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  1. Could also be a reference to the Mormons’ belief that indigenous people in North America are “lost tribes” of the ancient Hebrew people.

    • A ‘belief’ that is highly disputed by professional DNA researchers. Only the book of Mormon refers it…. along with their set of ideas of how the world was populated.
      If we all came from Africa and parts of Asia… then we all have a lot of claiming to do.

      • I think she’s being factious.

        • Yes, I know that. I was just adding some information about it. It seems the Mormons have a lot of influence in our America.. based on their ‘Book of Mormons’….. haven’t you posted on that?

          • You’re right. Here’s a fun fact. When I worked at NSA, many of the linguists (translators/transcribers) there were former Mormon missionaries. They had been trained in many different languages so that they could convert people from around the world.

            • the Mormons have been deeply involved in the intelligence community for a long time. Years ago I wrote about how they got some payback when that big NSA facility was built right next to BYU. It was payback by the Bush administration which visited the Mormon leader once a year, at least, in Utah.

              • I know for a fact that the intel community likes to hire Mormons. They’re mistakenly believed to be incorruptible, so a low security risk. But there was an infamous case of a Soviet agent seducing a Mormon FBI counter-intel agent back in the 1980s.

                Just last year, I drove near the area where that NSA facility is located in Utah. Those things are never visible from the road. It’s a massive thing in the middle of the Utah desert.

                • they are a low security risk and will do practically anything because their leader told them back in 2004 that if they went against the wishes of the president and his “Global War of Terror” then they would be going against the wishes of God himself. That’s why they are trustworthy. Their cult makes them that way.

                  • Thank-you, I wasn’t aware of that. I’m always learning from you, Scott.

                    You should check out Will Markham’s YouTube channel. He’s an escaped Mormon who’s done a series of videos about MSM propaganda tactics that are similar to what he experienced in the cult, much like what Hard Bastard, a former JW, has done.

        • Yes, thank-you, Scott. I don’t share the “interesting” (to say the least) beliefs of the Mormons.

          When I lived in NW BC, I used to engage in conversations w/young men who were Mormon missionaries. In the summer, they would come around when I was working outside. I simply missed talking to fellow Americans & knew that they were probably facing a lot of hostility, too. They appreciated the kind reception & gave me a Book of Mormon, which I’ve added to my collection of sacred literature.

  2. I guess that absolves the Zionists of genocide.

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