The Mask is Slipping, the Southern Cross is Bending and Joy Cometh with the Dawn

Take heart. Dawn is on the way. Not yet on the horizon, but the cross is bending and the sun will rise on a new day for us all.

The Friendly Mask Of The Orwellian Oligarchy Is Slipping Off

Statement to the Court Eugene Debs

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8 Responses

  1. Outstanding video.

  2. You should take notes more often, Scott. One of your best!

  3. Great video Scott this one showed me we really are in this together no matter what our ideology or religion is just like you said. I’ve been a lurker coming to your site for years and wanted to thank you for the awesome research and fairness. I am not a socialist but you are one of the best researchers online I’ve ever read and you call it like it is. You give us the truth no matter who it hurts or helps.

    Thank you for what your doing.

  4. Can’t watch videos on this machine, but I used to play 3rd base back in the day, mostly to keep the mask from slipping.

    • LOL Roy, that’s a good one !

      • Hi, Jan.

        Hope youz down there are having a good day. Still gets cold and wet up here. Was hoping to plant the garden today because yesterday was so nice, but that ‘Dawn’ Scott’s talking about is taking it’s sweet time getting here to stay.

  5. Don’t take this the wrong way, Scott, but this is one of your best ever videos. You’ve made a lot of vids but this is monumental. Insightful, critical, and with great perspective. All power to you.

  6. Hi Scott, found this bizarre article in the Guardian:

    “Sweden distributes ‘be prepared for war’ leaflet to all 4.8m homes
    Defence pamphlet shows how population can prepare in event of attack and contribute to country’s ‘total defence’”

    This is very, very odd, indeed.

    PS: Thanks for talking about Eugene Debs; your reading of his speech was beautiful.

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