has always been my second favorite site to peruse, I thought your readers should be award of this editorial change at OEN.

    • Anon;

      Thank you for taking the time to let me know. I haven’t been by Op Ed for some time now (as you may know I stopped submitting articles to them for publication some time ago).

      Yes, Op Ed News is looking to become the next Huffington Post. But more specifically, Rob Kall wants to be the next Arrianna Huffington. But it seems you are already aware of that…

      I am discouraged about this news. Allowing 9/11 Truth Editorials was one of the few things about the site that I respected. I guess it’s like that line from the recent Ben Stiller movie… “never go Full-Retard”… Rob has gone Full Gate-Keeper” and one doesn’t have to guess as to his real motives.

      I am sorry to hear this. It doesn’t bode well for the coming months.

      But I will give you a bit of a head’s up: ADS (After Downing Street) an impeachment/prosecution site… a site I was banned from for talking about 9/11… put up the video The New American Century last week and even (they got it from my site I think) The Obama Deception just yesterday. Perhaps some new people there posting reasoned and insightful 9/11 truth related comments, just might help push them over the edge into our own little favorite abyss…?

      Thank you for your kind words. I am sorry about Op Ed News… like Stewart told that Cramer guy, they had an excellent opportunity to do some real good, but unfortunately it looks like Kall decided to go… well, in a different direction.

  19. Hi Willyloman — just wanted to say I appreciated your remarks at 911blogger in the thread about the new Alex Jones movie. I think we may disagree about the value of the film, but I just never cease to be appalled when comments like yours are sent to Reprehensor’s memory hole. Your points about the treatment of April Gallop and the general strategy of the disinfo goon squad over there were excellent. (So they had to go!)

    • casseia

      Wow… I didn’t know that. I just checked it out. They took out mine and others from Vesa (I think that is who commented) and others. They didn’t just hide them… they removed them.

      I can’t believe that. First time he has done that to me. I shouldn’t be surprised, in fact, I think I am in better company now, honestly.

      Thanks for the kind words. Makes it a little easier to swallow knowing that he and his kind aren’t the only Truth activists out there.

  20. Hi Scott- interesting that the ‘memory hole’ is being revved up in a variety of places.

    Must mean something effective is going on!

  21. Scott… I’m onboard with you now. You’re a fellow comrade in arms. I really appreciate your work, research, time, and efforts to disseminate the truth to the public. I hope I can add tidbytes of note to your weblog. Thanks for all your support… I will do whatever I can to further our cause. My hats off to you (of which there are many :).

  22. It’s good to see you back willyloman. While you were gone Iran is front and center in the state-run press. Here are two links that I find to be of service…

    Everything You Know About Iran Is A Myth

    Erdogan:Focus on Israeli nukes not Iran N energy program

    You may have already read these articles, but the Iran propaganda is just too annoying and insane. I keep writing comments at various sites, and have been since Ghaddafi, and Ahmedanejad finished speaking at the U.N. last week.
    Anyway, welcome back:)

  23. Just came across your site. Interesting posts and comments. I am glad there are blog about real life values. Will keep coming back for more.

  24. Hey, Thought you’d appreciate this contribution to the great work you are doing. Urban Dictionary:

    When you do your black neighbor a favor and report a possible break-in, and get death threats for doing so.
    Example of usage:
    Lucia Whalen was Obama Bitch-Slapped, when she, as the last of a dying breed of concerned American citizens, cell phoned 911 to report a possible break-in, on behalf of yet another concerned elderly neighbor, who is going to receive the Mother of All Bitch-Slaps, by the Mandatory Death Care clause in Obama’s Master Bitch Slap Solution for the American people.

    by Bit Schlap Watcher Jul 30, 2009

  25. Great site Mr.Creighton, love your blog. Just say to you are another Arundhati Roy of India. Keep it up. We stand with you.

  26. Hi Willy,

    Just found your website and started reading. There are endless sites online as you know. I have my favorites that I’m on everyday but love to find new – good ones to explore. Put yours in my favorites.

    My comment is about the Kucinich, Biden post. When David Kucinich turned into a spineless piece of crap it really sickened me. He was someone who had me fooled into believing he was on our side. He is not. I should know by now not to trust ANY of these people. When they all face our creator and they will face him on that great day and he asks them each individually “what did you do to my people?” I wonder what they will all have to say. We lied to them, deceived them, used them shamefully, murdered them, stole from them, etc. – all for personal gain. Wow there you have it. Then they will be told what you measured out will be your portion now. You meant only harm to them – now for eternity your soul is doomed. You had no regard for me your creator and my people. You thought you would get away with this. Well you didn’t. Today is judgement day and you have no leg to stand on and no money to pay this debt. Money is now meaningless. You sold your souls for it and now I say it is meaningless.

    I have struggled financially this past year. It took me 9 months to find employment. I looked everyday. Finally I got a fulltime job. I was painfully broke and had to stay home all the time. It was very depressing. But I kept praying and God helped me to find work. I did not abandon my faith or blame God. He saw me thru.

    These wealthy people have it all now. But riches are fleeting and eternity is forever. I’ll gladly take broke now and a mansion in paradise later. There’s just no comparison. Only a stupid greedy person could not see this.

    Thanks for listening. I’ll keep checking out your great website!

  27. Hello Nancy and welcome to the site.

    I am glad to hear that you found work and that you maintained your faith through the long, difficult process.

    Let’s hope that the greedy people who brought this all about face two judgement days; one in this life and one in the next.

    God knows they’ve earned them.

  28. We, Saseamo (saseamo@live.com), Korean-Americans for better world-Seattle are ask your help in uncovering the truth behind the recent sinking of the Cheonan, a ROK naval ship happened on March 26 in the Republic of Korea.

    The recent South Korea’s accusation that North Korea torpedoed one of its warships, killing 46 people, has sparked a huge debate in Korea. This official announcement of investigative reports of the multinational probe (sponsored by the South Korean government) on May 20th has only generated increased speculations and suspicions about the validity of the investigation.

    The reason is simple. The scientific, circumstantial and physical evidences that the South Korean government presented genuinely lack “common sense”. The torpedo parts recovered as material evidence is still under the debate on its scientific validity. No signs of burn, limb separations, ear drum rupture from the survivors as well as the dead from its deadly torpedo attack. The government has refused to disclose the TOD images, KNTDS (Korea Naval Tactical Data System), radio transmission records, CCTV from the time of the incident with all kinds of excuses. An examination of any single listed would end the debate.

    Increasing number of South Koreans are becoming more suspicious about the government’s intentions – to use this incident as their political leverage for the upcoming provincial election. Please follow the link below to learn more of the “facts” surrounding the incident and help us uncover the truth!

    Please contact to saseamo@live.com for more information.

    Thank you




  29. I know you’re focused on the Cheonan story right now and you should keep up the pressure and momentum on that but I saw this just before I went to bed last night. I couldn’t believe it. It’s a given that our gov’t has ready made plans for war contingencies but they don’t usually publicize that fact. As usual the military officials cited were not authorized to divulge the info. but they just had to tell somebody. First they say that the military option will be used in the event of a successful terrorist strike in the United States that can be traced to Pakistan. Then they dispense with that condition, stating that Obama will launch assaults if Pakistan fails to show “real progress” within a few weeks. What are the chances of that? The public disclosure of these statements indicates a real priming for escalation on the Pakistan side of the border given that so far military operations there have always been characterized as “suspected” US drone attacks. It now seems eminent that larger scale operations will be conducted and fully acknowledged (relatively). More fucking war and more dead humans. God damnit! Enough already! I believe you will know what to do with this. I tried to send this in email but got a failure notice.


    Report: US weighs military option in Pakistan

    1 hr 49 mins ago (12:47am)

    WASHINGTON – The U.S. military is developing plans for a unilateral attack on the Pakistani Taliban in the event of a successful terrorist strike in the United States that can be traced to them, The Washington Post reports.

    Planning for a retaliatory attack was spurred by ties between alleged Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad and elements of the Pakistani Taliban, the Post said in an article posted on its website Friday night, quoting unidentified senior military officials.

    The military would focus on air and missile strikes but also could use small teams of U.S. Special Operations troops currently along the border with Afghanistan, the Post said.

    Airstrikes could damage the militants’ ability to launch new attacks but also might damage U.S.-Pakistani relations.

    The CIA already conducts unmanned drone strikes in the country’s tribal regions. Officials told the Post that a U.S. military response would be considered only if a terrorist attacks persuaded President Barack Obama that the CIA campaign is ineffective.

    A senior U.S. official told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Pakistan already has been told that it has only weeks to show real progress in a crackdown against the Taliban.

    The U.S. has put Pakistan “on a clock” to launch a new intelligence and counterterrorist offensive against the group, which the White House alleges was behind the Times Square bombing attempt, according to the official.

    U.S. officials also have said the U.S. reserves the right to strike in the tribal areas in pursuit of Osama bin Laden and other high-value targets.

    At the same, the Obama administration is working to improve ties with Pakistani intelligence officials to head off attacks by militant groups, the Post reported.

    Officials quoted by the Post and the AP requested anonymity because of the sensitivity surrounding U.S. military and intelligence activities in Pakistan.


    Associated Press writer Kimberly Dozier contributed to this report

  30. Hi Scott, Ed from Phoenix here. Just discovered your site! It seems like a great resource for people who take the time to look past the BS and see what is really happening around us. I have something I think you’ll like. I wrote a song a couple of years ago after seeing a story about a guy who kept loosing jobs to outsourcing/insourcing. It’s called “I Wanna Be A Pirate”. It’s told from the everyman perspective. It reflects the frustrations that many people are feeling these days. To make a long story short, the song would just not let go of me. So I had it produced and even made a video. Both a first for me. The website is http://www.makethemwalktheplank.com or on youtube under the same name. Keep up the great work! Ed

  31. Great site from what I’ve seen so far. I printed out your timeline of CIA atrocities to help me with my next project. My website is for a book I wrote titled “The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders: U.S. Intelligence’s Murderous Targeting of Tupac, MLK, Malcolm, Panthers, Hendrix, Marley, Rappers and Linked Ethnic Leftists.” For glimpses of it on web, see film excerpts of my 85 minute film based on book with youtube search of FBI War on Tupac Excerpts I and II.

  32. I’m blown away by your site. This is taking the concept to a much higher level. Thanks Scott!

  33. Dear Willy,
    Thanks very much for maintaining this site, and thanks for allowing me the opportunity of expressing my thoughts. It will probably be a while yet, but I have confidence that the criminals who are now in control will yet face justice for the crimes they are committing against all humanity. I would die a lot more contented man if I knew for a fact that this would indeed be the case. Continue in your good work.

  34. dear willy ,
    i’m not sure why nobody responded to you thanking you for pointing out this obvious error on the ae911truth site /i am personally trying to develop a more relevant and documented section in the website that shows the full range of devices and the chemistry of the trade/be patient /having jioned them as an architectual model builder / that discovered the august 1967 issue of engineering news record that showed where in the steel columns and cross members were the different patented steels/ the full structural engineering parameters in text / there is a beehive of work proceeding in uniquely non-linear
    fashion /not effeciently but by heart with our frailities in the end our collaborations evolve to more cogent analysis

  35. Hi Willy!
    What are your thoughts on Veitch’s 911 turnaround?

    • To be honest, I hadn’t listened to his video until you brought it up. Seems pretty clear what he is doing. He doesn’t have any real new info when he tries to explain his big change, he just goes on and on repeating the old dogma of the debunkers and he doesn’t even do it well. You can hear his dishonesty in his voice while he’s talking about it. I suppose he is going to try to get a “serious” journalism gig out of this. Everyone has a price, they found his; inclusion.

  36. here i find you still plugging & i applaud you!

    • Thanks. Yeah, I’m still pluggin away at it. For better or worse, richer or poorer, I seem to be married to this site for some reason. Figured I would quit when they stopped lyin to us all the time. Guess that ain’t gonna change anytime soon. Thanks for stopping by.

  37. by the way, where i am it is 10:22 pm, not 1:22 am– hmmm 🙂 sweet dreams!

  38. Dude. Your site is ridiculous. I’m happy 4u. R U making money ? GREAT; iF NOT , GET A JOB;;;

  39. I can just say exactly what a relief to get someone that actually knows what theyre referring to on the internet. You actually know how to bring a problem to light to make it important. Lots more people have to look at this and see why side with the story. I cant believe youre not widely used as you definitely have the gift.

  40. Hi Scott, a friend of mine shared an article of yours with me about the Aroura Massacre about a week ago, and since then I’ve been visiting your site daily. Up until about 6 months ago I was pathetically ignorant about anything going on in our world. Everything on the “news” was typically depressing, and politics an ugly mess I had no interrest in knowing about. I tuned world out. But, something finally sparked a bit of interrest and ever since I’ve renounced my “ignorance is bliss” philosophy. To make a long email longer, I want to know if you can help me out by recommending articles that would help me get a grasp on the “financial crisis” of 2008. The reason I’m asking about this particular topic is because of your comment in the Bloomberg/Goldman Sachs article: “(if hearing Goldman Sachs talk about “new instruments” doesn’t scare the shit out of you, you’re an idiot).” Well, I’m an idiot. But I want to understand your comment because Im trying not to be an idiot anymore – there’s just SO much I don’t know about, though.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello Melissa,
      I just talked to Scott on the phone and I read him your comment. He is away from his computer this evening… he’ll be back on it some time tomorrow and he’ll be very pleased to help you. He says to make sure I tell you that he didn’t really mean that anyone who doesn’t know about the ‘new instruments’ is an idiot.. .. it is just his way of making a point…… 🙂
      He’ll answer your comment tomorrow. and he says, “Thanks for visiting his site.”

    • Hi Melissa:

      There are a couple of good analysis of what happened. Check out Washington’s Blog to start with…

      It is well-documented that big banks like Goldman Sachs made money by betting against investments which they themselves bundled and sold to their own clients, such as packages of subprime mortgage-related products such as collateralized debt obligations.

      This practice not only was illegal and unethical, but actually worsened the subprime crisis. See this, this, this, this and this. Washington’s blog July 2011

      Here’s an article from the New York Times in 2009 which pretty much lays it all out. Back in those days, they hadn’t figured out that they had to lie constantly about what caused the crash. The article was called “Banks Bundled Bad Debt, Bet Against it, and Won”

      Mr. Egol, a Princeton graduate, had risen to prominence inside the bank by creating mortgage-related securities, named Abacus, that were at first intended to protect Goldman from investment losses if the housing market collapsed. As the market soured, Goldman created even more of these securities, enabling it to pocket huge profits.

      Goldman’s own clients who bought them, however, were less fortunate.

      Pension funds and insurance companies lost billions of dollars on securities that they believed were solid investments, according to former Goldman employees with direct knowledge of the deals who asked not to be identified because they have confidentiality agreements with the firm.

      Goldman was not the only firm that peddled these complex securities — known as synthetic collateralized debt obligations, or C.D.O.’s — and then made financial bets against them, called selling short in Wall Street parlance. Others that created similar securities and then bet they would fail, according to Wall Street traders, include Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley, as well as smaller firms like Tricadia Inc., an investment company whose parent firm was overseen by Lewis A. Sachs, who this year became a special counselor to Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner. New York Times, 2009

      Here’s the thing, look at the timing of it all… the housing boom started right at the beginning of the Bush administration’s taking office. The administration started a program to get unqualified people into sub-prime loans, later discovered to be “liar loans” where the companies (like Countrywide) deliberately set up loans for people they knew would eventually default on. The government actually set up a program which put up the money for the people’s down-payments (of course they had to pay that back as well)

      Well, these pending time bombs were then bundled into mortgage backed securities, given false AAA ratings (that they KNEW were false) and over the years, they were pawned off to various cities and county pension funds and other important mutual asset funds. They were also forced on countries all around Europe by institutions that knew they were going to fail.

      The institutions bet against these instruments that they had created, betting against their own clients.

      Then, toward the end of the Bush administration, they popped the bubble themselves by using something called “naked short sales” of Lehman Brothers and Bear Sterns’ stock. This started the financial crisis, right when they knew they wanted it to collapse.

      They made money on the collapse because they bet against the trillions or so of these worthless assets they had been selling, and PLUS in the shift from Bush to Obama (right around election time) they got the TARP bailout money and started the backdoor bailout totaling over 10 trillion in undisclosed 0% interest “loans” from the Fed.

      They were able to profit on the front end, the middle, and on the backside.. PLUS, the REAL purpose of all of this, was to create the evil “deficit monster” which is “forcing” us to accept austerity measures, a lower standard of living, the devastation of the middle class, a massive redistribution of wealth, the consolidation of the banking industry, and a global assault on the social safety net despised by the financial elites since the New Deal.

      I wish I had more time to go over all of this. There are some really good videos out there on the subject. I will get back to you with more later. Thanks for stopping by and I hope this helps you.

      scott creighton

  41. Thank you so much Scott! This info has certainly helped. I really appreciate you taking the time to get to me.I’m hungry for more, so if you find the time to post them, I’d definitely love to see videos you mentioned.

    Best Regards,

    • give me a day or so Melissa. My access to a computer is still pretty limited right now. Do you know who Max Keiser is? How about the story of Brooksley Born? She was a whistle blower and regulator at the CFTC who tried to warn the congress about serious problems with derivatives being created back in 97-98. She was attacked by various insiders who needed her to keep her mouth shut. Those insiders happened to be the same people who are still advising this president today (Summers, Rubin, etc). Read this little clip and check out her interview and story. The important thing to remember is… this was done by design and the proof of it is there for anyone to see….

      “I think it could include thousands of financial services industry participants and other large institutions all over the world. And I think that’s what happened. As the market continued to grow, with even less oversight and regulation, until it reached more than $680 trillion in notional value, an enormous potential for disaster had grown.

      What happened after I left the agency in June 1999 was the President’s Working Group did come out with an over-the-counter derivatives report (PDF) to Congress that strongly suggested that … there was no need for regulation.

      And as a result of that report, a statute was passed in 2000 called the Commodity Futures Modernization Act [CFMA] that took away all jurisdiction over over-the-counter derivatives from the CFTC. It also took away any potential jurisdiction on the part of the SEC, and in fact, forbids state regulators from interfering with the over-the-counter derivatives markets. In other words, it exempted it from all government oversight, all oversight on behalf of the public interest. And that’s been the situation since 2000.” PBS interview 2009

  42. Hi Scott,

    I very much enjoy reading your blog every day and while I’m not much of a participator in discussion I do find your blog to be informative and a productive use of time. Good work!

    I also have noticed that you haven’t done much on the presidential race and you seem to shy away from any “political (election related)” battle. Is this intentional or…? Either way, I applaud you for you work!

    I also wanted to share this youtube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NXhoP5bQ2M&feature=g-like) and facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/134467393362882/) that I think you will find interesting if you haven’t already know about it. It’s very current political race stuff that I also find valuable.

  43. Scott,

    I’m doing an article on the Benghazi attack, and I noticed your analysis on the GLOBAL RESEARCH piece blaming it on the Green Resistance.
    Like you, I find the claims by Robertson and Cunningham not to add up.
    Could you please contact me so that I can run a few questions by you.
    I’d like to nail down why the Green Resistance could not have been the culprits.
    I look forward to your help, either by e-mail, or feel free to call at the number below.


    Victor Thorn
    [admin edit]

    • Hi Victor

      I removed you phone number for two reasons 1.I don’t know if this is you or if someone else is posting Victor Thorn’s number here, and 2. I already have it in my email which I just checked.

      I would love to do an interview with you via phone or email it doesn’t matter. Anyone who calls out Jim Hoffman for the fraud that he is, is ok in my book.

      I am currently doing a bit of research on the Malala psyop and I would have to spend a little time getting current on the Green Resistance in Libya (as well as brushing up on the history of the Amb. Stevens case as it unfolded) but again, I would very much enjoy talking to you about it.

      Like the Malala psyop, the Green Resistance isn’t getting NEARLY enough attention in the “alternative” press over here. You pretty much have Libya 360, Lizzie, and a few others writing at Voltaire and for the most part, everyone else is just keeping their mouths shut. In short, I am glad you are looking into it.

      I’ll send an email with this comment in case you don’t check back here.

      We can set up a time to chat.


      scott creighton
      American Everyman

  44. Why won’t Victor do a story on the FEMA deception of the Twin Towers core structure?

  45. Yes.
    He wanted to do the demo theory. Which is fine with me, but it depends on the structural design and construction.
    I learned before I was banned at democraticunderground in 2004, that those who evade verifying the structure while advocating/asserting a demo theory, quickly suffer marginalized credibility on relatively simple logicstical basis.
    While arguing at JREF it ultimately was only about the structural issue because the demo theory depends on that.

    It’s amazing that none of the journalists examine the huge deficit of evidence from independent, verificable sources relating to the core structure outside of what is found at http://algoxy.com/psych/9-11scenario.html
    BTW, if the webring linkage does anything please let me know.

  46. Hats off for you mr. scott, you are one of the most honest, intellectual, knowledgeable and off course hard working persons I have ever mate, heard or known about or seen to. Your articles are really eye-opening and inspiring, logically and factually.
    May allaah (swt) help and guide you, best of luck for your vision and mission.
    Entire world specially the west and criticizers of islaam and muslims and deviated muslims need writers and news analysts like you.

  47. Sir, hya varshi sti examla interview aahe ka?
    kredyt na dowód http://www.lixe24.pl/

  48. Hi Scott,

    I really enjoy reading your thoughts on your blog. Your insight and logic are superb. Thank You. I have a question for you and please know this is not posed antagonistically, I am trying to arrive at a clearer understanding for myself of what I think is taking place here in the good ole’ US of A. Your writing helps me. So, my question follows upon what you wrote here:

    “I do this now because I know these stories, these truths, may not survive the turning. Our nation looks to be on the verge of a totally new system of government – not socialism, not democracy, not even the constitutional republic which it was formed… but something else entirely.”

    What kind of government/governance(gag) do you see forming here in America today? Has your opinion of the trajectory changed much from when you first started blogging about what you saw happening?

    I agree wholeheartedly that that we are far from the constitutional republic that our founding fathers created and hoped we could maintain. I believe too that our government is not quite a socialist government and that we are not yet presently a country which is a socialist state, or communist. We are not yet full fascist yet either. Although, it is possible to find evidence leading us to any of those full potentials in the very near future. The facts support evidence for every example at some level. The line is absurdly thin.

    Its clear to me anyway that the oligarchs have purchased all the political heft they require. The Largest Banks and their corresponding board members who run all the multinational corps own the politicians and an entire subset of political bureaucrats and wonks maintain the system that ensures they make a living off of other people’s money.

    So what kind of government are we being prepared for if not one that is Global and which operates fundamentally as State Socialism?

    I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.

  49. do you have a new email address?

  50. Hi

    I really enjoyed your geopolitical posts and I think you are correct in your analysis of Ukraine, Venezuela etc. I think Egypt’s situation is a little more complex. It started off in the same vein in the sense that the globalists propagandized and hijacked genuine discontent by the Egyptians to subvert their sovereignty and install the technocracy (through the MB). However, that is as far as I put the similarities. I acknowledge the MB theoretically was democratically elected but to call it a military coup in the context of the then “democratically elected” Morsi seeking dictatorial powers in and around November 2012 justifies the proposition that when Egyptians took to the street to depose Morsi, it was a genuine revolution and not one orchestrated by the globalists through the CIA etc. That is why in Egyptian broadcasts they are openly discussing Brzenzski and the like and how this disgusting corporatist takeover is occurring. I get the impression that thus far, Egypt actually defeated the foreign takeover. Unlike conquered Australia where I live. Really interesting times ahead and I am happy to be alive today because we will be crafting the history of humanity one way or the other.


  51. More bs from Scott Creighton

    • First time I come across this site, and I am a bit (no actually extremely) flabergasted by his outlook on things. I think it is disconcerting to claim conspiracy theories behind 9/11. the tragic event is was it was, and that is it. What so called “truth” is this guy trying to “enlighten” us with. And his view on Isis, that it does no exist???

      Scott, jump back into the real world…….

      • You may want to do a decade or two of reading and studying before showcasing your expertise.

      • Tragic yes, but there are also conspiracy facts. To ignore them in this case, could cost us our futures. At the least our rights and freedoms could be seriously jeopardized by willful ignorance.

  52. This blog should really have a Facebook page. I’m lazy and would read a lot more of it if it came up in my facebook feed.

  53. BOOBS

  54. Thank you scott willyloman, seriously. Your blog is a breath of fresh air. I’m a Muslim and thought I’d like to share the following, it might help you gain perspective in some of the “evil Islamist” issues that you cover: miraatu.wordpress.com/2014/08/01/apostasy_blasphemy_in_islam/

    And I am touched by the beautiful desktop background. May Yahweh/God/ALLAH let that become a reality again, as it was before British Colonialism dismantled the functional pieces of the Ottoman Empire. Ameen! Peace!

  55. The problem with the ‘ISIS is all rubbish’ view is that I know Assyrians killed by ISIS.
    My source is not Obama or any neo-con view- it is the families of the dead.

  56. Hey Scott, I think you have a slight warped view of alot of things,

    • It would be beneficial to do a lot more reading and studying. Uninformed opinions get about zero traction here.

  57. Don’t think you’re at all warped, eminently sane actually….
    Your blogpost notices disappeared from my inbox and I was shattered.
    I missed them more than a hot cup of tea and a durrie at breakfast. I just want you to know how much they mean as one of the few lights out there in the dark bullshit of mindless crap and lies. I love your stuff it makes me smile, makes me angry, brings tears to my eyes and makes me delve deeper. Had to re-follow as I was cut off, maybe cos I didn’t send money! I’d love to but apart from being unemployed, anything I have is sucked out through supporting Palestinian/Syrian refugees from my extended family (Al Yarmouk, Damascus) x6 adults and 4 kids under 6yrs…….Fuck American policy………… In solidarity, Blog-on! despite (or in spite of) your trials you are a joy!

  58. Examiner.com Article: “Central banks nearly ready to bring about the future of a cashless society”

    They’re starting to hype it in the news. The article lists several of the rather extreme dangers.


  59. Hi Scott, just stumbled across your site and I am greatly impressed. All the analysis seems to be spot on and, surprisingly (given that we are separated by the Atlantic Ocean – a geographical divide that generates enormous political disparities), your overall political outlook appears to be remarkably similar to my own. In fact the chief difference between your blog and my own is that yours is more committed and more daring. Splendid stuff! James

  60. RE: 911 commission : 11th meeting ,May 2004 . Jamie Gorelick committed perjury , and led her witness to commit perjury ;chief Ed Plaugher , Arlington County fire chief was invited by the 911 Commission to testify ,,about the lack of a “unified “command . At the Pentagon , although an “insignificant ” event occurred . ( 911 Report ,Ch. 9.3 ) the chief was unaware of how many people he had , and what they were doing . At the same time ,Victoria :” Tory ” Clark ,Rumsfeld,’s girl friday , left shortly after and has never been interviewed about that attack .
    She was #41 s press secretary when he ran for reelection . She was also responsible for the Phony nurse Nayirah story ,that congress swallowed wholesale for the attack on Iraq ,( called the Gulf War . )

  61. […] Scott Creighton, owner of the website American Everyman, did some digging and uncovered some information on Quangel: […]

  62. […] Scott Creighton, owner of the website American Everyman, did some digging and uncovered some information on Quangel: […]

  63. […] Scott Creighton, owner of the website American Everyman, did some digging and uncovered some information on Quangel: […]

  64. […] Scott Creighton, owner of the website American Everyman, did some digging and uncovered some information on Quangel: […]

  65. […] Scott Creighton, owner of the website American Everyman, did some digging and uncovered some information on Quangel: […]

  66. […] Scott Creighton, owner of the website American Everyman, did some digging and uncovered some information on Quangel: […]

  67. […] Scott Creighton, owner of the website American Everyman, did some digging and uncovered some information on Quangel: […]

  68. […] About willyloman […]

  69. Enjoying your website. I, too, was first “awakened” by the ugly truths behind 9/11. Looking for the truth has been like trying to see the center of an onion. Only by peeling away all the layers can the center be seen clearly; that center has been deliberately obscured. Once it is seen, the way forward to restoring the truth is as plain as day. It’s all at annavonreitz.com. Follow the main road map and don’t be distracted by some of the strange sideshows along the way. As in solving any mystery or crime, follow the money (not any “guru”).

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