CIA’s Washington Post Says “democracy” is Causing All the Problems in the Middle East – so there should be less

by Scott Creighton

How many mistakes, outright lies and convoluted perceptions about the history of our involvement in the Middle East can one writer stuff into an Op-ed for the Washington Post (where “Democracy Dies in Broad Daylight”) and what does their twisted version of “truth” reveal about their fascist agenda?

It’s a good question isn’t it? Lets ask Yoav Fromer, a man who teaches a particular version of American history at Tel Aviv University and who just wrote a piece for the Post titled (believe it or not) “The Middle East doesn’t lack democracy. It has too much.”

“From Turkey to Israel to Iran, popular opinion drives the radicalism and instability of governments in the region Yoav Fromer

Is Turkey a “radical” nation because they oppose the faction of their Kurdish population who are striving to bust off part of the country for the Greater Kurdistan project? Are they “radical” because they call out Israeli aggression in places like Syria, Lebanon and Gaza? Or perhaps because they rejected a pipeline deal the Saudis and Qatar wanted? What exactly makes them “radical”?

And one can ask the same questions about Iran.

I think we all know what makes Israel radical. Endlessly posturing for war with Iran, bombing targets in Syria in support of groups like al Qaeda and ISIS and of course, the constant abuse of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. Folks sitting on lawn chairs watching children being bombed during Operation Cast Lead didn’t help much either for that matter.

“Things got even worse after the United States inaugurated its new embassy in Jerusalem in May and violent protests erupted along the Gaza-Israeli border that left more than 60 Palestinians dead Yoav Fromer

The protests were not only not violent… they started on March 30 as part of the Great Return March. One might think that a professor in Israel would have to toe the party line as it were but one would be wrong. The one country where criticism of Israeli foreign policy is allowed… is Israel.  So Fromer’s historical white-washing of the IDF’s snipe murder-spree is completely by choice.

“There’s something that links all these crises: the considerable role of democratic majorities and public support in fueling them.” Yoav Fromer

Here are the crises that he mentioned as being caused by “democracy”:

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