Yemen – U.S. Grants Approval For Genocide

from Moon of Alabama

The genocide in Yemen is going to start tomorrow. Eight million are already on the brink of starvation. Eighteen out of twenty-six million Yemenis live in the mountainous heartlands (green) which are under control of the Houthi and their allies. They are surrounded by Saudi and U.A.E. forces and their mercenaries. There is little agriculture. The only supply line from the outside world will soon be cut off. The people will starve.

Even before the war Yemen imported 90% of its staple food. Three years of Saudi/UAE bombing have destroyed local infrastructure and production. The ongoing war has already caused mass starvation and the outbreak of a large cholera epidemic. The Yemeni coast is under blockade by Saudi and U.S. naval forces. The only supplies coming in are UN and commercial deliveries through the Red Sea Hodeidah port (Al Hudaydah on the map).

The United Arab Emirates is leading local mercenaries and Islamist gangs against the Houthi and their allies. During the last months these forces moved from the south along the coast up to Hodeidah. The fighting is fierce:

Heavy fighting in Yemen between pro-government forces and Shiite rebels has killed more than 600 people on both sides in recent days, security officials said Monday.

Tomorrow, when the media will be busy (distracted) with the Kim-Trump photo-op summit, the UAE forces will launch their attack on the city…

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4 Responses

  1. Motherfuck

  2. Starving is a painful and terrible death…. our administration should be hung by their ‘balls’….
    this world is sick.

  3. Silly boy! Don’t you know you’re supposed to be blubbering about the Trump-DeNiro hissy fit and not talking about something of actual importance?

    Damned UN is just as guilty as Trump for allowing this slow-motion massacre to take place, but I’m sure they’ll issue a stinging press release chiding the guilty parties!

    • The de nero / dtrumf show reveals terminal u.$ Scourge miasma idiocracy.
      Nero & his mobbed-up hotel & restaurant exploding expansion
      has reached the citizens of Barbuda in the Caribbean.
      After last year’s hurricane, nero’s gang hijacked the island.
      Read Naomi Klein in the Intercept.
      deNero & enemy DT are the same scum.

      Long Live The People of Yemen!
      Death comin to merKa, Sauds, izreel. Good Riddance.

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