The Arkady Babchenko Psyop: Murdered Yesterday, Fine Today… Admits it was Ukrainian Ploy

by Scott Creighton

Arkady Babchenko is a “journalist” residing in Ukraine at the moment. He used to live in Russia and made it his life’s work to help bring about another neoliberal regime change the likes that brought the Russian people Boris Yeltsin back in the day. That is part of our regime change program. We use the for-profit media outlets in targeted nations to start promoting disinformation and outright lies about their current leadership in order to turn the population against them. Major corporations typically own the media in these countries and we can exert pressure on them to appease our regime change interests. When the government cracks down on the local media publishing lies and trying to inflame the people against their government, we call it an attack on the “free” press. We’ve done it many times, most recently in Turkey making ready for that regime change operation.

Yesterday, Reuters, the Associated Press and pretty much every other complicit media outlet announced Arkady had been murdered and they all implied it was the evil Vladamir Putin and those darn Godless commie Rooskies that did it.

“A Russian journalist harshly critical of the Kremlin was shot and killed in the Ukrainian capital Tuesday, and the national police said they are assuming he was targeted because of his work.” Associated Press, Ottawa Citizen

“Investigators in Ukraine are looking into the shooting of a prominent Russian journalist and critic of President Vladimir Putin. Arkady Babchenko, 41, died of his wounds in an ambulance after his wife found him covered in his blood in their home, police said, adding they suspected the murder was due to Babchenko’s professional activities.” Reuters

“Police in Ukraine were at the scene where Russian Journalist Arkady Babchenko, 41, was shot dead Tuesday.” Global News

They had officers at the scene of his home. His wife played along saying he had been shot by a man when he went out to get some bread. They even did a composite sketch of the guy.

The Ukrainian government went before the UN to announce this “journalists” “death”

At that time they implied Russia was behind it.

Moscow rejected their accusations.

“Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has rejected Ukraine’s allegation that Moscow was behind Tuesday’s murder of a Russian dissident journalist in Kiev, Russia’s state news agency TASS reported.” Reuters

Here are a couple crisis actors doing a scene at the gates of the Russian embassy in Kiev. Notice the flowers as if they could give a shit about an ex-Russian journalist no one ever heard of.

Ah the red carnation and the look of concern and grief. That’s some serious hearts and minds stuff right there folks. Top notch stuff.

But then this happened.

Yep. That’s Arkady Babchenko doing an interview this morning telling everyone it was staged. The whole thing was a lie that Ukrainian forces planned for a couple months.

According to the lying “journalist” (you can tell he is lying from his body language) there was a plot to take him out and the Ukrainians figured it out two months ago AND FOR SOME STUPID REASON… they had to stage his death in order to catch the guy they had been watching for two months.

Do you really think if Vladamir Putin wanted you dead… it would take two months to get it done?


More than likely, the Russians did a little investigating on their own and the gig was up, the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev KNEW it was up… and they rushed their little regime change actor out to the podium to do this little scene before the Russians could prove they were lying.

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  1. LOL. and “most importantly more serious terrorist attacks have been prevented”. Presumably, the Russian Federation is now a terrorist state as well. BTW, Yatsenyuk, “our” guy did exactly what he was supposed to do, basically screw ordinary Ukrainians, and is now very busy in elite lecture and banking circles in Europe after having to resign. Scroll down his twitter feed for awhile, and you’ll get the picture

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