Trump and the GOP Drop the Neoliberal Brick on America

In 1973 Milton Friedman and the Chicago Boys dropped the “economic brick” on the people of Chile in the form of a purely neoliberal restructuring of their government and domestic spending policies. It crippled the nation sending millions into abject poverty while it enriched a handful of Big Business oligarchs.

This week several announcements from both the GOP and the White House show us that they have every intention of doing the exact same thing to us here in the States.

This is pure unadulterated neoliberalism and it must be opposed.

Brianna Westbrook tweet

GOP budget proposal from The Hill

Caleb Maupin tweet

Trump: privatize post office from the WSJ

White House proposal to remake government in the neoliberal model NBC

Investopedia Neoliberalism

Neoliberalism Oversold? from the IMF

Naomi Klein video (very good)

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3 Responses

  1. […] via Trump and the GOP Drop the Neoliberal Brick on America — American Everyman […]

  2. So is there any difference between neoliberal and neoconservative? Very funny video, btw. Too bad the subject matter is so horrifying.

    • most neocons are neoliberal in their economic ideology, but not all neoliberals are neocons. It would be hard to define Barack Obama as a true neocon (though some elements of his foreign policy came from that school) but he is certainly without a single doubt a neoliberal. Milton Friedman definitely did not like the neoconservatives but he was the father of American neoliberalism.

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