South Koreans Reject Pro-War Old Guard as Moon’s Peace Party Wins Big in Local Elections

(I guess the Trumpites will give him credit for this as well, huh?)

by Stu Smallwood from AntiWar

When South Koreans went to the polls yesterday they registered their unambiguous backing for President Moon’s Democratic Party and the peace process that is a signature policy of his administration. In doing so, they also dealt a devastating blow to the country’s main faction hostile to North Korean diplomacy.

Here’s how one South Korean outlet summed up the results: “In what was considered an opportunity to measure the public support of the Moon Jae-in administration one year into its term, the Democratic Party achieved an enormous victory in the local elections of June 13th, providing even more political flexibility for Moon’s government…. At the same time, the Liberty Korea Party suffered a historically crushing rout that has seen its power wither, leaving it solely with its [traditional strongholds]…as the party appears on the verge of being swept away in a maelstrom of internal discord with members looking for someone to blame for this defeat.” (Translation of original Korean by author.)

The Democrats took 14 of the 17 metropolitan districts voted on today, including the city of Busan and Southeast Gyeongsang Province – both former mainstays of the Liberty Party. They also captured 11 of the 12 seats in the National Assembly bi-elections held the same day. The assembly now houses 130 Democratic representatives to 113 from Liberty with the full election coming in 2020…

At 60.2%, this was the largest voter turnout for regional elections since they were first held in 1995 – a fact attributed to the political awakening of younger generations in particular since the fall of impeached ex-president Park Geun-hye (now imprisoned for corruption). The youth movement of Korean politics is not going away and young Koreans have made a clear statement about how they view the current direction of their country and the party leading it.

By overwhelmingly backing the Democrats yet again, South Koreans have issued a stinging indictment against the tactics of the old “national security” right wing (some of whom practically threw tantrums on air while watching the Singapore summit on June 12th). This proves that, in South Korea at least, peace politics is winning politics…

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Centrists Are Very Concerned That Donald Fucking Trump Isn’t Hawkish Enough

by Caitlin Johnstone

Today American centrists (who only get to call themselves that because plutocratic media control has made Orwellian neoliberal neoconservatism the dominant ideology in the US) are deeply, profoundly concerned that Donald fucking Trump is insufficiently hawkish.

This would be the same Donald Trump whose administration just facilitated the bombing of Yemen’s new cholera treatment center. The same Donald Trump who has increased US troops in Afghanistan, Somalia and Syria. The same Donald Trump who is openly pursuing regime change in Iran. The same Donald Trump whose administration committed war crimes in Raqqa. The same Donald Trump who has made many dangerous cold war escalations against Russia. The same Donald Trump whose administration has voiced a goal of regime change in Damascus and the intention of remaining in Syria indefinitely. The same Donald Trump whose air strikes are killing far more civilians than the drone king Obama’s did.

Centrist pundits and politicians on both sides of the aisle are saying that this very man is being too soft and cuddly toward North Korea. These would be the same centrist pundits and politicians who loudly cheered both of the times this administration bombed the Syrian government, effectively sending the message that the only way this narcissistic president can win praise by the manufacturers of the mainstream narrative is by rejecting peace and embracing war. Thanks guys…

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Ajamu Baraka: Privatized Censorship of the Neoliberal State (Left Forum 2018)

As the Fake Left (Bernie Sanders AND Hillary Clinton) “RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!” suggesting interference in our “democracy” here at home, Ajamu Baraka explains how the fascist public/private partnership machine is using this lie to justify silencing critical thought and serious evaluation of our world today.

Glen Ford: The Democratic Party Verses the Real Left (Left Forum 2018)

This is Glen Ford’s talk from the Black Agenda Report panel discussion held at the Left Forum this year. In this talk he tries to explain BAR’s role in identifying and calling out the fake left. Though I am not with BAR, much of my work is centered on this very task as it is our duty and obligation to do this as best we can.