The US will not allow the elimination of al-Qaeda and ISIS in southern Syria

by Elijah Magnier from his website (images 3 thru 5 added)

The Syrian Army is gathering its forces to liberate the south of the country and liberate the three main commercial roads linking Damascus with Amman, Jordan (where the first is crossing Abtah, Da’el, Daraa, the second parallel road linking Damascus with Naseeb crossing and the third linking Sueida province with Basri, Saida and Daraa).

Simultaneously, the US State Department has issued its first warning to the Syrian Army reminding it that the south of Syria is part of the “de-escalation zone negotiated between the US, Jordan and Russia last year and agreed between President Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump” to keep the status-quo.

This means that the US would like to conserve what remains of al-Qaeda and ISIS (under the name of Jaish Khaled bin Al-Waleed) in Daraa and Quneitra on the triangle bordering Syria-Jordan-Israel. In this actual scenario, the only solution that remains for the Syrian government is to activate the trialogue – “Army- Population- Resistance” – and count on the Syrian armed resistance deployed in the south of the country to avoid exposing the Syrian Army to US or most probably to Israeli Air Force strikes. Interestingly, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for the US forces to overfly the Russian agreed operational zone, because this would certainly lead to Russian reaction…

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