Greenwald’s Intercept Still Promoting “Edward Snowden”, the Manufactured Hero of Surveillance Capitalism

by Scott Creighton

The following are notes for a video I am in the process of making. It’s on the re-emergence of their manufactured hero “Edward Snowden” and his efforts to promote more propaganda on Glenn Greenwald’s website. In the interview he did “Snowden” (a fake name) says folks should temper their expectations from the Mueller investigation because Trump is too stupid to be trusted with collusion by the Russians but that in all likelihood, Russian interference did take place and The Donald most certainly WANTED to collude. He was just too dumb. “Snowden” is making the public ready for a big nothing-burger coming from the investigation.

He also promotes his own venture into the world of surveillance capitalism brought about by his and Glenn Greenwald’s psychological operation back in 2013.

Finally, his interviewer praises him for coming forward and “starting the conversation” that gave us things like the USA Freedom Act and the new CISPA, called “CISA” because they dropped the pretense that it was about PROTECTING your rights to privacy.

Below the fold you will find a lot of material and references detailing that interview and the whole “Snowde” psyop along with scores of info on what has been happening as a direct result of us “having the conversation” and getting Big Business what they DESPERATELY WANTED back in April of 2013… just before “Snowden” and Greenwald kicked off their campaign.

PLUS you will see a particial list of just SOME of the serious privacy violations being committed by Big Business in their never ending quest to make as much money as they can from the new surveillance capitalism state and all the control that comes with it.

When the video comes out, I will post it on this thread.

“Is Glenn Greenwald willingly setting the stage for the passage of the highly unpopular CISPA by helping to create this new “crisis” at this critical time? Is “the conversation” everyone is talking about us having, actually going to center around the passage of “Big Brother’s Friend” CISPA? I believe it is…”  me June 19, 2013 less than a week after the “Snowden” psyop broke

“We can certainly argue about the way in which Snowden did what he did, but I think that he actually performed a public service by raising the debate that we engaged in and by the changes that we made,” Eric Holder

When I came forward, it changed the law.” “Edward Snowden” just the other day

“He’s right. And he did change the world. For the better… Snowden’s leaks helped expose the astonishing reach of the U.S. government’s global and, crucially, domestic surveillance programs. They helped start a new and much-needed conversation about digital privacy and online security, and even led to changes in the law. “ Mehdi Hasan, the Intercept just the other day


I was trained as a spy in sort of the traditional sense of the word, in that I lived and worked undercover, overseas — pretending to work in a job that I’m not and even being assigned a name that was not mine... What they are trying to do is that they are trying to use one position to distract from the totality of my experience, which is: I’ve worked for the Central Intelligence Agencyundercover, overseas, I’ve worked for the National Security Agency – undercover, overseas, and I’ve worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency as a lecturer at the joint counter-intelligence training,” “Edward Snowden” from RT

Video notes 5/28/2018

“Last week, Google showed off its next-generation smart speakers at an event in San Francisco. Following the event, it sent members of the press home with a review unit of the Google Home Mini, expected to launch on October 19.

Android Police tech blogger and founder Artem Russakovskii was the first to discover a” bug” in the software used by those devices. After using the gadget, he went to his Google (GOOG) activity account page and noticed it was populated with audio clips recorded in his home.” CNN Oct. 2017

““A US couple was horrified to find out that their private conversation was recorded by Amazon’s Echo voice-controlled device and sent to a work contact. Amazon blamed the “extremely rare” incident on an unlikely sequence of events.” RT

Your devices are tracking you all the time. You just don’t know it yet.

When you consent to sharing your data with many popular apps, you’re also allowing app developers to collect your data and sell it to third parties through trackers that supply advertisers with detailed information about where you live, work, and shop

It’s hard to see where marketers take your data, because their policies often allow them to resell it: In one study, researchers found that eight out of the top 10 ad-tracking companies reserve the right to sell or share data with other organizations.

It’s very difficult to get any idea of where it goes, and who it goes to. The ecosystem is extremely opaque, which is part of the problem,” said Cooper Quintin, a security researcher at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.” Buzz Feed May 2018

“In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, news articles and commentators have focused on what Facebook knows about us. A lot, it turns out. It collects data from our posts, our likes, our photos, things we type and delete without posting, and things we do while not on Facebook and even when we’re offline. It buys data about us from others. And it can infer even more: our sexual orientation, political beliefs, relationship status, drug use, and other personality traits — even if we didn’t take the personality test that Cambridge Analytica developed. But for every article about Facebook’s creepy stalker behavior, thousands of other companies are breathing a collective sigh of relief that it’s Facebook and not them in the spotlight. Because while Facebook is one of the biggest players in this space, there are thousands of other companies that spy on and manipulate us for profit.

Harvard Business School professor Shoshana Zuboff calls it “surveillance capitalism.” And as creepy as Facebook is turning out to be, the entire industry is far creepier. It has existed in secret far too long, and it’s up to lawmakers to force these companies into the public spotlight, where we can all decide if this is how we want society to operate and — if not — what to do about it. There are 2,500 to 4,000 data brokers in the United States whose business is buying and selling our personal data

Uber used just some of that information to detect one-night stands; your smartphone provider and any app you allow to collect location data knows a lot more.

Surveillance capitalism drives much of the internet. It’s behind most of the “free” services, and many of the paid ones as well. Its goal is psychological manipulation, in the form of personalized advertising to persuade you to buy something or do something, like vote for a candidate

In preparation for this law, PayPal quietly published a list of over 600 companies it might share your personal data with…” CNN March 2018

Quotes from the interview on the Intercept:

MH: In recent years, Snowden has made it his mission not just to educate people on how to protect their own privacy, but also to create new tools to help them do it. One such app is called Haven, developed by Snowden in conjunction with the Freedom of the Press Foundation, which the former NSA contractor has been president of since 2016.

Haven takes all the surveillance power of a mobile phone — an Android phone to be specific — all the cameras and microphones and re-purposes them, allowing you to detect intrusions into your home, your office, your hotel room, by people who might be trying to physically access your data

(I covered that when he first announced it. He promoted it to potential whistleblowers and journalists suggesting they put the app on an old phone and set it up RIGHT NEXT TO WHERE THEY ARE KEEPING THEIR SECRET FILES. I’m not kidding)

ES: I think people are asking for too much when they hope that the Mueller investigation is going to come up with kind of a smoking gun, and say, “yes! Vladimir Putin! Donald Trump! In the hotel room! With the piss tape!” Life is not that simple…

ES: And to be honest, everyone who has heard Trump speak for three minutes knows he’s a wrecking ball. This does not sound like the kind of person that you would want to engage in some kind of complicated Manchurian Candidate, when, you know, the guy can’t even remember what he was going to say at the end of a sentence.

ES: But that doesn’t mean that he didn’t want to cooperate, that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t do anything to achieve an advantage. I just think we just need to be realistic about what an investigation can possibly find.

ES: If you believe in something, you have to be willing to stand for something or you don’t really believe in it at all. There’s always going to be consequences for opposing people in power and there’s no doubt that I have faced retaliation, as has every public interest whistleblower coming out of the intelligence community in the last several decades, going back to Daniel Ellsberg. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. These are risks worth taking.

When I came forward, it changed the law.

MH: He’s right. And he did change the world. For the better.

And this isn’t some sort of fringe far left or extreme libertarian or anarchist position: Establishment figures like former president Jimmy Carter, former vice president Al Gore and Barack Obama’s own former attorney general Eric Holder all agree that what Snowden did was illegal, yes, but also important, in the public interest and ultimately good for America and good for American democracy.

Holder now says:

Eric Holder: I think that he actually performed a public service by raising the debate that we engaged in and by the changes that we made.

Interesting “Snowden” positions on current events:

“Edward Snowden” condemned the firing of the corrupt James Comey

some of my coverage of this privatization of your secrets

Wow. The Guy in Russia Running the Snowden Psyop is the Same Guy Who Ran the Fake Color Revolution

“Of course, we all know by now that the Freedom Act (brought to you by the work of folks like Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and “Edward Snowden”) empowers companies like Verizon to harvest all your data and communications and use them as they see fit. All they need now is the new CISPA (CISA) and they will have their fascist control grid in place. Scott Creighton

“The privacy-killing law CISA — which gives legal immunity to corporations when they share your private data with the U.S. government — is back on the Senate floor after Internet activists have successfully delayed it many times. This could be our last chance to stop it for good.”Boing Boing

GREENWALD: Right. Even if it’s a step in the right direction (the USA Freedom Act) it’s a very small step in the right direction. (Greenwald said this in an interview with Jameel Jaffer yesterday)

The bill was originally introduced in both houses of the U.S. Congress on October 29, 2013, following publication of classified NSA memos describing bulk data collection programs leaked by Edward Snowden that June.” Wikipedia

“Well, how does that lead to CISPA?

Let’s start with the obvious… the timing.

April 15th, 2013… right before this whole thing kicked off and Glenn Greenwald was contacted by Edward Snowden, 200 senior IBM executives hit D.C. like a plague of locusts to push them to pass the new CISPA bill.

The message we’re going to give [lawmakers] is going to be a very simple, clear message: support the passage of CISPA,” he later added. The Hill

IBM is not the only megacorp pressing congress to pass this bill. In fact, when you start looking at the proponents of it, you will find SEVERAL of the companies directly linked to the Edward Snowden psyop.

“CISPA had garnered favor from corporations and lobbying groups such as Microsoft, Facebook, AT&T, IBM, Apple Inc. , Intel, Oracle Corporation, Symantec, and Verizon and the United States Chamber of Commerce, which look on it as a simple and effective means of sharing important cyber threat information with the government. Google has not taken a public position on the bill but has shown previous support for it…” List of companies who have sent letters of support for CISPA since 2012

You will also find major players like the Business Roundtable in support of CISPA as well as:

In all, with the aligned companies that make up the various Roundtables and alliances, there are 800 corporations that support the passage of CISPA.

800 corporations, Business Roundtable, Financial Roundtable, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, the Military Industrial Complex in general all standing for something the general public is strongly against.

Back in Aug of 2012, after CISPA and SOPA failed to garner enough support  to become the law of the land, long after PIPA also failed, the groundwork was already being laid for the House vote on CISPA scheduled for April 23rd of this year. It passed the House last year but public outcry against it was such

That brings me back to the quote I teased you with at the opening of this article from Bob Adelmann in an article he wrote in 2012 titled “CISPA is Big Brother’s Friend

“The primary problem, according to Meeks, is that it tries to kill a flea with a baseball bat: Any alleged security the bill offers against potential hackers “comes at the expense of unfettered government access to our personal information, which is then likely to be sucked into the secretive black hole of the spying complex known as the National Security Agency.”

Despite some window dressing by Mssrs. Rogers and Ruppersberger, the bill still has major problems. First it has “an overly broad, almost unlimited definition of the information [that] can be shared [by private Internet companies] with government agencies.” It overrides existing federal or state privacy laws with its language that says information between private and public agencies is shared “notwithstanding any other provision of law.”

In addition, the bill would create a “backdoor wiretap program” because the information being shared isn’t limited specifically to issues of cybersecurity but could be used for any other purpose as well. The language is unclear about what would trigger a CISPA investigation: “efforts to degrade, disrupt or destroy” a network. Would that apply to someone innocently downloading a large file — a movie, perhaps — that is perceived, under the bill, to be an “effort to degrade, disrupt or destroy” a network?” Bob Adelmann, April 2012

This is basically the wet dream of the fascist state which is why 800 corporations support it and spent $68 million dollars last year lobbying congress to push it through this year.

With CISPA they can do anything with the data, your personal data; they can trade it, sell it, use it for marketing, make derivatives off it for all I know which is probably one reason the Financial Services Roundtable and all their globalist banking members want it so, June 2013

“Edward Snowden” was manufactured as an asset. An asset which helped Big Business (US Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable and 800 MAJOR US businesses) achieve what they wanted: the privatization of the surveillance state or the creation of what has been called “surveillance capitalism.”

It is “total informational awareness” for Big Business and we are seeing and having to live with it’s consequences everyday.

Like all assets, the Deep State never gives one up until it’s used up. That’s a fact.

So “Edward Snowden” is still lurking around, certainly NOT in Russia, doing interviews pushing his own “surveillance capitalism” project and helping them push their disinfo whenever they need it.

It’s sad and more than a little scary that so few fully understand what this guy was and is. Hopefully more will  come to understand the service he provided to all those Big Businesses like Facebook and Google who are spying on you, listening to your conversations at home and in your car and where ever you take your phone. They are listening. Recording. Processing. Analyzing. Marketing. Selling. Reporting. And black-listing.

That’s total informational awareness.

And it was brought to you by “Edward Snowden”… the manufactured hero of “surveillance capitalism.”

2 Responses

  1. Well, curiously enough, even though Snowden had documents proving that Big Business, Google etc., were basically instrumental in all of this, his main focus was on the government – a typical stance for a libertarian. And his first contact was NOT Greenwald, but Poitras. Poitras NEVER made documentaries which were even slightly controversial, until she made documentaries about Snowden. And they are both completely silent on Wikileaks and Assange, with Poitras actually going against Assange. And who is actually paying the price? Whatever one thinks of Assange, he’s the one essentially locked up for the last 6 years.

  2. Could be that Snowden’s revelations were essentially a sort of trial balloon, just to see what the public would do…which was not much. Who knows? Poitras never made sense to me, and they are all raking in the big bucks now. What if Snowden is essentially playing victim, while his actual function was to be inserted into Russia on purpose? As part of the regime change operation there? All speculation, of course, but nothing is impossible. How did Snowden came to know Poitras in the first place? She was a complete unknown outside of the film scene, but also quite wealthy. Some things just don’t add up…

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