Capital Gazette Shooting: Jarrod W. Ramos’ Grudge Against “Fake News”

Jarrod W. Ramos has been named as the shooter in the Capital Gazette mass casualty event from yesterday. Turns out, he had a pre-existing condition, he harbored a grudge against the paper for publishing “fake news” about him… but the courts showed it wasn’t “fake news”

The lying complicit media couldn’t ask for a better narrative.

TIME article

Metro article

NBC article

Heavy article


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One Response

  1. I noticed yesterday that the authorities didn’t waste, or should I say they seized, the opportunity of promoting, slyly rolling out their latest crime fighting gimmick; i.e. bio-metric facial recognition software.

    Yes, coming soon to where all Barney Fife paraphernalia goes to be ridiculed or more precisely, given away, we’ll be able to locate other toys bought with extorted funds, like an APC. Oh, what fun!

    I kinda miss ole one-bullet Barn; you?

    The ongoing technocratic and nearly covert promotional campaign, showcases all the beneficial applications of this BFR technology.

    Slowly but surely it serves to normalize the wide-spread general usage of the tech for the masses with a begrudgingly and forlorn acceptance for the stubborn among us who are wise to the bad bargains of exchanging more of our very real diminishing freedoms for a little more of their perceived security.

    ABC…always be closing…

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