OPCW Interim Report on Douma Attack: Here are the FACTS

by Scott Creighton

(video found at end of article)

As good as most of the researchers doing REAL work on this story are… MOST of them are MISSING THE POINT of what the new report actually says and more importantly, how it differs from the June 13, 2018 OPCW FFM report covering three incidents that took place in 2017.

Yes. The report states that they found no evidence of the use of Sarin gas at any of the locations they checked. That is true. But what most focus on now is the fact that the MSM is reporting the report clearly states that chlorine gas WAS DEFINITELY used at a number of the sites, which they mistakenly claim gives proof that Assad did in fact use chlorine gas as a weapon on those civilians and by extension the White Helmets were right to do that little scene in the hospital washing off kids and terrorizing them.

Though the MSM is clearly misrepresenting the study’s findings to a large degree, the average alternative “news” presenters are doing something very similar. They aren’t telling you the full story and instead are focusing on how chlorinated organic chemicals are commonplace and could have been the result of many other sources OTHER THAN a chemical attack by the Syrian government forces.

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