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  1. Good video. Contrast that w/the disinfo today from Ron Paul’s Liberty Report, “Socialism Isn’t the Answer to Crony Capitalism: The Free Market Is.”

  2. John Oliver can always be counted on to fear-monger against the Emmanuel Goldstein du jour. He is married to a Republican militarist who works for a pro-war lobbying group called Vets For Freedom.

    • thanks. did not know that about him. thinking back on when he shifted it seems it was right around the time he met her. remember when he got that general to shave his head when he did that week of shows in Iraq, trying to rebrand the military and make it seem “cool” for his progressive audience? that was about the same time. I wonder if her group put him up to it.

      • It may also have been Rob Riggle’s influence. They were both on the Daily Show together, (2006-2008) when Riggle was also an active Marine Corps Lt. Colonel assigned to a propaganda unit (“public affairs”) in NYC. Riggle did lots of pro-military bits on the show, even one famously mocking anti-war protesters in Berekely. Riggle would also jokingly mention that he could kill the other cast members.

        In 2000, it was revealed that CNN employed Pentagon Psyops officers in their newsroom. In 2004, studies showed that young adults got a lot of their political news from late night comedy shows like the Daily Show and SNL. Riggle joined the cast of SNL in the 2004-2005 season, and then moved to the Daily Show in 2006.

  3. John Oliver: “If you’re so smart what am I thinking right now?”

    Stephen Hawking: That you’re a huge disappoibtment to your family.”

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