Call for New Church Committee Investigation of Intel Agency Subversion of Our Media

The intelligence apparatus of this country has tried to undermine our democracy, lied us into endless wars of aggression and now they are actively working to destabilize this nation just have they have done to countless others over the decades since WWII.

All of this and they still entertain the notion that they are above the law and the reproach of the average US citizen who pays attention and cares about the integrity of this nation and her people.

At a time when they are in panic mode trying their best to regain control of several narratives which are slipping from their grip, I call for a new Church Committee-type investigation into their domestic operations.

Left unchecked, these institutions and the corrupt men and women who lead them, will transform this nation into something unrecognizable to it’s citizens. This was the concern back in the 70s and it should be of utmost concern to us today regardless of which side of the artificial political divide you claim as your own.

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One Response

  1. Great idea, but we should try and jail the Clinton cabal first

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