Two CFR Videos Expose Hatred of Populism and Fear of an Interconnected, Uncensored Participatory Public

by Scott Creighton

The Council on Foreign Relations sets the tone and the agenda for the neoliberal globalists across the world and they hold seminars regularly to get their bullet points out to their sleeper cells who in turn take action like so many Amway regional reps would after a convention.

Though I watch these things regularly so I can better understand the major narrative and agenda item shifts of our adversaries (so nice of them to underestimate us by making these things public thinking we wont see or care about them), I rarely publish them on my website. They are dry and usually simple regurgitation of previous neoliberal indoctrination material, devoid of actionable intelligence as it were.

However, these two videos below are fascinating in that they come right out and admit they are concerned to the point of panic that they are losing the battle for the hearts and minds of the targeted populations. Us.

The first video is from May 3, 2018. The second from April 23.

The first one deals with them planning on how to tackle the issue of “fake news” and by that they mean how they need to regain control of the thinking of the people by 1. continuing to push pro-free market neoliberal globalization while simultaneously 2. stemming the flow of communication between citizens in an open and free manner which counters their lies and deceptions.

The second tackles the issue of how to counter the rise of populism in what they call “illiberal” or “fake” democracies around the world. The list several repeatedly 1. Turkey 2. Venezuela 3. Russia 4. Hungary 5. Poland (they also mentioned “Donald Trump” in passing as an example of someone gaining political influence by appealing to “populism”)

Just for the record:

“populism – support for the concerns of ordinary people”

These are very informative talks they give. Very enlightening how they perceive the world around them and the threat of governments and movements that actually show “support for the concerns of ordinary people”

I couldn’t possibly describe to you the sickness that is neoliberal globalization any better than the folks at the Council for Foreign Relations can so sit back, grab a beer and a notepad and enjoy a peek into the troubled, democracy-hating world of the masters of the universe and their favorite sociopathic think-tank.

video one: Combating Disinformation and Fake News (26 up votes to 630 down votes (probably due to Jimmy Dore’s video))

video two: The Rise of Illiberal Democracies (51 up votes to 36 down votes)

Notice how they keep juxtaposing the term “democracy” with what they really mean: a neoliberalized free-market state with open borders, typically a very undemocratic leadership and no concern for the will of the people who are struggling against growing wealth inequality that neoliberalism is DESIGNED to produce.

In the first video, after the host praises his own former role promoting propaganda as a service, he ignores the last question from a man from an African nation who was concerned the panel didn’t fully understand the kinds of damage propaganda has caused in South American and African nations. That in itself is a perfect example of the kind of thinking these over-dressed animals practice on a daily basis.

Two very good videos for you to see how they think and how they are squirming right now in the face of the global backlash against neoliberal globalization.

Yes, we are winning. And all they can try to do to regain control is shut down free speech and redefine what it means to be a democratic state.

This is the war on populism at it’s core. The war on the concern for the interests of ordinary people.

Ironically, this is the heart of the war on democracy and they all damn well know it.

What they fear is 1789. What they fear is 1917. What they fear is 1776. And they fear it with good reason.

3 Responses

  1. And like an active volcano, the longer the wait for the eruption…. the more violent it will be. They should fear it.

  2. I watch these think tank vids on a semi-regular basis. CSIS is also very instructive in terms of understanding their planning and rationalizations. It’s all out in the open…well, most of it, minus the covert shit to make it happen. I never thumb down those vids, let them make their thinking public. Down-voting vids isn’t going to change things. In fact, it’s stupid. Up-vote them and share them, in order to point out the flaws and arrogance of their goals, exactly as you have done. These vids are essentially produced for the ‘stake-holders’ and not for ordinary people. Quite the contrary. Which is why people should get together and subscribe to the Wall Street Journal as well, and share logins. These subs are expensive for a reason: the little guy cannot afford it and is not supposed to read it.

  3. I was very impressed with the woman that spoke at 1:07:40 in video one. She raised the question about national narratives such as all mainstream media calling the shooting of unarmed protesters in Gaza “a conflict”. Making the strong point about who gets to declare a given narrative “fake news”. In that setting it took real courage to speak the truth so clearly…. of course they never really addressed her question.

    And what’s with white shoe boy… didn’t that style go out with the Johnny Carson era?

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