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  1. Once upon a time, there was a land called “Palestine”. It was mainly an agricultural society that had been there for thousands of years, mainly Arab communities with some small pockets of Hebrew Jews, Christians and other groups. Palestine was known the world over for their olives, almonds, lemons and perhaps most especially their Jaffa brand oranges. Around the turn of the 20th century, a group of banking interests, who called themselves “Zionists”, in collusion with mainly the UK (as we now know it), decided to slap down a European style country right on top of the land called “Palestine”, and import people from elsewhere, such as Jews from Europe, and many who were not even descendants of the original Hebrew Jews, but were from other races and faiths who had converted to Judaism. To get back to the Palestinian Jaffa orange, this brand name of orange (and the farms they came from) were now taken over (seized) by the new Jewish state. The Palestinian farmers were appalled at seeing their former orchards now being laid out in mathematical arbitrary geometric patterns, not following the natural contours of the land and water as had been done before. Then, finally, the farmers witnessed a good portion of that land being bulldozed for housing development. Palestinian farmers were quoted as saying that anyone that cared about the land would never do such a thing. Bottom line to this long and winding road I just laid out is that the land known as “Israel” should from now on be called “Occupied Palestine”, ALL of it, not just Gaza and the West Bank.

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