#OpICE is a Destabilization Campaign #sayNOtoOpICE

by Scott Creighton

(my new video will be at the end of the article)


Strange game.
The only winning move is
not to play.

All hyperbole aside, we find ourselves in a precarious moment of our history right now. Considering the players involved and the efforts being exerted on both sides of the artificial divide, it is incomprehensible that this is either an organic moment in time or merely a distraction like so many others they have created in the past.

The point is to create a crisis situation which they can use to push forward neoliberal Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Trump’s “smaller government” realignment plan and the GOP’s neoliberal austerity measures in the form of their latest version of the 2019 budget proposal.

Depending on how far this goes, they could also toss in constitutional reforms regarding free speech, the open internet, gun control and even due process of law.

The effort to anger and frighten the public is coming from the establishment left and right as they parrot each others hyperbolic rhetoric and scare tactics and they are also being aided by the so-called “alternative” channels like InfoWars, Jimmy Dore and others.

As with the Patriot Act and 9/11, the idea is to create the appropriately proportional crisis situation which will allow them to enact several reforms in this country in the interest of “national security” and “stability”  The way they do this is to put people out on the streets protesting ICE… incite a racial element to the “crisis”… interject Black Lives Matter types along with the requisite numbers of Tommy Robinson fans… and, if needed, instigate some violence, real or imagined, to get the ball rolling.

Then they will stage various hyperbolic CNN video coverage (like the faked ones they made during the Ferguson protests) and you have the makings of their imaginary “civil war”

In spite of what you are being told by the likes of Dore and Jones (two sides same coin) the ONLY way to win in this game… is NOT TO PLAY. Let them stage their little destabilization event and sit back and watch them try to hyperventilate over the empty streets AS IF it’s a MAJOR EVENT.

They want to play you. They want to use children, fake images, hyperbolic weeping scenes and the fear of a brown planet (and the “damn COMMIES!!!”) to motivate you TO DO THEIR WORK FOR THEM… because they think they are that masterful in their propaganda manipulation techniques.



Image result for protesters in venezuela fire bombs

Nicaragua: hand made rocket launcher schematics shared with them by destabilization assets from Venezuela online

Image result for protesters in nicaragua fire bombs

Ukraine: snipers from Georgia brought in by opposition to kill police and protesters alike did this.

Image result for protesters in ukraine snipers

Get the picture?

Here is a bit of the history of this particular strategy of tension campaign.

Time editor defends crying girl cover: ‘She became the face of this story’

Watch: Rachel Maddow cries at the family separation crisis. Corey …

Jimmy Dore says folks who want to secure borders are “racist thinkers” in line with Richard Spencer https://youtu.be/va-V35_lLBw?t=4m26s

WikiLeaks publishes the names, photos and locations of 9,000 ICE employees to ‘increase accountability’ over Trump’s family separation policy June 23 2018 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5877203/WikiLeaks-publishes-names-photos-locations-9-000-ICE-employees.html

Maxine Waters calls for more harassment of Trump officials June 24 2018  https://www.npr.org/2018/06/25/623206039/congressional-leaders-criticize-maxine-waters-for-urging-confrontation

This is a classic strategy of tension campaign. On one side they are claiming the other are Nazis. On the other they claim the opposition are Commies. Each are being told they are fighting for the very soul of the nation and on each side they are being told the country hangs in the balance. None of this is true and you know it.

They intend to set fearful and angry people face to face with one another so violence will ensue. Do not play their game. Do not attend these events. If they don’t get the violence they NEED for their crisis… they will incite it themselves.

Do yourselves a favor… do your country a favor… do not attend these events under any circumstances. Let em throw their little destabilization party and see NO ONE SHOWING UP. Show them you are smarter than they are.

thank you.

Jimmy Dore saying you’re a Nazi if you believe we should have borders https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=va-V35_lLBw&t=292s

Jimmy Dore pushing CIAnonymous #OpICE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G70pj4OeoBo

Alex Jones deception https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rP81EC2iZI&t=1566s

Alex Jones pushing “civil war” panic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCvtEiiWpvA

Alex Jones saying Trump will save us with Rex 84 https://www.infowars.com/breaking-enemy-armies-now-attacking-the-us-trump-strikes-back-with-rex-84/

Alex Jones saying Rex 84 is the endgame of the globalists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfzE_TK-zmQ

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9 Responses

  1. Bravo! Well said, and I am in full agreement.

  2. I don’t understand what side you’re on sometimes. The side of the working class or of ICE? Bosses threaten to call ICE as a weapon to clamp down on any attempts at labor organizing, leaving them with a terrified and easily exploitable workforce.

    Neoliberals really don’t want open borders, they want militarized borders with just enough holes in them to let their workforce slip through. Why do you think the INS under Clinton launched Operation Gatekeeper that same year that NAFTA was signed? Open borders means that immigrants aren’t criminalized, that they have some kind of legal status. Sure, this situation is being exploited by controlled assets on both the right and the left. But what do you suggest we do, sit back and let ICE run its course?

    • Im on the side that says don’t go to one of these events and end up being a casualty of either side. I’m on the side that says don’t let them infuriate you or frighten you or anger you to the point where you riot and cause the crisis they want in the first place. Protest ICE. I don’t care. It was a product of the Patriot Act, so have at it. Enjoy. Protest the Antifa destabilization campaign and Black Lives Matter as well. More power to you. just DONT go to these events BECAUSE THEY ARE GOING TO STAGE VIOLENCE AT THEM.

      I am on the real left. The real left does not condone or support violence in any fashion, against other citizens due to the position they hold on any topic. It is NEVER ok to “punch a Nazi” (because the alt-right ARE NOT NAZIS) and it is never ok to “punch a COMMIE” (because the real left are not COMMIES)

      ICE is not doing anything worse than they did during the Obama days. And his deportation numbers speak for themselves on that matter.

      What IS different is the fact that they now have a fake populist from the RIGHT in the White House who NEEDS right-cover, i.e. a “crisis”, to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

      And by the way, before you lecture me on what neoliberalism is, you should read the amount of material I’ve read on the subject and open borders are ABSOLUTELY part of the program. As is WEAPONIZED MIGRATION.

      All that said… I don’t care what side of this debate you come down on. Debate it in community meetings. Debate it on social media. Write a blog about it. Fine. Write a petition. Fine. Talk to your congress critters. Fine.

      Just stay the hell away from these events… because I know enough about these assholes to know they got something up their sleeve for them. that’s all I’m saying here.

  3. There are many ways to view our past history of immigrants….. most came as indentured slaves, or as slaves, or groups looking to start a new home in a new dangerous world (Indians, wild animals, all things they did not have to face in previous home),,,, many wealthy people came here to set up plantations and/or to start up a new business. None were given any emergency medical care for free, or food supplements, or free schooling. Or housing assistance. They had a rough time…. it was a young world full of fight or flight.
    Borders were established and yes Mexico had California for about 20 years… won in a war and then lost in the next war….. Mexico had claimed part of Texas and parts of several other States, but lost them in a war. Mexico is English and Spanish and many other ethnic mixtures.
    If you go to any country now-a-days, you have to enter legally, so why is it wrong to require the same with our borders? It should be enforced.
    and btw…. every Nation is a land of immigrants…..

    and you can protest by email or a fax to your Congressman… don’t join groups where you can get your head cracked open… Save that for a real revolution.. if it comes. 🙂

    • But all the Congressional representatives, as you rightly point out, are neoliberal shills who only listen to corporate interests. Why waste time writing or faxing to them if you can blockade ICE directly?

      Also, I’m not lecturing about what neoliberalism is, just disagreeing. Neoliberals are statists. All statists believe in countries, which means borders. They may have differences in opinion about the specifics of immigration policy, but they still believe in borders. Only anarchists, who don’t believe in the state, oppose borders entirely.

      • neoliberals are not statists. They are the original “small government” proponents. Just look up Bill Clinton and “small government” and you will understand.

  4. Yeah everybody’s so hung up on the negative aspects of overt fascism. Let’s focus on the positive: 1) ICE dramatically helps increase the efficiency of our death squads down south. These pesky Indians are hard to catch in their natural habitat. Much easier for the death squads to pick them up in shackles at the local ICE distribution center. Ultimately this, in concert with our time-tested forced sterilization program, will keep banana prices low and save you money!

    2) ICE concentration camps are good for the environment. By repurposing abandoned WalMarts, recently updated with the latest energy efficient utilities (thanks JADE HELM!), the Homeland Security folks have really done a huge favor for towns like Brownsville, Texas that might otherwise appear as just some post-apocalyptic wasteland. ICE is creating green jobs for a sustainable future! America First is delivering exactly as advertised.

  5. Scott,

    I’m not sure I get what you are saying in this article. I agree with your opening paragraph. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are working (with their donor class and the MIC) to get through the most severe gov’t reforms they can. They want our SS, Medicare, and our land (I suspect they want both our public lands and our private land, so they can rent the unaffordable housing back to us). They want our tax money, but they don’t want us to get anything for the public good in return. They have no intention of leaving us with clean water, living wages, healthcare, any social spending, free speech, equal rights, or peace.

    I thought Trump was a joke. I don’t find him funny any more, because he has too many people in Congress and the courts enabling his worst ideas and refusing to stand up for the people. The speed with which they are wrecking the environment and handing cash over to the wealthy and big corporations is really astonishing. Thanks to Congress, Trump thinks he can claim “national security” and do whatever the hell he wants. And he has total nut jobs like Pence and Bolton telling him what he should want and advising him on how to make it happen.

    But if we don’t protest what they are doing, if we don’t rise up, they will just go through with the plans. So how do we get rid of these shitheads and their anti-human, hateful “reforms”? They sure don’t give a damn what anyone says on a blog.

    • One of the hateful reforms is Comprehensive Immigration Reform. That’s why it was not only rejected by Republicans back in the Bush days… but also by liberals. It literally creates a new Z-class citizenry who are beholden to their “owners” and devoid of constitutional protections, rights to unionize, standard worker’s rights protections and so forth. That is why so many Big Businesses wanted it and still want it.

      So, yes, protest. Resist. But this protest, this resistance effort is being custom made BY the establishment’s tools like the MSM and like the fake progressive groups. And the conflict is being ginned up by the fake alt-right like Disinfo Jones so that while folks go out to protest, others come out to confront them and that will cause even more “crisis” which will lead to calls for even more reforms that we REALLY don’t want but they do.

      Protest the GOP budget proposal for 2019. Protest Trump’s government re-alignment plan. Protest him handing over rights to Canadian oil companies. Protest his TPPing NAFTA. Protest what they are doing in Syria, Venezuela and Nicaragua. Yes protest. I’ll get out there with you and help you promote it.

      But protesting in support of Bush’s CIR because Rachel pretended to cry and Di$info threw another fake hissy fit?


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