Defeated Terrorist Mercs Returning Home… to Canada

by Scott Creighton

The Syrian people are winning in their battle against our proxy armies and those few who were not Wahabbists and Salafists from Saudi Arabia, are licking their wounds and returning home to the various Westernized nations they came from.

We have seen hundreds returning to various European countries and some coming back here to the States after a couple years of raping and murdering and beheading and stealing resources from the people of another nation. All at the behest of some unknown agency which recruited and hired them in the first place. Big adventure. Go be a terrorist in another country. See the world and rape it’s citizens.

Are we expected too say “thank you for your service” when we see them on the street?

I wonder if they’ll get life-time healthcare from the VA.

I wonder if they were promised jobs in any police department they wanted when and if they returned victorious.

But they didn’t did they and now folks are calling for them to be locked up… in Canada.

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Which side of history are you on? Gaza is the litmus test. Period

The world is watching and reacting in horror to what the IDF is doing to unarmed protesters in Gaza. The complicit media spin the blame, making the victims the perps and the perps the victims. What side of history are you on? These are the moments that test our metal and expose us for who we really are. Step up or step off.

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