Image of Trump/Epstein Brings Rally to Screeching Halt – Fox Edits Image from Archive

When inconvenient truths clash with identity politics, reactions are as predictable as they are passionate. That holds true for fans just as it does for news networks who cater their coverage to them. Like Obamaites before them, Trumpsters hate being reminded that the hero they imagine Donald to be isn’t actually the person he is.

The pleasant fiction is so much more comforting than the reality we live in.

Paul Neocon Watson’s tweet

Fitzpatrick Informer’s article (all four videos)

Jeffrey Epstein’s Wiki page

New York Post article

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5 Responses

  1. The part where everyone chants USA! USA! is right out of Orwell’s “Animal Farm” where the sheep are trained to BAA out anyone who tries to tell the truth.

  2. So far the 1% centers, or rather the 10% centers have already gotten everything they dreamt of under Trump: massive tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. None of this will bring more jobs back home. What it will do is raise the dividends for major stockholders and increase the wealth gap even more. Added bonus: if he starts more wars or simply keeps current ones going, the military/industrial complex plus the surveillance complex will be the only jobs, that and low level service sector jobs and precarious employment without any job protection. This is where we are headed – and in Europe as well. Basically Chris Hedges was right: the corporate state owns all, and fuck the citizens, regardless of where they are. It’s a total race to the bottom.

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