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Emily Thornberry Demands a Real Investigation into Gaza Massacre: Good Thing She Doesn’t Live in South Carolina

How much SHAME has South Carolina brought upon their state today?

And now for a little more perspective…

60 Protesters Barely in the Ground and South Carolina Sneaks in Law to Make Illegal Any Criticism of Israel and it’s Behavior

by Scott Creighton

It would be South Carolina, wouldn’t it?

After all, it was in South Carolina that their DNC stole a primary from Vic Rawl in 2010 so a neoliberal republican named Jim DeMint (now president of the neoliberal Heritage Foundation) could go up against a designated loser, Alvin Greene (Picked to Lose: The Alvin Greene Story), and win handily.

They also produced something called “Nikki Haley” who lies at the UNSC with regularity and then gets up and runs out of the hall whenever someone dares say something her delicate sensitivities become offended by like a debutante throwing herself a pity party when she doesn’t get the car she wants for her 16th birthday.

And of course, 4 days ago Israel killed 60 unarmed protesters and wounded another 2,700 with illegal fragmentation bullets because a couple thousand Palestinian protesters dared to make their voices heard internationally by staging a non-violent protest near their prison’s fences.

A 10-month-old infant dies after being exposed to Israeli tear gas in Gaza.


So of course… South Carolina… always a source of pride for us living here in the Shining City on the Hill… does this (from The Free Thought Project):

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