Under the Cover of “Tommy Robinson” and Roseanne’s Racism, Israel Continues Ethnic Cleansing Operation in Gaza

by Scott Creighton

Here is a list of the Israeli casualties from the “attack” from Gaza. It’s mostly bruises folks received while running for cover and a couple others suffering anxiety attacks.

Six people suffered light contusions running to shelters due to southern region alarms, and were taken to the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon.

Two people who suffered anxiety attacks were also taken to the hospital.

In total, three Sderot residents, three Netiv HaAsara residents and two Ashkelon residents were taken to the southern city’s hospital.

They were all since released, except for one person who was hospitalized due to a leg wound” YNET (Israeli source)

The “attack” from Gaza was so horrible… Israeli officials didn’t even bother closing schools around Gaza today.

“Despite the alarms blaring throughout the night, authorities  decided schools would operate normally in all of the Israeli communities surrounding the Gaza Strip.” YNET (Israeli source)

Israelis were terrified because air-raid sirens were going off all across the region. Turned out most of them were false alarms probably meant to terrify their own people in order to make it seem more dangerous than it really was.

Multiple Code Red sirens blared in the early morning Wednesday in communities in the Eshkol, Sha’ar HaNegev and Sdot Negev regional councils, preceded by sirens sounding all through the night as well in the aforementioned councils as well as at the Bnei Shimon and Merhavim regional councils and the cities of Ashkelon and Netivot

Some of the rockets launched at Sha’ar HaNegev and Sdot Negev were intercepted by the Iron Dome, the army added. The remaining alarms triggered were false alarms.” YNET (Israeli source)

If we put all that info together I have to wonder how many of those injuries listed above, the bruises and anxiety attacks, were caused by the “false alarms” sounded in Eshkol, Bnei Shimon and Merhavim regional councils and the cities of Ashkelon and Netivot.

By contrast, this is what Israel has bombed in the last two days.

The hasbara propaganda machine has dictated to their apologists in Washington and the complicit media that everything Israel hits is a “terror target”

The IDF bombed a “terror tunnel” to start this whole thing off 2 days ago killing 1 Palestinian and wounding another. Hamas then launched a couple of their ridiculous home-made “rockets” as a symbolic gesture of them fighting back and of course, Israel then launched 20 sorties of REAL rockets at all sorts of “terror targets” (that do REAL DAMAGE) in Gaza (“the world’s largest open air prison”)

Apparently the IDF targeted a power plant so they could make Gaza even more unlivable. The complicit media blamed Hamas for it of course. The ONE THING a homemade bottle rocket can destroy apparently, is a power plant providing electricity to Palestinian homes. Everything else, they just bounce off of. Makes you think doesn’t it?

“Residential buildings in the strip have lost power after rockets were errantly fired by Gaza militants on facilities near the border providing electricity to the Gaza Strip. Israel Electric Corporation said that according to a preliminary assessment it will take several days to repair the equipment in order to restore regular power supply to the strip. Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz instructed IEC not to endanger its employees, and to fix the problem only after a lull in firing from the coastal enclave.” YNET (Israeli source)

In all likelihood, Israel turned off the power to punish the citizens of Gaza for the actions of Hamas. But that’s what they’ve been doing since the election we forced back in 2006 when the people of Gaza “voted the wrong way” and elected Hamas to power rather than the corrupt party who willingly sells out Palestinians to Israel.

Check out how the complicit media is serving as a global apologist for Israeli attacks. You have to remember, this all comes as the Great Return March wraps up and Israel was condemned by scores of nations (including Saudi Arabia) for killing over 120 unarmed protesters and wounding another 3,500 with SNIPER FIRE (no. they weren’t bruises from running away or someone suffering an anxiety attack)

It’s hard too get real information out of Gaza at this point to access the damage Israel has done with this latest round of their ethnic cleansing. But rest assured, the Trump administration is all about making sure justice is served.

The Trump administration fiercely condemned the rocket and mortar attacks fired by Gaza terrorists at southern Israel on Tuesday.

The United States has called on the United Nations Security Council to convene an emergency session over the rocket and mortar attacks by Gaza terrorists fired at Israel, the U.S. Mission to the UN said in a statement on Tuesday. The meeting is expected to take place on Wednesday afternoon.” Jewish Press

Once again, Israel and her hasbara apologists are blaming Hamas for their own sins. The desire of theirs is clear: regime change in Gaza.

This is a statement made by Trump’s U.S. Special Representative for International Negotiations, Jason Greenblatt:

“Hamas was elected by the Palestinians in 2006 and since then Gaza has spiraled into one of the worst places on earth yet Hamas leadership has blamed everyone else for their problems. Gaza will only turn around when there is real leadership.

Each life Hamas jeopardizes represents a family and a community. The loss of one life would be awful enough, but through their cynical “leadership” Hamas is risking many lives and is extinguishing an entire generation’s future.

There is no shortcut for a better future for all people in the region. Hamas must stop with deadly theatrics needlessly putting lives at risk and begin the process of building better lives for the Palestinians of Gaza and their neighbors,” Greenblatt

This is the kind of sickening, blame the victims cynical propaganda I have heard since Trump took office. It’s remarkable in it’s dishonesty yet it makes it very clear Israel will continue to kill and bomb Palestinians until we and Israel get what we want… regime change in Gaza so Israel can officially lay claim to the land and the oil reserves off the Gazan coast.

Of course, while this cruelty and genocide is going on, most folks over here are arguing back and forth about “Tommy “I’m a Zionist” Robinson‘ or Roseanne “I hate the BDS movement” Barr.

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