Jon Stewart Comes Out of Retirement to Push Disinformation, Divisiveness and Fear

In order to really kick off the Summer of Discontent in style, Stephen Colbert had Jon Stewart do a guest spot on his Late Night show on Tuesday during which time Jon set out to promote all the BS Trump-hating trigger points they could think of including that whole “he calls the media fake” thing.

Jon Stewart got his start and became a big celebrity BECAUSE at the time the country understood THE NEWS WAS FAKE and they turned to him for REAL NEWS.

Do you understand?

Then Jon went on to re-write the history of the Axis powers of WWII. Remarkable.

Daily Beast write-up

video from Late Show

my Jon Stewart “Radical Muslim” article

my Centrist Central article

Korea was an ALLY not an AXIS power

WWII explained

Jon Stewart’s and John Bolton’s version of the Axis powers

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4 Responses

  1. Guess Stewart likes money ….. probably lets him ignore his conscience
    ,,,, darn shame….. I used to watch him also…..

  2. There’s entirely too much power being unjustifiably assigned/relegated to the likes of faux leftest “comedy” stalwarts Stewart, Colbert, Oliver, etal.

    This courtesy, this privilege, is too often mindlessly extended to the rest of our mainstream alleged “news” media as well. These “actors” with their well groomed looks of privilege have been recognized by the vast majority of ordinary folk as untrustworthy for some time now. Their gig/jig is up. I know it, you know it and so do they.

    Why would we then, offer credits to them in any amount of unearned notoriety shekels which swells a head already inflated with an ego drowning in self-important arrogance?

    Let them go. Their ship has sailed. Let it disappear over the horizon, provided you’re still holding to the earth as a globe theory. Funny, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they came out in support of the flat-earth theory just to win back audience share. Well, maybe not so funny after all.

    My point is that they do not deserve the attention we give and continue to afford them without any cause or merit.

    Their influence has waned so significantly that they must rely on the shock value of fake news, much of it manufactured by their own overlords. And yes, murder of innocents is not too high a price to pay to remain “in the news”. But of course, you know this.

    To maintain any possible semblance of relevancy, they must be energized by an audience reporting on their own ill-conceived, outlandish and misdirecting missives. They have become caricature of themselves with no credibility to speak of resorting to WWF tactics in order to control narratives. It’s all about control of narratives!

    They’re a dying without grace, near dead, very old patient; yesterday’s news suitable only for a birdcage. So, do not resuscitate by proffering any succor by calling them out. Like ripping a band-aid off, just pull the plug; though most don’t deserve any kindness.

    It is the honest reporting like yours seeking truth no matter where it leads, shining a light on the darkest corridors that deserve the accolades and the attention, not these gatekeepers for the rent-seeking elites.

    We’ve all suffered enough because of fourth estate malfeasance…


  3. He’s got the money. It’s his ego that he needs to massage, but it’s certain the desperate, demented Dems need him to carry some buckets of spit as their house goes up.

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