Alex Jones Channels John Oliver and Hillary Clinton While Chasing Bernie thru Airport

You know nothing about globalization until you understand how people like Alex Jones, John Oliver and Hillary Clinton all play for the same team and how they all hate the REAL left more than anything else in the world.

Jamarl Thomas video

InfoWars video

Secular Talk video

CFR’s war on populism

John Oliver’s attack on Venezuela exposed

John Oliver’s wife

Vets for “Freedom” (meaning “free market neoliberal ideology”)

Hillary Clinton’s plans to regime change and neoliberalize Venezuela

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8 Responses

  1. Catchy title …

  2. Just noticed Lionel tweeted in response to Trump’s comment “the American economy has never been so strong”. Lionel tweets “how can you not love this guy”. I was a fan of Lionel’s for years, am i missing something.??.

    • Lionel has gone full-Trumpite. Like many on the left or the other alternatives (alt-right/libertarian) Lionel has sensed the way the winds are a blowin and joined in with the Left Flight movement.

  3. Thanks for the shout out, glad I could be of help. I hope you saw my follow up comment on that earlier video about Rob Riggle’s likely influence on John Oliver- apparently they shared an office on the Daily Show. In case anyone still thought the Daily Show is left wing, here is Riggle’s attack on the anti-war movement. It’s pretty disgusting.

    • I got sick of Jon Stewart’s fake progressiveness long ago.

      • yep, me too.

      • I am so disappointed with those guys. I remember when Jon Stewart totally skewered Tucker Carlson on Crossfire and now it turns out Tucker has more integrity than Stewart. Or when Colbert raked W over the coals at that press dinner. Now listen to them. Sellouts.

        • I remember when the transition started. It was going to their heads. People kept remarking about the late night comedians providing a more honest version of the news than the MSM prime-time anchors and it wasn’t long after that that the problem was “fixed”

          not that they were less trusted mind you, just that someone somewhere got the notion they needed to buy them off and take advantage of the trend.

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