The Tommy Robinson Tension Campaign is Petering Out

Apparently only drunks and fascists are showing up to the events these days. And there are fewer and fewer of them. Look at all those cups of free speech they are carrying. Isn’t there a South Park episode where Civil War re-enacters take over the country just as long as they have a good supply of Snapps to keep them going?

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5 Responses

  1. You’re just jealous, Scott. You want some of that “free speech,’ don’t ya?

    BTW, isn’t it schnapps? Snapps sound kinda like Snapple ice tea/juice.

    • It’s actually S’More Schnapps (“the schnapps with the delightful taste of s’mores.”) and the episode is called “The Red Badge of Gayness” from season 3 aired Nov. 4th 1999.

  2. They do have a snap beer from Boston………

  3. Something about that scene reminded me of this video …

  4. Muslamic Ray Guns

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