Ajamu Baraka Pushes #DemEnter with the Ocasio-Cortez Placebo (my position statement on Ocasio-Cortez)

by Scott Creighton

The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aspect of the #DemEnter plan has been long in the making. It was a response to the FAILURE of Bernie Sheepdog Sanders’ effort at the Unify Tour with Tom “installed by Obama” Perez to bring us back into the warm fold of the RIGGED Democratic Party.

#DemEnter is as callus as it is cynical and it is being pushed by everything from Morning Joe to VICE and by everyone from Joy Reid to Cenk Uygur. The incredibly disproportionate coverage of this District 14 race in New York tells you all you need to know about it. Also of import is the EXTREMELY dishonest presentation of this candidate as just “a girl from the Bronx” when in fact, she’s not from the Bronx, she’s from the 8th richest county in the entire country and she attended an elite high school in a plush leafy suburb and then went to a near Ivy League school and had a job waiting for her on Capitol Hill when she left there.

How many Puerto Rican girls from the Bronx can boast of a resume like that?

On VICE Ocasio-Cortez made it PAINFULLY clear what the point of her “victory” was when she said “there is plenty of room for democratic socialists in the Democratic Party” the other day. She did the Late Show with Stephen Colbert (the day after his propaganda campaign with Jon Stewart) and then she proceeded to run over to Morning Joe and The View.

How many of your congressional nominees got that kind of treatment?

Fact is, she is the fresh new face of the old Democratic Party. She is a rebranding campaign. In TV land it’s called “retooling” when they bring in a new cast member to try to appeal to a different market in an effort to JUMP THE SHARK and revitalize diminishing ratings.

Which is EXACTLY what the Democratic Party needs right now since they REFUSED to make REAL changes in the wake of their ridiculous loss to a guy who pretended to get knocked out at Wrestle-Mania.

Ocasio scrubbed her website of her anti-war message and she also scrubbed it of any mention of her support of Net Neutrality.

She did an interview with the Intercept where she talked about “Russian aggression” in Europe and elsewhere (Ukraine and Syria being the implications) and also mentioned the lies about Russia planning to hack the French election (which never happened) and them “interfering” in ours (which also never happened)

She went on to give Barack Obama a pass for his illegal wars of aggression and his “surge” in Afghanistan.

And she’s not even in office yet. What do you think she will do to KEEP POWER if she is this willing to COMPROMISE to GET POWER?!?

She is backed by every fake progressive institution out there starting with The Young Turks and ending with the Democratic Socialists of America and all of them in between.

She is not endorsed by American Everyman and she shouldn’t be by you.

All of these things I have made perfectly clear in my last few videos. She is another Piped Piper and the powers that be are DESPERATE to ensure she maintains her credibility rating because without it they stand to LOSE in November just like we told them they would if they didn’t make ANY KIND OF CONCESSION to MOVE THE PARTY BACK TO THE LEFT. They chose not to.

Instead… they gave us Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez… and I say… that’s simply not enough.

Another fake progressive is not enough. The hope drug, like all other drugs, builds up a tolerance in your system over time. If you forgot what the HOPE of Carter was. If you forgot what the HOPE of Clinton was. If you forgot what the HOPE of Obama was… I am here to tell you… I have not. You should not.

When negotiating and your first offer is rejected, you don’t simply PANIC and clutch at their counter-offer like people such as Ajamu Baraka are doing RIGHT NOW. You don’t. Especially when you KNOW their offer is meaningless and just MORE OF THE SAME old crap they spoon fed you in the past.

You push their offer back across the table and #StandFIRM.

You #StandFIRM

Because you are standing for something BIGGER than the moment. Something BIGGER than yourself.

Lose yourselves in HOPEY-CHANGY

Lose yourselves in IDENTITY POLITICS

Lose yourselves in POLITICAL MYTHOLOGY if you wish.

I do not choose that path.

As we have heard before, all the same cliches will be leveled at us from the right and the left this time. “purity tests”, “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”, “grow up” and “leave the adult decisions to us”… we will hear those for the next few months and in fact YOU CAN READ ALL OF THEM IN AJAMU BARAKA’S FACEBOOK STATEMENT BELOW.

I do not care who wins New York’s 14th district much like you don’t care who wins in mine. She is not the cure. She is not the fix. She is not even someone with enough spine to stick to her guns through the primary.

Ocasio-Cortez is a platitude. A placation. A placebo. A sugary pill of no intrinsic value designed to calm, appease, quiet, soothe, assuage the majority of the Democratic Party and those who have already left it’s corrupt ranks.

And those who push this SNAKE OIL of modern political slight of hand, those like Ajamu Baraka, are modern-day RAINMAKERS, Hucksters, and charlatans. They beg of you, demand of you, to keep falling for the same tired trick over and over again as if you aren’t wise enough to see through their games.

Ironically, as we are told to “grow up” and give up “magical thinking”… in reality it is they who want you to remain childlike, pretending in Santa or the Easter Bunny or Barack or Bill or Hillary or Ocasio-Cortez. And it is they who demand you continue with the MAGICAL THINKING that got us ALL OF THEM IN THE PAST by agreeing with lines like “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” and “hold your nose and vote” and LESSER OF TWO EVILS.

You want change? You don’t get it doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. There is a name for that kind of behavior.

#StandFIRM. Push their offer back across the table and I promise you, it will only be THEN that REAL CHANGE is even considered.

That’s how you grow up. You stop believing in saviors. Especially when they are already tarnished to the core.

Don’t quit my friends. This is all part of a negotiation. This is where it gets interesting as Nov. looms on the horizon for them. This is where the wheat is separated from the chafe. You want it? You take it. And ignore all those who demand you bow, apologize or limp away in shame.

You want our support?


If you don’t…


The next move is up to them.

That’s negotiation. That’s how adults play the game.

15 Responses

  1. Great job, Scott….

  2. Scott Creighton, Wolfgang Halbig, James Tracy, Jim Fetzer in the July Issue of Penn Magazine …

    Were you paying attention to The Dude’s story?”
    “I was bowling.”

    July Issue
    Penn Magazine


    Wolfgang Tracy Lebowski & Fetzer Investigate Sandy Hook

    Also available here in flip-page format


    … It’s not just our opinion, man, it’s the honest-to-god-truth: Halbig et al. are right, they are heroes, because Sandy Hook, as well as (name a dozen more here), are all hoaxes, false flags, conspiracies, people might have died in some cases, but they are still government —United States government — lies, gigantic lies …

  3. Just another girl from the Bronx… Well then I’m sure she will put her massive influence and celebrity to demand a new independent, science-based investigation into what really happened on 9/11. After all that is just over in the next ‘hood.

  4. “She did the Late Show with Stephen Colbert (the day after his propaganda campaign with Jon Stewart) and then she proceeded to run over to Morning Joe and The View.” Can someone give me a link to the YouTube version of that show? I assume there is one. Thanks in advance. I have only read the post up to this and will now continue. Already, It’s ‘Wow!’ Scott, whom I remember (and bookmarked) for his alert about faker Jill Stein, seems to tell it like it is.

  5. What are you arguing? The bottom line is voting for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York’s 14th Congressional District election in 2018 is the only sensible choice. You can’t possibly be arguing that people in the 14th not vote for her can you? There really are no other choices. As far as James J. Dillon (who only got 1% in the primary) his whole campain was against Congressman Joe Crowley with a slogan, “MAN AGAINST MACHINE!” I don’t think he even has a website, I know nothing about his policies other than being against Crowley who Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez already knocked out of the race. Saying “DemExit” for New York’s 14th Congressional District election in 2018 makes no sence at all.

    • r.press — i know it’s off-topic, but are you still pushing the official 9/11 narrative on your youtube channel? just wondering.

    • r.press —

      maybe wordpress has eaten my comment? anyway, this is the second time i’m posting this.

      i was just wondering if you’re still using your youtube channel to push the official 9/11 narrative. if you are, you’re clearly too stupid to comment on anything, which is why i & many others stopped paying attention to you 10 years ago.

      • LOL
        Scott does not ‘push’ the official 9/11 ;story’… and his first u-tube channel has been blocked to him… he cannot comment on it…
        you have missed out on much, Mercury….

  6. Another day, another fraud.

  7. scott, is there a reason my comments aren’t being posted?

  8. This is a stretch. Where are you in any of the Puerto Rican struggles? Absent? And now you want to critique a Boricua woman for blowing through these white supremacist parties without “progressive” help and twist Ajamu’s words? DemEnter…REALLY? Where were people like you when the working class needs solidarity?

    Cut the white supremacist crap already.

  9. Thank you for putting into words the uneasiness I’ve been feeling about this whole thing. All of your points are accurate and well-taken. They add up.

    It looks like actual Socialists weren’t too thrilled either:

    “Despite the repudiation of Crowley, however, the politics of Ocasio-Cortez and the DSA offer no way forward for the working class. There is not a hint of socialism in her program (the word itself does not appear on her web site), and both the candidate and the DSA have sought to downplay their connection. Anyone who suggests that her victory marks a shift to the left by the Democratic Party should be told, in no uncertain terms: Curb your enthusiasm!

    “The DSA is not fighting for socialism, but to strengthen the Democratic Party, one of the two main capitalist parties in the United States, which shares responsibility with the Republican Party for all the crimes committed by American imperialism around the world and against the working class at home.” http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2018/06/28/pers-j28.html

    The biggest red flag for me was the stridency with which her debate performance and primary win were immediately blasted all over the alternative media. It was like a flood, and if you held back, you were instantly shamed and castigated. I was horrified by the shade thrown on those of us who weren’t ready to jump on the bandwagon yet.

    We know how little the DNC respects the average American, particularly those who have either Demexited or thought about doing so. This wasn’t so much “welcome back to the Democratic Party” as “get in there now and shut up.” No thanks.

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