The “Crazies” Run Trump as his Apologists Applaud: North Korean Summit Canceled

The establishment forces Trump voters rejected in 2016 now own The Donald and are busy setting his policy when it comes to Big Banking, regime changing Iran and endless war and fear-mongering on the Korean peninsula.

So what do the “brand centered” outlets of Trump apologists do when it becomes obvious neocons are setting the tone for Trump’s “anti-establishment” term in office? They find NEW ways to make excuses and try to bring the dissident Trump voters on board with the neocon line of thought.

statement by Choe Son Hui

North Korea statement in response to Bolton’s last week

Trump’s official letter to North Korea

Bolton is behind it all

Trump address

Trump and bought off swamp critters in congress selling out to Big Banking

Trump laughing at his Trumpites

Styxhexenhammer666 (of Ode to Satan fame) making apologies for Trump turning into what his voters HATED back in 2016

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3 Responses

  1. You gotta blame the idiot Koreans.

    The US divided Korea at the end of WWII and handed the northern half to Stalin. That is why North Korea exists. US cut Korea like a cake and handed over half to Soviet communists.

    But South Koreans and Korean-Americans are servile dogs of the US and go with the Narrative “Big noble Uncle Sam saved us from evil communism.”

    Because South Koreans are so servile to the US, the US gets to play with it like a dog and whore.

    • The SK government have been puppets. Not the people. And NK wasn’t ‘handed to Stalin’. That’s nuts.

      • yeah. the people of SK rose up and got rid of a corrupt, West-allied puppet president whose in jail now. Then they elected a man who worked on the Sunshine Policy most of his life. The people of SK are rising up and taking charge. Would like to see that here actually.

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