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  1. Man, Marwa makes so many good points here. I have been sitting here for years, frustrated by the fact that hundreds of thousands of Syrians have had to endure the terror of the crazies we in the west have unleashed on these poor souls, starting with “Barrack I’ll Bomb ‘Ya” and Hillary. And the Cass Led business, lawn chair observers cheering while the Gazans are attacked with White Phosphorus. Like Marwa says, this time it’s not just unarmed people or a kid with a rock fighting back. These sorties that Israel has been flying against Syria with impunity all these hundreds of times have to stop. The theft of the Golan, I mean it goes on forever. The total ignoring of the sovereignty of Lebanon and Syria, I hate to say this, but it is time they are getting a good dose of their own medicine going up against a nation state that is fighting back, against endless provocations. And Bebe obviously doing his manipulations on the day that Russia, who lost 27 million fighting against fascism, who have their day of remembrance, and he shows up with his bullshit.

    • yes Glen , izreal will soon be gittin that “taste of its own medicine” !
      some guy in a airplane with a load of plutonium or such,
      easy peasy into tell-aviv.
      They do exhibit extreme suicidal behavior,
      like cheap desperate thugs. Nutty yaJoo from Philadelphia area!
      They are inviting their own destruction, as are ‘we’ .
      Can d.c. & its many tentacles be so easily amputated?
      Not without the Sacrifice of this cherished planet i’m afwaid.

      The Great Satan embodied in neighbors & ‘co-workers’,

      corps & gov be Damned

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