Ajamu Baraka Pushes #DemEnter with the Ocasio-Cortez Placebo (my position statement on Ocasio-Cortez)

by Scott Creighton

The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aspect of the #DemEnter plan has been long in the making. It was a response to the FAILURE of Bernie Sheepdog Sanders’ effort at the Unify Tour with Tom “installed by Obama” Perez to bring us back into the warm fold of the RIGGED Democratic Party.

#DemEnter is as callus as it is cynical and it is being pushed by everything from Morning Joe to VICE and by everyone from Joy Reid to Cenk Uygur. The incredibly disproportionate coverage of this District 14 race in New York tells you all you need to know about it. Also of import is the EXTREMELY dishonest presentation of this candidate as just “a girl from the Bronx” when in fact, she’s not from the Bronx, she’s from the 8th richest county in the entire country and she attended an elite high school in a plush leafy suburb and then went to a near Ivy League school and had a job waiting for her on Capitol Hill when she left there.

How many Puerto Rican girls from the Bronx can boast of a resume like that?

On VICE Ocasio-Cortez made it PAINFULLY clear what the point of her “victory” was when she said “there is plenty of room for democratic socialists in the Democratic Party” the other day. She did the Late Show with Stephen Colbert (the day after his propaganda campaign with Jon Stewart) and then she proceeded to run over to Morning Joe and The View.

How many of your congressional nominees got that kind of treatment?

Fact is, she is the fresh new face of the old Democratic Party. She is a rebranding campaign. In TV land it’s called “retooling” when they bring in a new cast member to try to appeal to a different market in an effort to JUMP THE SHARK and revitalize diminishing ratings.

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Lavrov Tells the Truth About US Unconventional Warfare Interventionism

Hopey-Changy Sheepdog Ocasio-Cortez Says “there’s room for socialists in DNC”

Call her Bernie2.0 if you like. Whatever you call her, start with “fraud”

Alexandria scrubbed anti-war messages from her site AND net neutrality messages as well. She went on to blame it on “supporters” working for her. Then she goes to the Intercept and proceeds to parrot DNC talking points about Russian “aggression” and hacking elections. Then she tops that all off with talk about Trump can’t deal with “a girl from the Bronx” when she actually grew up in one of the richest counties in America.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a fraud.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Makes Excuses for Scrubbing Website of Anti-War Stance – Makes Things Worse

When Mr. Smith goes to Washington, he doesn’t change it. Washington changes him. However Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to be changing before she even gets on the bus.

Looks like she was made by the fake progressive group called the Democratic Socialists of America and had to cut a deal with them to curb her anti-war stance to get their neoliberal water-carrying assistance.

As David Swanson told her in a Tweet, she better forget that deal and take up her previous position on the endless wars of aggression or the REAL LEFT is going to let her go on her own from here on out.

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Jon Stewart Comes Out of Retirement to Push Disinformation, Divisiveness and Fear

In order to really kick off the Summer of Discontent in style, Stephen Colbert had Jon Stewart do a guest spot on his Late Night show on Tuesday during which time Jon set out to promote all the BS Trump-hating trigger points they could think of including that whole “he calls the media fake” thing.

Jon Stewart got his start and became a big celebrity BECAUSE at the time the country understood THE NEWS WAS FAKE and they turned to him for REAL NEWS.

Do you understand?

Then Jon went on to re-write the history of the Axis powers of WWII. Remarkable.

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Capital Gazette Shooting: Jarrod W. Ramos’ Grudge Against “Fake News”

Jarrod W. Ramos has been named as the shooter in the Capital Gazette mass casualty event from yesterday. Turns out, he had a pre-existing condition, he harbored a grudge against the paper for publishing “fake news” about him… but the courts showed it wasn’t “fake news”

The lying complicit media couldn’t ask for a better narrative.

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Shooting at Capital Gazette in Annapolis: Here’s What I Know So Far

Not much. Five dead. Twenty wounded. A shotgun was used and the suspect is in custody and not cooperating with police (which means he hasn’t waved his constitutional rights). Milo Yiannopoulos made some stupid comment on Twitter two days ago about shooting journalists and the Twitter is full of folks jumping to conclusions and casting accusation around like confetti on New Year’s Eve.

As it just so happens folks have been writing and talking about ‘civil war’ for a week now and today is the kick-off of CIAnonymous’ #OpICE tension campaign.

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