How Gina and Gaza Challenge Our Collective Moral Bankruptcy

What does it mean for a state and a people to be morally bankrupt? Is there a way to reclaim our ethical solvency when so many factions of our civilization have taken the side of success through pragmatic expedience?

Part of the problem of running your government “like a business” is that you start to see each and every citizen as either an asset or a liability and the moral question not only becomes irrelevant… it becomes a hindrance to the profit margin of the fascist state we are creating.

The recent stories surrounding Gina Haspel and the massacre in Gaza have exposed a rift in our programing that goes far beyond our “education” involving the Palestinian conflict or the use of torture as a viable tool in the Global War OF Terror.

The rift, the tear in the fabric of our collective consciousness they have tried to weave since the Lewis Powell Memo of 1971, is a gaping wound in the hearts and minds of those who seek to impose neoliberal globalization on us all.

1971 Lewis Powell Memo

Last American Vagabond video

How the elites teach their children what they don’t want your kids to understand

Dystopia – Mondoweiss

If Americans Knew

Homeless folks harassed so the royals can party

Heather can’t bring herself to blame Israel for ANYTHING

One talking head remembers for a minute what it felt like to have a soul

Gina can’t answer question of morality of torture

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5 Responses

  1. Scott, I think you mistook Kamala Harris with Katherine Harris. They look remarkably similar, but Kamala is a Democrat from California.

    • yeah. someone pointed that out on Youtube. Kamala is the one who torpedoed universal healthcare in Cali while Kathy torpedoed black voters in Florida. yeah. my bad

  2. Great video.
    A long time ago, people could get free time on public and regular television for expressing their reasons for wanting others to vote for them in a public office. We had choices. Choose a person who was honest and morally able. Some one who would not use the power of public office to steal the people’s money or to take away people’s rights. Then the corporate power slowly started making it very costly to run for office. No free tv time. People who really wanted the best for all people were kept off the ballots.
    These morally corrupt people are criminals. If you created a scam on a bank and you made money off it…. you would be cuffed and put in jail.
    Godless is now the rule. Yet they pretend to honor God. This is the way they put a iron-fog over the churches… they pretend to love God.

  3. Great article + video. Also, good links. “If Americans Knew” has some footage absolutely censored away from Western media. People, unarmed being shot in the back, and other very disturbing footage. Also an expose of the troll armies acting on behalf of the Israeli govt in order to flood social media with commentary in order to drown out any opposing views, including deceptive tactics as shown via their own documents.
    Neoliberalism is very definitely morally bankrupt and it has spread globally, corrupting everything in its path. The EU is no different, just a different piece of the neoliberal pie. It’s social Darwinism on steroids, which is why there is so much opposition arising everywhere – but cleverly misdirected against its victims. It is appalling.

    • “It’s social Darwinism on steroids, which is why there is so much opposition arising everywhere – but cleverly misdirected against its victims. It is appalling.”


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