MS-13 and the “Caged Babies” Memes are Crises Created to Push Neoliberal Comprehensive Immigration Reform

These two lines of propaganda are the different sides of the same coin: pushing for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. You cannot be on the REAL Left while helping Big Business acquire their “Z Class” citizen for cheap labor and the weaponization of mass migration.

Jimmy Dore video

Calhoun study of the Weaponization of Mass Migration

Warfare Today study of Weaponization of Migration

Kelly Greenhill study Weapons of Mass Migration

Neoliberalism, Flexibility, and Postmodernism

600 Big Businesses want Comprehensive Immigration Reform

White House calls MS-13 “Animals”

Badges, Bibles, Business

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Hillary Clinton pushing for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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Hillary Clinton during debate with Bernie Sanders talked about the need for the Bush administration’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform:

“At Wednesday night’s CNN/Univision debate in Miami, Hillary Clinton faces questions about her past support for a “fence” on the Mexican border, and whether that is any different from Donald Trump’s proposed “wall.”

She responds that Sen. Sanders also supported such a barrier: “a pedestrian fence in some places, a vehicle fence in other places.”

“And the result is that we have the most secure border we have ever had,” she said. “Which just strengthens my argument that now it is time to do comprehensive immigration reform.”

“We have a secure border,” she urged. “There’s no need for this rhetoric and demagoguery that still is carried out on the Republican side. You’ve run out of excuses. Let’s move to comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship.” Real Clear Politics, March 9, 2016

The following is from Neoliberalism, Flexibility, and Postmodernism

The recession of 1973 thus entailed processes of experimental economic and political restructuring that would give way to an entirely new regime of accumulation. As he puts it, “the more flexible notion of capital emphasizes the new, the fleeting, the ephemeral, the fugitive, and the contingent in modern life, rather than the more solid values implanted under Fordism.” (C 171) Any form of social solidarity that would hinder market flexibility had to be dismantled, “in favour of individualism, private property, personal responsibility, and family values,” (B 23) hence Thatcher’s famous claim that there is no society, there are only individuals. This increase of flexibility, Harvey adds, has led to a total restructuring of labour towards sub-contracting, temporary and self-employment. Workers can now expect several periods of de- and re-skilling in their lifetimes. (C 230) What would become called flexible specialization in labour processes and ‘flexi-time arrangements’ would be attractive to individual labourers excluded from union protection, and could easily be integrated into neoliberal rhetoric. (B 53) “‘Flexibility’ becomes the watchword with respect to labour markets. It is hard to argue that increased flexibility is all bad, particularly in the face of highly restrictive and sclerotic union practices.” (B 75) There are, of course, positive aspects to this. As Harvey cites Marx,

“even the ‘variation of labour, fluency of function, universal mobility of the labourer’ demanded by modern industry, holds the potential to replace the fragmented worker ‘by the fully developed individual, fit for a variety of labours, ready to face any change of production, and to whom the different functions he performs, are but so many modes of giving free scope to his own natural and acquired powers’ (Capital, 1:458). (C 109)”

Flexible employment arrangements can indeed be sometimes mutually beneficial, he adds. However, its effects on the whole concerning insurance coverage, pension rights, wage levels, and job security are by no means positive. (C 151)

Trump pushing for Comprehensive Immigration Reform


9 Responses

  1. You’re going to far with ‘weaponization’ and perhaps even ‘politicalization’ of migration. Who says we have more right than another people to inhabit a nation founded on migration, especially for people whose countries have hit hard times?

    • Hang on, sister, if you want to see hard times, coming to a town near you. Sensationally good times for a very tiny few, mind you, who do not represent or care about We The People. Is there not anyone left that values our nation state?

  2. Scott, you made a very important point regarding the central thesis of neoliberal economics: namely the flexibility of the workforce. This is often completely misunderstood by most liberals and progressives, because it is a long-term strategy being employed. The open borders policies througout the Schengen Zone in the EU is specifically designed to undermine the nation state and favor international capital, while slowly undermining the social safety net at the same time. I doubt if Jimmy Dore is doing this on purpose…but he sure as hell doesn’t understand the much bigger strategy of the corporate global structure and their aims.

  3. In the EU it really ramped up after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990’s. Eastern Europe was ‘liberalized’ for Western markets, their entire social safety net virtually destroyed. This in turn caused immigration towards well established Social Democracies, undermining their wage structure. Just as here, it was the Social Democrats under Schroeder (Germany), who ushered these labor reforms. Austerity is pushed relentlessly across the board, while the wealthy and huge corporations now have HUGE tax benefits and offshore havens are legalized. It is a complete race to the bottom. Meanwhile, regular people become more + more insecure and the hard right focuses their wrath on the immigrants themselves, instead of at the corporate structure which is behind it all. The result is the rise of truly frightening neo-fascists, whom the corporates also don’t mind, because they help keep the focus away from themselves. It is all very toxic and profits over everything else. It will not end well.

  4. we need to support our American workers… they need jobs…
    illegal immigrants need to be shipped out of America.

  5. There is nothing more despicable than a politician.

  6. Then crack down on businesses that combine to push for the lowest wages, and offer your support for international unions and a Marshall plan for the Southern Hemisphere. Many routes on the left for dealing with the problems that attend migration, it is telling that the biggest outcry from these “dissenting voices” is to further punish the most vulnerable, like those seeking asylum.

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